What We Did In June

Hi Guys 
Sorry we have not posted much recently but you will see why if you continue reading this post we have both been busy and we have had illness as well. 
The first weekend of this month we made the long trip to North Wales. Jess finally got to meet her great grandad and his wife it has only took her nearly 9 months however the drive is around 4 hours and we have been busy since she has been born. This meant Jess had her first stay in a hotel which she didnt like there travel cot it’s not as padded as Daddy’s so she slept with me she adored the breakfast though. The next day we drove back and went to catch up with some other family members including her great great nana who loves her so much even though she has lost the ability to speak following a stroke. Jess also went to see her great great auntie who she has walking with her and making her laugh .

The following weekend it was Daddy’s birthday so we went with him down to Grantham were he is from. We managed a trip to the park on the Saturday before having a meal with family and a couple of friends. Grandma and Grandad managed to look after Jess so me and Joe could have a good night out which is always a bonus because we really don’t get many of them at all we don’t have much time together maybe that’s why. We bought him a supercar day so hopefully he will enjoy that when he gets to go on it. 
We then took a trip on the train to York the day before Father’s Day so that Joe and Jess could spend there first Father’s Day together even though it was early. We went for a walk around and managed to have a beautiful pasty and ended up having a play in a park close to the railway station which fun. Jess decided that because Daddy doesn’t have many pictures of her bought him a digtal photo frame with a memory stick with all the pictures of her on it. I managed to spend the following day with my dad in Castleford watching our rugby team. 

The following week saw me, Jess, Grandma and my brother go on a Monday to Friday break at Blue Dolphin. Jess took it upon herself to make us go to soft play which she adores it wears her out then she has to have 2 hour naps after it. I don’t think I have known her sleep as much as she did in that week. On the Thursday night Daddy came up and then we had a spontaneous trip to Bridlington on the way home. We enjoyed a lovely walk along the front Jess was a little bit too small to go on the beach this time. We had an lovely pub lunch while Jess chilled out in her pram. 

As you can tell we have had a busy month in June. Follow us on Instagram to see pictures of what we get up to we post daily @cupsofcharlotte we would love to see you over there.