November Toddler Instagram Haul

As you know, I love shopping small business, and Instagram is a platform which allows me to do this more often. If you got onto my Instagram feed, you would see that half of it at least is a small business which is impressive because some of the ladies who run these companies do it on top of a full-time job which is crazy. They make these items on a night and weekends which shows that it is their hobby so if I can promote them all a little bit and support them I will.

The first company is actually one from Facebook and a company which is local to me, and it is B’s boutique this is a company which I actually purchased some bows from way back at Easter time. When I was aimlessly scrolling through Facebook, I saw that she was doing these amazing Children In Need bows which I knew I had to purchase as I knew that Jess would be doing something for the occasion at nursery.  I knew I wanted to get her something a little bit different like a bow rather than just getting something off the shelf from Asda. When I went further down on her page, I noticed that she was also doing these remembrance bows and of course Jess is too young to actually wear a poppy, so I thought that if I managed to get her something it still shows that she cares even though she doesn’t know what it fully means. I think both bows with postage only cost me £7 which is a steal when you think how long they will have taken to make and how much wear Jess is going to get out of them.

As you might remember way back in July I purchased a skirt with this same fabric, however, with the weather coming colder I knew that Jess needed a blanket which would keep her warm on cooler mornings when we are travelling. This is when I found Gladragscustomcloths which is a very small Instagram company with less than 200 followers. which has the exact fabric and offer to make buggy blankets which is the perfect size for what we wanted. The lovely lady actually purchased the fabric in as she had none in stock and in total it took less than two weeks I think for me to receive which is an amazing turn around for a small company. This cost me £20 however, I know that I am going to get plenty of use from this and Jess is not going to drag it along the floor like she used to with the bigger ones. I would recommend this company and if I require anything like this in the future I will return to this store.

I purchased again from prettypenguinclothing which is where I purchased the avengers skirt from in July. I still follow this amazing company so when they announced that they were doing to do Children in Need skirts I knew that I needed it because I think it is going be great for Jess as I knew nursury were going to do something for the occasion I think this skirt only cost me £8 with so much of the money going to the charity which is always amazing as this is what we are all raising money for. I picked this up in the size 12-18 and actually it is the same as the one which we had last year and it suited Jess so I know she is going to look super cute with this skirt this year. 

While I was looking on prettypenguinclothing I purchase another skirt I love Jess in black for some reason however, it is not a colour which you see a lot in toddler and baby clothing. So when I spied this skirt which is black with white and grey clouds on it I knew I had to purchase this. I can see this been teamed with a bright coloured tshirt and some tights. I did actually purchase this in 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit Jess for a while but when it does I am sure she will look super cute and rock this outfit. I can not believe this skirt is only £8 and it is actually homemade. 
The final item which I picked up from prettypenguinclothing was this super awesome pink rainbow skirt which is in 18-24 months so I think it is going to fit Jess in the spring time at the rate she is going. I think this is actually one of my favourite fabrics which Jess has. It is something which I was going to get leggings in however, I decided to get it in a size up and be able to use it in the spring again this is going to be paired with tights. I think this is an item which is going to get plenty of wear out of. Again this skirt is only £8 and the company have a turn around of 2-3 weeks however, I actually got mine I think in around 1 week. This is a company which I would completely recommend. 

 The item item which I purchase is from a lovely company called Surviving Society which is ran by a lovely lady who I have made friends with over on there. When I saw that she had launched these tshirts I knew I had to have them because one this colour really suits Jess and you do not see a lot of this colour. The second reason was because tigers are something which are really love in the house it does not have anything to do with our local football team at all. The final reason I purchased this is because I really like to celebrate little companies where you purchase makes a huge different and of course if you have met Jess you will know that she is a fierce mini person I am even scared of her sometimes. 
Have you purchased anything from Instagram recently?  Also with it coming up to the festive season please leave me links to your favourite stores because I actually want to shop as local and small as possible this year. 
Charlotte xxx 

GAP, TU & Mothercare Toddler Clothing Haul

Clothing is something which Jess needs more of at the moment because the seasons has changed and it is a little bit cold to wear some of the things which she has been wearing while the weather has not been that cold.To coincide with this Jess has actually gone up a size in clothing she is now in the 12-18 month section which means that of course, she needs more clothing.  The first item is something which we picked up when TU had their 25% off and this was these 5 long sleeved tops which are going to be great for teaming with leggings and jeans for nursery they seem to be of good quality which means that they are going to be able to withstand all the hammer which Jess will end up giving them. I love how they are so bright which means that they are going to be able to be teamed with some of her darker bottoms. I think in totally these cost me something like £8 which I thought was a bargain for such a staple. 

The next item is actually out of season and it is from Gap and it is these amazing looney tunes pajamas I saw these had had to pick them up because they remind me of something which I would have worn when I was little. I think that the grey makes the characters pop out even more which is something that I actually like. I have purchased these in 18-24 months which that they may fit her in the spring summer but I had to get them now because they were reduced to £3.99 something which I though was a bargain for this time of item. They are going to be something which Jess is going to get a lot of wear out of because she loves PJ’s and she can even wear it if it is cold outside because she has a duvet and the heating will be on as well.

