Stylopro Makeup Brush Cleaner Dupe Review

A year or so ago there was a massive hyper around the Stylopro makeup brush cleaner which allowed you to clean and dry your brushes in no time at all. If you use make up a lot you will know how much of a chore cleaning your brushes can be for me it is a task which I always put off. I think the reason behind it is due to the fact that that it takes so long for your brushes to dry.  For me I need my brushed the next day and in the winter they never seem to dry that fast. My mum understood my pain and for Christmas she actually purchased me a dupe of the Stylopro so i could take the hassle out of cleaning my brushes. I think she actually purchased this off either Wowcher or Groupon and she can not remember which one it was.

This comes with a plastic bowl with a silicone seal and splash guard. The real one comes with a glass bowl but for me, plastic is better it means Jess can not smash it. The item also comes with the 8 silicone covers which vary in size meaning that most of your brushes should fit. I am yet to find one which did not actually fit. It did also come with the device which you attach to the cover through a hole in the bottom of. I have found that it is very quick and easy to use which is great as this is supposed to be saving you a lot of time.

It is so simple all you need to do is pick the right cover to fit the handle of your brush add a small amount of brush cleaner or if you are like me baby shampoo.  I add a small amount which is around the size of a 5p into the water. I only have about half a bowl full of water in order to clean the brushes. All you have to do is make sure that your brush is secure in the silicone seal then dip it in the water and press the button on the device for 10-20 seconds. Then I take it out of the water and press the button again for another 10-20 seconds in order to dry the brush. This means that you can have all your brushes clean and dry within a matter of moments.

I have found that this is actually really useful and it makes me want to clean my brushes. I have been cleaning my eye shadow brushes at least once a week and this does clean them very well. You could do this while applying makeup if you did not have enough brushes. Needing to reuse the brush without the colours mixing.  When I saw these I was concerned that they would be not great for liquid products as we all know getting the foundation out of our brushes can be a pain.

Worth The Money Or Not

I think that this product is worth the money which you pay for the dupe I think this is under £20 compared to the Stylopro which is closer to the £40 mark. £40 is not something which I would be willing to pay for this item even though it is great. It has made me clean my brushes more because it is so simple and your brushes are ready so fast. This would be amazing the more brushes you have because obviously the more time you will save. I do not think it is a gimmick product because it does actually work so well. If you can find this product I would recommend it because who doesn’t want to save time it is priceless after all.

Have you got one of these brush cleaners? If so what do you think

Charlotte x


How I Clean My Make Up Brushes

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you how I clean my make up brushes. Cleaning my brushes is something which I have got better at over the past few months I now clean them every Sunday as long as I am not busy because this is a day I tend to give my skin a break and not wear make up so it does not matter if my brushes are not available to me.

Back in May time I picked up the Primark Facial Cleansing Pad I never had any intention of using it for it’s given use. I wanted to use it for cleaning my brushes only because I had read on blogs that it was a cheap way to deep clean your brushes as these are only £1.50.

I stick this pad on my sink which stays because of the fact that it has a suction pad. I then apply a small amount of Baby Shampoo to the pad and in circular motions I rub the brush against the cleansing pad. This is when the make up starts coming out of the brush and this makes you cringe how dirty your brushes get if you don’t clean them regular.

This is a cheap way of cleaning your brushes but it is an effective way. I have seen so many brush cleansers but always wonder if they work as effective as this method. This takes me no longer than around 15 minutes to do the brushes which I have used in that week this is something which I like to keep on top of.

How do you clean your brushes?

Charlotte x