George – Character Tee Haul

Does anyone got to the supermarket notice that there is a sale on clothing for me it usually it children’s and then end up getting sucked in and having to purchase something if there is anything worth having.  Since having Jess in nursery we have noticed that she can go through sometimes 2/3 tops a day because she can end up getting so messy and then they end up changing her. As a result of this, it means we need a lot of basic and cheap more so because they end up painting multiple times a week now and this can ruin clothing. A couple of weeks ago I popped into Asda and noticed that they were having sale so I picked some up in 1-1/2 years because this is the next size which Jess will be going into one may be the size above this as well so she can grow into it more. 

The first t-shirt which we picked up was this busy paw patrol t-shirt it does have Marshall, Rubble and Chase. I actually think this was from the boy section but again this is not something which really bothers me as I don’t feel like it looks super male if anything styled correctly this could look unisex. I picked this up because of the fact that Jess loves Paw Patrol she goes mad when we put it on and when she sees any dog so for £3 I couldn’t resist. This is going to be one which I know she is going to wear a fair amount. 
Again this is another technically boys t-shirts but this mama really liked the dinosaur on the front. Daddy agreed that it really was more unisex as well which always makes me happy because he gets annoyed when I put her in things which apparently are too boy looking and make he look like a boy however, this may not happen as much now she has hair. This tshirt was actually £1 so it really doesn’t matter for some reason if this gets trashed and covered in paint and other dirty things which may not come out. 
This Mickey Mouse top is something which I saw and thought that it was really different it has the little characters from the comic books behind the actual large picture of mickey. I feel like that this would look amazing with some bright leggings but this may just be me. I think you could wear this on a girl or a boy because again it really looks unisex to me. For some reason I think this would look amazing if you was going to go to the Disney park with a young child hopefully Jess is going to like this because I know she likes her Minnie dress’s. Again this tshirt was only £3 instead of been £5 so I didn’t save a lot but I saved a little bit of money. 
I picked up another paw patrol t-shirt however this one is for a girl which might help some of you who may have a problem with girls wearing boys clothes as I know some people do actually have a problem. I love this one because if it did not say paw patrol you would just think that it was a couple of dogs, I do like how it is the two girl dogs because I have not seen a lot of merchandise which is just Skye and Everest, I know that Everest is new really so this is something may end up changing the more that she is in the show, This again was £3 which means that it is going to be perfect for nursery and she can wear it when she is doing normal things with me. 
The final item which I purchase is the princess t-shirt which is long sleeved and has gold stars on it the reason I purchased this is because of the fact that I call Jess Princess sometimes because she can act like one and then other times she can act like a devil. I know that this one is going to become a staple item because of the fact that it is coming up to spring when you still need something on your arms but you don’t need a coat. I know this item technically might be cheating in this haul because it is not a character tshirt but this is something I picked up in the same trip.
Do you love Character tee’s or hate them as I know they can be like Marmite?
Charlotte x