The next item is something which I purchased from Sainsbury’s when they had their sale on and it was these fleecy pajamas which have Skye and Everest on the front. These are going to be perfect for when it is a little bit cooler than it is currently because they are going to keep Jess super snuggle and warm I almost which that they did them in my size because I would love a pair of these. I think she is going to love them because for one they are paw patrol and she still seems to be obsessed with the show. Anything at the moment which makes her want to put on pajamas is a bonus because she never seems to want to put them on for the fear of being sent to bed. I think I picked these up for around the £8 mark which does seem expensive however, I hope they are going to last very well and she is going to get plenty of wear out of them. 

Mothercare is not a store which I visit a lot for clothing for Jess however, we popped in to get her feet measured and this was when I picked up this shower raincoat. I did actually purchase it in the size 2-3 years which means that it is not going to fit her for a while however, this is something which she is always needing because living in the North of England you never know when it is going to rain. I love how this is not too thin because it means it is going to protect her from the wind as well. Jess is not a child who owns a lot of pink at the moment I thought this wouild be perfect for her. This was reduced from £17 to £11 and is going to be something which Jess gets plenty of wear from. 

The next item which I purchased for Jess was this beautiful swing dress from Sainsbury’s which is a grey dress covered in Skye from Paw Patrol. Jess’s favourite character is Skye so when I saw this online I knew I had to pick it up you may have actually seen Jess wearing this because of the fact she wore it on her birthday. This is one which we adore because it looks amazing on her it has long sleeves which means that her arms do not get cold and it can be paired with tights and boots and look like an amazing outfit that we have thought about it. This is something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of and when it becomes a little bit too short for her we can put leggings under and she will still be able to wear it. I think I picked this up for around £5 which is amazing because it is going to be one of our favourites dress we have in this age.

These leggings are again from GAP I saw them in the window and had to go in and find them if you can not tell they are snow white leggings. I adore the print that there is all over them I wish they did them in pajamas bottoms for adults because they are sure something which I would purchase. I adore these they are in a white/beige colour I think that these are going to be able to be teamed with a bright top or something plain. This is going to be something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of these on a weekend because Jess would ruin them in a nursury way to quickly which is not fun. These were on 30% off which means that there wear around £7. It reminds me that Gap is another shop which I need to visit more because they do some amazing toddler clothing.

These are another bargain which I picked up off in Mothercare and there were these 3 pairs of leggings I actually got them in 18-24 months because Jess has so many in 12-18 so she can grow into these. They were only £6 which means that she is going to be able to wear them for nursery because of the fact that I am not that bothered should they get ruined. I love the white pair which is very floral and butterfly they would look amazing with some of her plainer tops. The other two pairs are very plain a light blue pair and a pink which she is going to be able to wear with some of her busier tops. I am sure we will be getting a hell of a lot of wear out of these when they fit her which could be the springtime. I would recommend looking in mothercare as you can get some amazing bargains like we have I must visit more often because I forget how nice some of their clothing is. 

The final item which I picked up in Mothercare is these wintery pajamas which are very soft and have an almost fleecy bottom which makes me want them in my size as well. I think that these are going to be great for around the Christmas period because of the fact that they look so wintery. I can see Jess wearing these a lot in December and hopefully we will be allowed some pajama days which means that she can get even more wear out of them. I think it is essential to have some nice pajamas it is something you want to be comfy in as it helps you have a better nights sleep I have found. I think these were reduced to around £5 because of the fact they are from last Christmas rather than this season which is great because we would never know and it is such a bargain.

Have you picked up any nice toddler clothes recently?

Charlotte x

Zara Sale Toddler Haul

A few weeks ago now it maybe longer, however, I am unsure because as we all know this year is zooming past us at a rate of knots. Zara in my local town actually closed down which is very gutting because it is a place which I love to get things like leggings from for myself when I visited, however, the women’s section was like a jumble sale and was so unpleasant I did not look. The toddler section, however, did do some damage to my bank balance because there was a great sale and their bits are amazing so I had to treat Jess to some stylish till bits in a range of sizes.

The first item which I picked up was this Minnie Mouse Hawaiian style tshirt in a beautiful Lemon colour the colour was actually one of the reasons why I picked it up because Jess really suits the colour and it is rare that you actually find something in this colour. I love how it is not your typical Mickey mouse it is a little bit different and who can resist a little bit of Disney and the work Aloha just makes me think of the summer and we all love that even if this top going to fit her in the winter months. This will look great teamed with the either jeans or some leggings this top was reduced to only £2.99.

I did say that I pick them up a couple of weeks ago which I meant that there was a little bit of the summer weather left so when I saw that there were these denim shorts reduced to only £5.99 I knew I had to pick them up. I adore shorts with tights on myself ad this is something which Jess looks adorable I think because they are not a really dark wash it does mean that you can team them with a range of coloured tights. They can be used both in the summer and in the autumn because as you know in the UK we can have warm autumn months. For some reason, I have an image of Jess with some boots wearing these I think these are something which you are going to be seeing a lot. These are in the size which Jess currently in but I think they do them up to 4 years.  

