Healthy Cola- Juicy Fuel

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Juicy Fuel Cola contacted me and asked if I would like to try some of their healthy cola which is something that interested me as you know I love drinking fizzy drinks but I don’t like how unhealthy they can be.

I was treated to 3 of the original juicy fuel cola and 3 of the cherry juicy fuel cola. I have changed my opinions while testing out these products at first I was unsure if I liked them due to the fact that they were almost like flat coke.

The reason my changed was the fact that I was expecting something different but when I actually checked what the product was I found out that it was one of your five a day which is a good way to get some of your fruit in your diet. The reason why it is classed as one of your five a day is because of the fact that it is made with kola nut extract, grape and lemon juices as well as barley malt. One element which really reaches out to me is that there are no preservatives, no added e-numbers, no added sugar and no added sweeteners- yet is basically is pure fruit juices.

I think that the packaging also helps so much on this product because they look stylish so you do not think that you are drinking something which is healthy but looks cheap.  I love the way that they have a couple of flavours I feel like the cherry one actually is my favourite because I can really taste of the cherry nd this is one which I feel like we rarely get pure cherry drinks, however, this could just be me.  The original one is really nice and I know that my brother who I let try them actually preferred this one so it does just show that it is all personal preference.

The element which amazed me from this product was the fact that they actually taste almost like cherry coke and the original coke, I do love how the original has a similar style designs as well.  The only reason why I think that it is not the same as coke because it is not as gassy or fizzy which could be the reason why I thought it was flat coke however it is something which I like. I would purchase some of these drinks if they were more easily available to me.

You can purchase the drinks from Amazon, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda. I personally have not seen the drinks instore’s I feel like I need to make my hunt more intense.
You can purchase them on Amazon for £6.99 for a pack of 6 but they are only for one flavour which may bother you personally this doesn’t bother me. It works out as £1.16 for 250ml can which works out more expensive than Coke but you have to remember that it is actually healthy
What are your views on a healthy cola, would you drink it?

Charlotte x

This posts includes a PR sample however, all views are my own as ever