Autumn Bucket List

Today officially is the start of the autumn and if you know me this is one of my favourite times of year because of the fact that the weather does starts to become cooler and then we get the leaves on the ground and who does not like kicking them. This is going to be the first time I think that Jess is going to understand the fact that it is coming colder and we have to wrap up when we go out which I guess is always one of the fun parts of this year.  Autumn officially runs from today to the 21st December when it is officially winter.  This year I want to have a bucket list of things which me and Jess want to do before December.

Stay In PJ’s All Day- Me and Jess do not have a lot of time where we do not actually do a lot at all we are always on the go. This means that we have a lot of days where we are wearing clothes which we would wear outside. Jess does get more PJ days than me but I think she would love one with me.

Have a film day-  Is there anything better than been snuggled up with a blanket and been able to watch films this is something which I love been able to do in the colder months. Usually it is a Sunday when we have no plans and the weather is super rubbish which is can be a lot of the time in these months. We usually watch things which are like cartoons or Disney they are always really easy watches.

Build a den- This is something which Jess does her bed but I think we would have a huge amount of fun building a den in the front room and be able to chill in our huge den and even ban boys from coming in. We can do a lot of different things I have not a huge plan of what we should do in the den yet maybe it should be sponteous

Having an Indoor Picnic- We loved been able to actually eat in the outdoors having almost like picnics at home when the weather was nice in the summer because snacking is one of Jess’s favourite things to do so I think that having a picnic with a blanket on the floor while the weather is rubbish would be so much fun and I am sure Jess and her pups would love that.

Make Cookies-  I know for sure that we actually have a couple of kits to make cookies in the cupboard in the kitchen and Jess had her first taste of baking at nursery baking bread. I think that this is going to be something which Jess is going to love to be able to do and when the weather is rubbish one weekend we can make cookies and she can give them to other member of the families.

Dress Up For Halloween-  This is one which is aimed more at Jess than me because she is actually going to be at nursery for Halloween which means that she is no doubt going to have a part and there is going to be party for her to attend. I really love been able to dress her up so this is something which I will be planning in the next couple of weeks to be honest.

Go on a Walk- This is not something which I am going to class if it is just a normal walk it is going to have to be a walk which is for the purpose of going for a walk this is something which I love doing because I love the crisp air and been able to kick the leaves this is going to be something which Jess is going to enjoy for the first time.

Visit the Fair-  As a resident of Hull every October we have to make the annual pilgrimage to Walton Street because Europe’s largest travelling fair comes to Hull. I took Jess last year and she loved just looking at the lights however, this years she is going to be able to go on some of the rides and I can not wait to see her face light up and have so much fun one night as it is getting dark and the lights become brighter.

Before I have too many things to do this autumn and not enough time I will leave it here. I love been able to have some ideas which I am going to be able to do in this time of year. I am sure we will add some things to this plan as well.

What do you plan on doing this autumn?

Charlotte x

Festive Bucket List

Hi Guys

Today instead of sharing with you a December Goals post I have chosen to do a festive bucket list of things which I would love to do this month instead. We have two Christmas’s due to distance and a few reasons Christmas for us goes all the way up to New Years Day. I have listed 10 things which I would love to do with either with Jess, Joe or my family. I have has some inspirations from three amazing ladies Emily, Claire & Amy

  • Bake some gingerbread men 
  • Get Jess to choose one new tree decoration
  • Make a Christmas eve box 
  • Go on some lovely winter walks all wrapped up 
  • Do a book advent 
  • Take lots of pictures maybe in the snow if we manage to get some
  • Watch Christmas films in my PJ’s 
  • Have a Christmas music disco in the front room
  • Visit a Christmas Market
  • Write and possibly hand deliver local Christmas cards
What do you plan on doing this festive season?