Light coloured jeans are something which Jess has never owned she seems to have a couple of pairs which are darker maybe this is because she is a toddler and they seem to get messy and I think the darker wash does not show the muck as much. However, when I spied this beautiful pair I could not resist these are going to fit her I would think in the back end of the autumn and winter months if she keeps growing like she is. Due to the fact that she has a lot of dark t-shirts I thought that she would need some lighter bottoms so that she doesn’t always look so dull and these were only £7.99 and seem like they could with stand the hammer a toddler is going to give them.

The next item which I picked up was this in 2-3 years I seem to remember and it is more of a coral than the camera actually picked up this again is another colour which I think suits Jess the reason behind this is it compliments the colour of her hair. When I saw this I new I had to pick it up for this reason and I actually thought that it was something different you don’t seem to get a lot of tops which say things like love me without it having a parent on it either mummy or daddy so when I spied this for sure it was one going in my basket. It was reduced to £2.99 and I know this is going to be one which I can pair with leggings and send her to nursery in because at the moment she is so into colouring which means she can easy ruining outfits which is never good and because this was so cheap it will not bother me as much.

While browsing I also noticed this light pink t-shirt which says love you on it and has I think it is a cat it might actually be a dog again the reason it I actually purchased it was due to the fact that it says, love, you and as I have said previously usually they say that they love a family member. I am trying to get Jess to say love you a lot more and be a nice well-mannered child so I think things like this are always going to help. I think the colour is actually really nice and is not too in your face like you can find with others so this is going to be able to be teamed with either dark or bright leggings depending on my mood. This again was only £2.99 which means that it can be used for nursery because of the fact that I am not as bothered should it get ruined.

Yes I purchased a top which was technically in the boys section but after all I am trying to teach my child that it does not matter which gender she is she can wear what ever the hell she likes. Disney is something which we really like in this house Jess at the moment seems to be really into Minnie mouse however, when I saw this I and all the bright colours which it has in it I knew that Jess would go crazy for this mickey print. I love how it is not just the typical mickey are doing some amazing poses which makes it seem so fun and this is the element I love. This is going to be one which she is going to be wearing a lot I am sure when Jess fits into this. This was only £5.99 which is not that expensive seen as it is actually a Disney piece and this can be worn with leggings jeans and maybe a plain skirt and tights we will just have to see it depends on the weather.

I think there is a theme going on here and I actually have a Disney obsession going on for Jess I picked up this yellow/mustard stripes which have Minnie on the front who looks like she is posing. I love this because I think you could use it for the summer and also the autumn Jess is one who really likes Minnie Mouse. I think these could be teamed with something simple on the bottom half which is always a bonus. Again I love it because it is not your typical Minnie Mouse t-shirt she is doing something different and has a different outfit on as well I think which is always a bonus for me because I like things which are different and I think this was £5.99 which was more expensive. 
Yes, another Disney t-shirt anyone would think that we were planning a trip to Disney which is not something we are planning at the moment I just love Disney and this is something which was in the boy’s section but I know Jess is going to rock it. I love how summer like this looks which makes me think that it would go well with the shorts which I have picked up in this haul as well. It is a white t-shirt which has stars all over the actual t-shirt which you just see. I love how Mickey is actually smiling because I think that you do not see him smiling that much actually love this does scream summer for me and was only £3.99 so a bargain for a Disney t-shirt. 
This pinafore dress is something which I thought was very different because of the fact that it included stripes and stars which are not a pattern you usually see. I love how the straps are actually ribbon like and it has little pockets which for me is very adorable. I can see Jess wearing this when it is warm with bare legs and as a dress. Then when it colder she can team it with a long-sleeved top and tights and I am sure this is going to look amazing but it might be something which does not end up suiting her and I might have to sell it we never know. This was reduced to £9.99 but I did not want to leave it behind because it looks so comfortable and something which would be great when she is playing. 
Socks are something which is essential because otherwise, she ends up with the world’s smelliest feet which are never nice. She has managed to grow out of some of the socks so it was time to replace them and when I spied these I couldn’t leave them because the pop socks will be amazing when she is actually still wearing her sandals while we have some of the nice weather still in the UK and the other socks I picked because we love dinosaurs in this house and you do not see a lot with a dinosaur print on. The swallow ones I got because I adore them and I think I might have a pair similar so we could actually match which would be fun. 
I am a sucker for things which are retro and of course, this tshirt is one of those who else remembers watching tweetie pie in the past. So when I saw this in an amazing colour blue which means that you are going to be able to pair this very easy with the tshirt because it could be teamed with leggings which are very dark in the winter months so that you do not look like you are too summery. This was actually only £3.99 as well which means that it could be used for nusury because if she does manage to paint I will not be too annoyed. I think this may be a tshirt which Daddy likes because I am sure this is something which he would have watched growing up. 
I am gutted Zara has closed here and then one in York I don’t think stocks children’s which means that I will have to order online. I adore the pieces which I picked up and will be keeping an eye out for other bits when she grows because they are so affordable even full price. 
What was your favourite item from this haul?
Charlotte x

Primark August Sale Haul

Primark is a store which we all think of been cheap anyway which as I have said in the past means that it is great for toddler clothing because you do not really mind should it become ruined by something such as paint which will not end up washing out. This month actually see’s Jess move upstairs at nursury which means she will be painting more and there is more chance of her ruining outfits. With this in mind and the fact that the weather currently is pretty hit and miss I popped into primark little did I know they had a sale on. I picked these two tshirts which are long sleeved great for the colder weather we will be having for only £2. I love the cat print on this because Jess really likes animals so this cat will really suit her. The other one which came in the set was this my daddy says I am really really awsome which I am sure he would say. These are going to be great teamed with leggings on a cooler day and then for £2 I do not mind if Jess hardly wears them. 

