Second Half Year Blogging Goals

Hey Guys

I am really sorry that I have been lost in action. The is I have found it so hard to have the time or the motivation to blog when I have had free time I have been catching up on Youtube, I really want to start blogging more because after I completed the #TTLmaymamachallenge which was ran by the lovely Sophia.

This challenge saw me posting on Instagram every single day and I loved I have decided that I am going to use it even more in June and possibly post more than once a day. Jess loves all the lovely comments and likes she gets and I have seen the number of you who follow me rise by around 50 in one month. This has prompted me to set some goals for my other social media and my blog so that I use them more often and get the most out of them.

My goals are the following:

Twitter- I currently have 511 followers something which has been so constant for a while but I have noticed I used to be super active over there and in the last few months have hardly used it. I used to take part in chats which is something which I would love to start doing again so I can speak to more of you. I want to start chatting more to people and hopefully it 750 followers by the end of the year.

Instagram- I currently have 249 followers and I have noticed a huge rise in it this year because I have started been more active. I would really love to hit 500 followers which is something that might happen if I post as often as I have been recently. I would love to do baby outfit of the days over there and maybe share my monthly favourites with you guys.

Bloglovin – I currently have 145 followers of there which is something which has only gone down in the last few months. I am fully aware of why this is because of the fact that I have not been posting so I can not expect you guys to stay around and follow me. I would love to make 200 followers and start posting more regularly I would ideally love to post 3 times a week. I would love to incorporate Jess more onto my blog because of the fact that she is a huge part of my life now.

I have realised that if I am maybe more active on my social media and promote my blog more maybe people will come over and read what I have to say. This blog hopefully is going to be a lifestyle, beauty and mummy blog but who knows what direction it will go in only the future will tell and I am looking forward to this.

Thank you for all your support

Tips I Wish I Knew When Starting a Blog

Hi Guys

Since relauching a blog I have released what I did wrong on my first blog and why I did not love my old blog as much. The benefits I have seen since this is an increase in views compared to my old blog which has seen some of you actually decide you want to follow me. This is something which I am
so thankful for.

So today I have decided that I am going to share with you some tips which I which I had known when I had started blogging so that I can give something back to this amazing community which we have.

Don’t be scared to ask for help we have all been there and not been able to do things which we want. However don’t forget that most bloggers can be contacted on social media and there links are usually on their blog. If you are scared of asking some of them why not try google they will be posts and tutorials about what you are trying to do without a doubt.

Use Google Analytics this allows you to see your real stats it allows you to see when people view your blog and how they have got on it. This can help you to see if your tweets are effective and what time of day your posts get read the most may make you change upload times. It also allows you to see the days people are most active. If you need help with this I can help even thought I have a basic understand of this. I don’t know why I didn’t use this for so long now I check my stats on my phone every single day.

Social Media the more that you connect to bloggers the more likely they are to read your blog make sure you have a twitter account and an Instagram even if your Instagram is your personal one don’t worry about it at all.The more active you are on social media I find the more connections I have I now even have started scheduling tweets so that they do go out when I am not able to tweet.

Schedule make sure people know what days to expect new post so that they come looking for them. For me I know it is not realistic for me to post every single day because of my uni commitments but this does not stop me for posting 3/4 times a week. Even if I don’t have time I make sure that when I have a bit of spare time I start a post and some times if my work load is a little bit lighter I will write in bulk and schedule this is something which you can find me doing on a Sunday usually.

Be original don’t copy other people post you can use them for inspiration but don’t copy them word for word because this is not a way to gain followers. If anything it is possibly something which would put people off reading your blog which is never something you want.

What tips do you wish you knew when you started a blog