The next item which I picked up may seem really random for a haul in August all I can say is they must have been selling some of there old stock off because it is this sweatshirt in grey which says Daddy’s Girl. It is pretty thick meaning it is going to be great when you need just something on to keep your arms warm but something easy to remove when it becomes warmer. I think this was only £1. I can imagining teaming this with some bright leggings due to the fact that the sweatshirt is not a very bright colour. For sure nobody can deny that Jess is a Daddy’s Girl she still shouts for him at least daily and he has now been gone 3 whole months it is safe to say she has not forgotten about him one bit. I think she is actually proud to be a little daddy’s girl.

The next item I picked up was thse twin pack of dress’s as you might know I think I have spoken about them in the past Jess has some amazing Minnie mouse swing dress’s which were from Primark however, they are now starting to get a little bit small for her but they have washed amazing. So when I saw that these two were reduced to £3 I coud not leave them. The pink one has like a navy heart pattern all over and the navy one has a pink pattern all over it. .These are going to be great for nursury because she can at the moment wear them bare legged and then when it becomes a little bit colder they can be paired with tights. I hope that these are going to get as much love as the Minnie ones. 
Stop the press I managed to pick this tshirt up for only 50p so this for sure is one which I do not mind if it gets ruined about the first time that she wears it. I know that this one for sure is going to be used for nursury no doubt with some patterned leggings because I seem to love them. This top is a really nice shade of pik and in the heart it says I love Daddy which I know she is going to love because of the fact that she really does love him. I think he might actually get a big head if he reads this post because it shows how much she does love him. Does anyone else wish that they could get a tshirt for this price in their own size?

The final item in this little sale haul is this black/navy summer dress which for some reason was reduced to only £3 and it still is the height of summer. If you didn’t know I don’t think you would know it was from Primark I think it looks a little bit more expensive. I can see Jess wearing this should there be any family occasion coming up and I don’t want her to ruin a dress which may have cost a lot more than this. In the summer she can wear it bare legged of course and then when the weather starts to changed and it becomes a bit colder it is one which I could team with a cardigan and tights and then she will still be able to get plenty of wear out of it. 
Have you picked up any bargin’s recently?
Charlotte x

Instagram Clothing Haul – July 2017

As you may know, if you are a parent of a toddler they always seem to be growing which means that you are updating their wardrobe a lot. I am lucky that Jess even though she is pretty tall does not seem to grow very fast which means that I can get her some nicer clothes which may be a little more expensive than I would usually pay. I also like Jess to stand out a little bit which means that I regularly find myself looking on Instagram stores to see what cute clothing I can purchase for her. In the past couple of months, I have purchased a few items and thought that I would share them with you today.

The first item which I purchased was these amazing leggings from Lamb and BearThe first item which I purchased was these amazing leggings from Lamb and Bear. The company is actually owned by an amazing mummy blogger. There is a number of reasons why I purchased these the first was because Jess keeps saying that Daddy is with the Penguins so when I saw these I knew I had to have them because they have penguins on and you do not see a lot with this pattern. I also purchased them because I purchased some leggings second hand from this brand and these prints were on sale. I have a feeling that they were £11.20 I know that might seem expensive but they are such good quality. 
The next couple of items are from a brand which I can not remember I am really sorry about this. If I do actually end up remembering them I will link them up. The first Tshirt which I purchased is this plain white one with arrows which says, mini teenager. As you might know, if you know Jess sometimes she can act like a teenager with her little mood swings and attitude if she does not get her own way. When I saw this I knew I had to get it because I would be able to style them with either patterned leggings or some bright coloured ones because it is such a nice plain Tshirt. 
Another Tshirt which I purchased from the company whose name that I can not remember is this one which says carbs,cars, and cuddles. Yes, this is one which was technically made for boys but come on it’s 2017. Jess adores carbs and because she is such little foodie I swear she could eat constantly because she loves her food that much. Cuddles are something which she loves as well because of the fact that who doesn’t love being cuddled when they are feeling down and sometimes at the moment because she is missing daddy so much she is needing more cuddles. Cars are one thing Jess adores I am blaming Joe for this she is going to love guys who have fast cars if she keeps on like this. 
The best item which we have purchased off Instagram is this lovely top from Lauren Dwyer. It actually says I am on the run from the Mamarazzi flash her a smile if she can catch me. As a blogger, I always find that I take more pictures of Jess which means sometimes as soon as she smiles I sometimes get my camera out and snap it because I want to remember the whole of her childhood because it is going super fast as it is. I picked this up in pink because of the Jess hardly owns any of this colour in t-shirts. This cost me only about £7 because I had a discount code. 
This item is something which you might have seen because I got it around Father’s Day. It is this lovely top which is from t&c collection. It says I have a hero I call him my daddy. This did have happy Father’s Day under it but I asked them if it would be possible to have one without so that Jess would get more wear out of it.  You may have actually seen Jess in because she wore it when she sent her parcel to Daddy. I love how this top looks on Jess it is not too plain however it is still not busy. It looks amazing teamed with leggings I am sure this is one that Daddy is going to love as well because it will be able to make his ego even larger. 
The final item which I purchased was this amazing skirt which came with the bow. It is an avengers themed skirt it is handmade from a lovely lady and company called prettypenguinclothing. I adore this because the Avengers are something which I adore so does Joe and I have noticed that Jess is getting into it because she keeps learning the characters of my mugs. One day soon I might show her the films but I am sure that she might be a little bit scared of them for now. This skirt cost around £11 and I thought that was super cheap when it is homemade so you expect to pay more. The lovely lady has also started doing blankets so I am tempted to get one for Jess when the weather comes a bit cooler for her pram because it can be cold in the mornings when she travels to nursery in the autumn/winter months. 
Do you have any favourite Instagram shops? I am always on the hunt for more 
Charlotte x 

Mini Club, Gap Mothercare Summer Clothing Haul

I am sorry that the first picture of this haul is not actually everything that we have purchased that is because these items have been purchased over a long time and they have been put away so I could not do this like I would normally do. I have had to purchase Jess a lot of clothing over the last few months because of the fact that Jess does not have any clothing which is suitable for this time of year because obviously, she has grown so much since last summer. Some of these items are more for the cooler days and some are for if it is boiling hot again,  The majority of the clothing in this haul is from Boots, Mothercare and I think there is some GAP thrown in as well. 
A few weeks ago I popped to the designer outlet in York and we went to the GAP outlet because as you know Jess goes to nursery which means that if you can save some money on clothing which could possibly get ruined.  While in there I saw one random pair of Disney leggings they were these oatmeal coloured with Belle on the front holding the rose. These are actually in the size 2-3 which means that they are not going to fit her for a long time but Disney never gets old. These were reduced to around £4 when I got to the till which I thought was super cheap for GAP and Disney. I am going to team them with some plain t-shirts because of how busy these leggings already are. 
For some reason, I have no clue why the photo of this dress has a stupid black line down it I promise you on the actual dress it does not have this at all.  This item is a 12-18 months navy strappy skater dress with white dots from GAP. I picked this up because I love how simple this dress looks because she can either team it with a cardigan and tights should it be cooler and bare legs should it be warm enough for this to occur. This dress was only a bargain of £2.99 so this is one which I do not mind if this would get ruined a little bit at nursery.  I love how there is some darker coloured dresses for the summer months because they do not get ruined as easy as some of the lighter colours.

One of the first items which I purchased from Mini Club which is the kids clothing section from Boots. They do an amazing multi-buy offer which is almost like Next you can get 3 items for £12. When I first saw this dress I thought of the autumn months which is why I purchased it in the size 1 1/2-2 years the reason behind this is because I think it will look great paired with tights and maybe boots as well. It is long sleeved and it does have I think it is sunflower pattern. These dresses are of great quality and I know that this is going to be a dress which you are going to see on her a lot.

Another item which I purchase when in GAP was these blue flamingo leggings these are actually a little bit shorter than normal leggings I think these are Capi style. I loved how summery these look be she’s I find it harder to find bottoms which are not too dark in colour when the weather is nice but not nice enough to wear shorts. I can not remember how much these were as they had money off what it says on the tag however I think they were around the £6 mark. These for sure are going to get plenty of wear out of them.

These long sleeved tops where something which I purchased two sizes to big because of the fact that they are long sleeved which means that Jess is going to wear them more in the autumn and for the cooler summer months. I adored these because of the floral pattern I have very rarely found really bright coloured and putting Jess in bright coloured items is something I love to do even on dull days because I love letting her  brighten other peoples days. These wear only £5 I think for both of these and these are going to get plenty of wear under either pinafore dresses and then also with leggings.

This is an item which my mum actually picked up for us this is a £2.99 dress from H&M this is a beautiful coral coloured dress which has a hell of a lot fruity on the front. Jess is someone who really loves fruit which means this is perfect for her. It is a simply dress which I think she is going to be wearing with bare legs while the warm summer days stay here. This is one which again I do not mind if she ruins at nursery with paint or something similar I think I might have to take a trip to H&M and see if they have anymore of these £2.99 dresses which I like.

In GAP I spied out these leggings which for anyone who knows Jess will know that she loves Ice cream she even eats it when it is a really cold day so I thought what would be more perfect for my little one than ice cream leggings. I love how these are dark and then they have a lovely bright pattern on them which means that they can be teamed with either bright tshirts or a plain light coloured tshirt. These were only around the £4 mark which is great because I think that they are such an unusual pair of leggings. I can not wait to put her in these because I think they could be one of my favourite pairs in the next size up which Jess will be going into very soon.

This dress is one which the camera is not picking up amazing I am sorry about this. This is a dress from one of the designers in Mothercare I can not remember who exactly so I am sorry about that. It has a velvet top half which is actually grey in colour and super soft to touch. Then the bottom half is a netted lace  over the top of a thin skirt. When I saw this I knew I had to get it so that Jess could wear it to any family occasion such as a family meal because I think it is a beautiful slightly smarter dress and it was actually reduced from £25 to £10 so it was bargain for the price.

The next item which is these pair of leggings which were only £3.50 for both of them. Leggings I have found are something which you can never have enough of our this may only be me. These are going to be great for the days when I want to put Jess in a top which you could class as busy or something which is bright. As these leggings are in a grey colour and then they are a pair which are a black/ navy colour. These were in 18-24 months due to the fact that they did not have any in a smaller size but these are going to be something which she is going to get a lot of wear out of anyway no matter the time of year that she fits into them.

I know this is a summer haul but we all know how cold it can be in the UK in the summer when the sun is not out so I picked her up another set of long sleeved tops which she can wear either under a pinafore or on their own.  I purchased these because I adore the rabbit one I think they kind of look a little bit like miffy anyone else remember that from their childhood. I think that the dark one will be one which will be used under the pinafores more. I think the rabbit one is one which I am going to get her wear on its own because it is so beautiful I think these both were around the £5 mark. These I can gee using them a lot for nursery because they look like they are going to wash so well and they are so easy to wear.
I apoligse for the random box which is on this picture for some reason when I came to edit it the box was there and I can not get it deleted. This dress is from mini club as well it is a long sleeved royal blue loveheart swing dress. As you may know if you follow me on Instagram you will know that I love these kind of dresses for Jess. I picked this one up because I love the colour I rarely see anything in the royal blue colour for girls which is really shocking. I actually got this in a couple of sizes too big because I have a feeling that Jess could shoot up again soon however if she doesn’t it will come in handy for the autumn with tights instead of bare legs. This again was one of them which was on the multibuy offer. 
The reason behind I purchased this item was because of the shorts I adore them denim shorts and tights are something which I love to wear myself anyway. I thought these were so cute because of the flowers which I know is so on trend and this outfit was only around the £8 mark which made me think it does not matter if I only use the shorts and the tights and Jess use them with the with a different top. I am not a huge fan of the huge bow however, this may change when I put the outfit on Jess I am sure it is one which would look great for days at the park and the beach. I am sure we will have a few of them this summer. 
I adore the colour of this dress because it is such a bright pink colour and swans are not something which you see on a lot of items. For some reason this just screams summer to me it may be because of the colour. I am imagine Jess running around in this with bare legs and I think this is going to be one of the first items from this haul that I put her in because it might actually be my favourite. It reminds me of the chevron dress which Jess has in the size smaller because every time it came out of the wash Jess would wear it.  This was another one which was in the multibuy offer which makes me want it to got to Boots because I love there designs so much. 
The final item I purchased where these adoreable PJ’s they were only £8 for both pairs I loved the that they had a woodland theme due to them been long sleeved I purchased them in the size which Jess is going to be in the autumn because I think they will be the best then. These feel like the most soft and cosy pj’s which almost makes me wish they did them in my size because they are that amazing. I am sure that Jess is going to get so much wear out of these because pj’s for sure are one thing which a girl can never have enough of. 
What have you purchased recently?
Charlotte x

JoJo Maman Bebe Haul

JoJo Maman Bebe is a store which I have fallen in love with in the last few months if I am honest they do some beautiful pieces for both girls and boys.  I know that they are not the cheapest but they have some amazing quality pieces which wash really well meaning that they actual last and they do keep value which means when you come to resell them you can easy get a high percentage of what you paid should the item still be in a good condition. 
The first item which I purchased was these thick leggings which have birds all over them I love these for the winter months because they are thick enough to keep Jess warm when it is cold on our early morning commute.  These are such good quality that they will last all of the shuffling and playing which Jess does at nursery by the time that she does grow out of them they will only have bobbled up a little bit. I picked these up because of the fact that I love they have bird on and you do not see a lot of girls clothing with them on. These will look great with either bright tops or other dark tops. These were half price because of the fact I bought them out of season so they were £5.  I picked them up in 1-2 years so hopefully they will still fit Jess when it comes cold if not keep you eyes out I will be selling them on. 
Another item which I purchased where these clips I loved the floral one which is on the bottom which are white and floral which something that I have not seen in the longest time.  These clips remind me of the ones which you used to get for school where as now a lot of the clips you see have huge bows on both styles I like however, these are going to be great for when her fringe gets a little bit too long but mummy doesn’t want to cut it for getting her hair out of her eyes. I think these clips were around £3  for the pack of 6.
The next item which I purchased was these these flowery leggings which come in a two pack with a pair of leggings which are almost a navy colour. I think these floral leggings will look amazing with some of the pain tops which I have shown recently in hauls even those these I reckon will fit her in the autumn time for me these do not look to summery. Of course the navy ones can go with anything I think sometimes some of the best leggings which Jess owns are plain ones which you can pair with everything, For some reason these where reduced and I managed to get these two pairs for only £7. I reckon these will become a firm staple in her wardrobe. 
While in store I noticed that they has some more which where on offer and they were another floral pattern which is something which I have fallen in love with these remind me of a pair which Jess had when she was a very small baby. I love floral prints even though they are not something which I would purchase for myself I love Jess in them. I think that these are going to be teamed again with some of the plainer tops which she has because of how busy the floral leggings are. Because of the fact that they came in a two pack I picked up these amazing red leggings which I think I will get Jess to wear when she is wearing a busier print.  These again were reduced to £7 for both pairs which for me is not that expensive it is about the same price as some supermarkets. 
The final item which I picked up was these thick leggings which again have animals on however, this time it is Sheep.  These technically are from the boys section but as you know this is not something which actually bothers me.  These will be worn so much when she is commuting because them trains and stations can sure get cold in the winter months when it is dark. These look so cosy I almost wish they did them in my size because they would keep me so warm it would be almost like wearing you duvet. These had £5 off them due to the fact that they are out of season but I purchased them in 1-2 years in hope that they are still going to fit her when it comes cooler again.
Have you ever purchased anything from JoJo?
Charlotte x

May Primark Haul

Primark is not a shop which I found myself in a lot when Jess was a younger, however, since she actually started nursery and the Primark in the centre of York opened it is a shop which I have found myself purchasing more and more from for her. I think one of the reasons why this may happen is as I have said before it is cheap which means that I am not that bothered if for some reason it becomes ruined by paint or something else which she may get on it at nursery. 
The first item which I purchased for Jess was this yellow t-shirt because yellow is not something which Jess wears a lot of but it is a colour which really suits her. I think that this looks super summery and will even look amazing should she have darker leggings on the bottom half. I love how it does actually have some small little details including the flowers and butterflies which are around the girl. I could not believe that this was only £1.30 this meant that I had to go and look at all of the others in this range. 
Since her hair has been getting longer I have found myself wanting to use clips a hell of a lot more. When I was in primark I saw this amazing clips which have the princess’s on and you might know I call Jess my little princess and I am so trying to get her into Disney. I have already achieved her saying Minnie and she seems to love her so we are trying to introduce the princess. I kind of can’t wait to see who her favourite is. These clips for 5 were only £2 which means that I am not that bothered as I would be if they were more expensive and became broken. 
The next thing which I picked up was this dark blue t-shirt which says happy little thing in pink on it. As you know I do not have a problem with Jess wearing dark clothes because I think that it is amazing because I will let her wear what she wants I am always wearing dark clothes so why shouldn’t she be able to. If you know me or follow me on social media you will know that the majority of the time Jess is actually a little happy thing so I think that this top was very apt for her. It was only £1.30 so I think that this will be amazing with some of the brighter leggings which I have picked up.  This for sure is going to be a nursery staple because it is one of my favourites, 
As some of you make know Jess has an amazing relationship with her Grandad it is because she see’s him all of the time and he is almost like a second dad to her, This more so since Daddy has gone it is amazing she has so many amazing male influences in her life. So when I saw this top in the £1.30 range which says I love my Grandad I could not leave it on the shelf.  I am sure that it is going to be a top which is just going to boost Grandad’s ego even more if that’s possible because he claims he is a good looking Grandad that’s how big his ego is. 
This top is one which I actually picked up in a bigger size for some reason but this does not matter because Jess will still end up wearing it because it monochrome which if you know me is one of my favourite things. I can see me teaming this with a lovely bright pair of leggings or jeans and really getting the wear out of this. 
What is your favourite item out of this £1.30 tshirt haul?
Charlotte x

Tesco Spring/Summer Clothing Haul

I have decided that I am going to share with you today some bits which I got a while ago but I know that these items are still available because they are part of their spring/summer ranges. I hardly ever actually go to Tesco to have a look at their clothing because it now is not somewhere we go to shop if this makes sense.

The first item which I picked up is this pack of 5 trainer socks in these lovely pastel socks which are going to go with some of the other items which are included in this haul. I remembered when I was in Tesco that Jess has some normal socks some of which are getting tight on her feet because she is always growing and then she doesn’t own trainer socks when she does actually own a pair of trainers. I love the colours because they remind me of the spring/summer period which we are going into and these were a bargain as I managed to get this pack of 5 for only £3. I am sure that she will be getting plenty of wear out of these in the coming months.

Leggings are something which she owns a fair amount of the reason behind this is because I find them so easy to put on when she is going to nursery as all you need is a nice top. She does have a few pairs in the next size up which is 12-18 months but I saw these pastel ones and was drawn to them for some reason I know that they will go well with some tops which she has in 12-18 months. I am sure that these will get plenty of wear because as I said you can use them for nursery when it is sunny or even when it is raining which is more likely in the UK, In this three pack you got a pair of pink and white stripped ones, a pair of white and a pair of mint ones. For these 3 I only managed to get these for £6 which means that it is only £2 a pair. This means that it does not matter to me as much should these get ruined with paint or something at nursery,

With summer coming up I decided that I would pick up these plain denim shorts I think these are going to be teamed with tights and a top. I can style her like this for both nursery and when we go on family days out. They have elastic in the waist which means that they are going to have room for when she grows without digging in and becoming tight. These shorts were only £6 I have seen similar ones in Gap for £20. Jess already has a couple of pairs of shorts in 9-12 months the size which she is currently in and she seems to love them so I am sure that they are going to get plenty of wear out of these.

The next item I picked was this 3 pack of vest tips which have flowers on the top half I choose these because I found that they are simple enough to wear with leggings which could be classed as busy yet they look amazing even with plain leggings. I love the mint green colour because it is not a colour which you see a lot of girls clothing in. Within this pack there is also a white which is the same design as the mint one on the front. The one on the back is actually a really busy flowery print however, this is going to be one which is amazing with some plain leggings so that it does not clash. This 3 pack was only £7 if it does not get warm enough this summer for short sleeves these can always be teamed with a cardigan.

Can you tell a team when I was shopping I wanted it to be the summer I decided that Jess needed some more of the vest tops these ones are ribbed and they have some amazing lace details on the arms however, apart from that it is plain. I was drawn to the pink and the yellow because these are colours which are not found commonly in Jess’s wardrobe.  I will be teaming these with leggings and shorts depending on the temperature again if it is not that warm she can always put a cardigan over these. I could not leave them behind because for the pack of 3 it was only £4 which is a bargain so again I am not bothered should they become ruined at nursery.

Grey is a colour which I love to see Jess in for some reason and I love these skater kind of dresses. I find them so easy because all you need to do is put some tights should it be cold or bare legs if the summer ever come and then you look stylish. Every size Jess has been in I have had to have a couple of these style of dresses they are similar to the ones which you can get from Next. I love the rabbits as I feel like they are grown up because an issue I have found as because she is 1 1/2 she is still in the baby section and they can make her look stupid.  This dress was only £4 as you can see from the picture and I am sure it is going to be one which gets a ton of wear out of. I might have to go back and see if they have anymore like this.

Talking of similar dressed I managed to find this dress which is the same style as the one which I just showed however, this one is pink and floral. As you may know if you know me pink and floral is not something which I would wear myself but it is something which I think suits Jess so well her hair just really goes with light colours of pink. I am hoping these dresses are going to be ones which wash really well because I am sure they are going to be ones which she is constantly wearing as soon as they are out of the wash.

Do you shop in Tesco’s for clothing?

Charlotte x


March Primark Haul

Recently I have seen a number of people do Primark hauls and I have always noticed that they have some amazing clothing in for children at not very high prices which is always amazing when you have a child in nursery as things can get ruined easily when they are painting and doing other messy activities.  
Dresses are something which I love to send Jess to in nursery because they are so simple to style because all you need is some tights and they look really stylish. These skater style dresses are my favourites she has a couple of smock dress from Disney which I hauled way back in August which is is always wearing. So I knew I needed to purchase some more in the next size up I saw these which are a pack of two one is a dark blue/black dress with white spots. The other one which you got in the pack was this lovely grey dress with cats that are white and pink on it which i am sure that Jess is going to adore because of the fact it is animals. These dresses do not have sleeves so it is going to be amazing for the summer months when the weather gets a little bit warmer. For the pack of two they were only £8 which I think is a steal for something which she is going to wear so much, 
Carrying on with the cat theme I picked up this grey tshirt which has a cat on as well. This I think will look beautiful with some really bright leggings which will make them less dull. These tops are only £1.30 which means that I really do not mind if these manage to get ruined why doing some messy play at nursery or something like that. I might have to pop back and see if they have any more in this cheap range which we already do not own. 
Another £1.30 tshirt which picked up is this lovely white one which says Daddy’s Little Lady because anyone who knows Jess will know that she really is a  Daddy’s little girl we wake up in a morning and one of her first words most mornings is Dada which is hard sometimes because we know that is her hardly ever there in a morning.  This top is going to be fit her in the summer months which is when her Daddy is not going to be here which means that she can show that she still loves him even though she may not be seeing him a lot. 
Another person Jess really loves is her Grandma because as if you may know her Grandma does do so much for Jess which is amazing because they have one of the closest relationship which I know. This top is actually in 18/24 months because when I went to Primark there was none of them in stock in any smaller sizes and because it was in this amazing Lemon colour and the price it meant that I could not leave it. I am sure that it is going to be one which she is going to get so much wear out of because it will be teamed with dark leggings which will mean that it does not look to summery should she end up growing into this when it is the autumn/winter. 
As I mentioned previously in my Next haul  sometimes for the summer months I want something lighter than denim coloured jeans so when I saw these blush pink with white spots I knew had to pick them up. These were only £5 and I think they they will look amazing teamed with with either a dark coloured top or even something which is very light. I think that these might end up lasting her into the autumn as well because of the fact that she does not grow that much and they are so seem to be pretty large but that may just be my judgement. 
 The final item from this Primark trip is this lovely pink tshirt which again is part of their £1.30 range and it says on it in silver I wish I was a unicorn. I picked this one up because of the fact that I think that unicorns are amazing and they seem to be so popular at the moment which I am not surprised about. I almost wish they had this in adult sizes because it is something which I would wear. I think this one will be teamed with some darker leggings and them she will be off. I am sure that Jess is going to love the items I picked up.
What is your favoutite item from this haul? Also what else do I need to pick up which I might have missed?
Charlotte x