Jess’s 2nd Birthday Haul

As you might know on the 15th September Jess turned two I know where had my baby girl gone now she is a grown-up little toddler who loves been super independent. On the run-up to her birthday, I have been reading up on what other people had been purchasing for their toddlers because as you might know, Jess is rarely at home because she is in full-time nursery and this means she does not actually get a lot of time spent at home to play with toys.  So I thought I would share with you what Jess actually got for her birthday.

I am not bragging about what she got because I know she is a very lucky little girl people did not have to spend any money on her however they did and I am sharing with you the lovely gifts she got.
First of all is the card which we actually got Jess usually I wouldn’t include cards in a post like this, however, I had it specially designed from the lovely handmade_by_bubblestorm on Instagram. Jess is paw patrol mad and I had been trying to find one which was paw patrol with daughter on with no much success so when I found this lovely lady I knew I had to purchase. I think either the crayon and colour of Skye it was £5 as part of an offer she was conducting one Friday. I would recommend checking her store out because she does amazing cards.

Jess was super lucky to that her grandparents purchased her some amazing toys which she loves to play with. The first one which she received was the my little pony slide and ramp. Jess has never seen the my little pony show however this does not mean that she does not love playing with this toy. We have had all sorts go down the ramp not only the ponies and car which are supposed to. Jess also likes to try and make them go even faster so that they crash and hit people wow that just tells you a lot about the kind of person my child is to be honest.

Books are something which recently Jess has really got into she loves having a bedtime story read to her most nights if we are not in too late. As a big paw patrol fan, these books are going to be perfect which she received because they are small enough so she can try and read them herself they are board books which means she shouldn’t be able to damage them as easy. They feature all of her favourite characters and are something which I had not seen prior to her birthday but since have seen multiple times I would recommend these for any paw patrol fan.

The next item which she received does have a story as such behind it last summer when we were on holiday with her grandparents we saw these hoodies however they did not go small enough I think they started at age 3-4 which would have buried her. This is a really nice pale blue shade which says totally awesome on the front and has a huge crab on the back this is something which I am sure Jess is going to wear a lot in these autumn mornings and the early spring ones when you need something on because it’s still chilly.

The final item which her grandparents purchased some wooden food, unfortunately, I can not show you a picture of this because Jess is currently busy playing with it. It is a meat and fish set which comes with a chopping board and knife. This will allow her to practice cutting up food as such and also learn what the item of food is this is something which she has not stopped playing with since she received it. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is going to last a long time as well and shouldn’t be broken easily.

My auntie and uncle purchased this little mini kitchen which means that Jess, in theory, can cook the wooden food it did come with a frying pan and spatula, however, I think currently Jess has these bits. This is going to be interesting to see how much Jess uses this because we are planning on purchasing her a kitchen for Christmas. This one does actually have a hob which sizzles like you are cooking real food which makes a little bit more realistic. The only fault I have with this is the fact it doesn’t come with any food which means that you do have to purchase more food or they have to use their own imagination that you are cooking food.

The first item which we got Jess is Everest cuddly toy which is 27cm. The reason behind this purchase is because Jess did have 4 of the pups and it may just be me because I have an addictive nature I need to have the complete set so this was one of the reasons that Jess got this item. I knew that this would be something which she loved due to the fact that with the other pups which she had we have she actually sits and feeds them and even tries to put them to bed. It is so cute it is almost like what other children may do with dolls however Jess loves to do them with pups.

The other pup which Jess needed to complete the whole set was the Rocky pup. I am someone who is constantly watching paw patrol I knew we had to have this one as he was the main pup we had missing because Everest is only in the last couple of seasons. Again she will end up taking him to bed as well as putting him on the floor with a blanket over and telling us we have to be quiet because the pup is sleeping. She has not been home a lot which means that Jess has not actually been playing with them however I am sure this will change the more she spends time at home. We picked both the pups up on Amazon because we never can find the size we wanted to match the pups we already have I
know these are not cheap but they are something which Jess is going to get plenty of use out of these.

Books are something’s which Jess loves she loves to be able to have a bedtime story before bed on the nights when we do not get in too late and she is not too tired. The first book which we purchased is the very hungry caterpillar the reason I purchased this was because she is obsessed with dear zoo which is a book which she has been reading at nursery a lot. We have not read this book yet but I am sure she is going to adore it because she also loves fruit and this book might help her learn some of the fruit which she does not know the names of yet.

The next book we purchased is another cult classic and that is the tiger who came to tea I think this is a book which I actually remember reading in primary school.This is one which has an amazing storyline which I really can not wait to be able to read Jess in the future. I am sure she is going to love being able to look at the gorgeous pictures which this book has while I read this because of the fact she is not going to be able to read this yet. This for sure is going to be one which we are going to read at bedtime in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, this story is not going to disappoint and it is as good as I remember.

The next item which Jess got for her birthday is this book which is called where is the lighty faust the lion the reason behind this purchase is because I was in a bookstore looking for other books for her advent calendar. However, I spotted this book and because of the fact that it is a flap book a little bit like Dear Zoo which Jess adores I thought this is something which she might like because it is interactive when I am reading her a story which is amazing. I thought it might be nice for her to have a new story because I am starting to get a little bit bored of reading dear zoo sometimes I have to do it 3-4 times a night.

My brother knew that Jess recently had been getting into jigsaws because of the fact that she is growing up and sometimes like to spend a little bit of her quiet time doing jigsaws. He actually purchased her this one which has shapes around the edge which will help her learn her shapes because this is something which she is currently learning. It also has a clock face all over the front which would allow Jess to be able to learn the time when this is going to be perfect. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is not going to break easily I am sure this is something which she is going to get a lot of use out of.

The next item which Jess got might seem a really random purchase to you because of the fact that she is only a 2 year old so why would she want bath bombs which change the colour of the water. These are the Crayola ones which you can use a couple of the bath bombs and they will go the colour as shown on the packet. I picked these up for Jess because of you read my bathtime post you will know that she loves being in the bath. I think that this is something different and it will blow her tiny little mind that you can mix these like you would paint. I actually saw these in Primark which that I do not know how long these are going to be available. I can not wait to see how these actually perform in the bath.

Another item which Jess got was a paw patrol etcher sketch I think they are called because recently something which Jess has loved to do is draw however, this can mean having a ton of her pictures and sometimes she gets bored so far though. This allows her to draw to her heart’s content and constantly this is something which already ha a had ton of use. This is not just because it is paw patrol which is her favourite thing. Jess loves using the stamps which it comes with and calls them her dabbers this is something which I picked up on groupon so is not the most sturdy and I can see her breaking it at some stage. This is something which would be great for traveling because Jess would be able to sit and draw for a long time and keep herself entertained

I think the final item which Jess received for her birthday was another item which she is busy playing with and that is a Mama’s and Papas Cruizer pram. We decided that we were going to purchase this for Jess was because she really likes to push her walker around when she is at home and when at the grandparents she seems to gravitate towards the pram. So we decided that it may be time to purchase one for Jess however, I  have a feeling that instead of actually having dolls in the pram it is going to have pups in. This pram is actually very sturdy this is something I was looking for because I did not want her to break it easy as she can be very rough with her toys.

If you would like any reviews on the items Jess got for her birthday let me know? Also, what did your two-year-old get for their birthday?

Charlotte x

Days Out- Yorkshire Wildlife Park Review

Recently we visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park for Jess’s second birthday because of the fact she loves animals and we wanted to do something special for her because it is not every day you turn two after all. The wildlife park, if you are not familiar with the wildlife park, is in Doncaster it is close to the airport actually which means that it is only about an hour from us. It has taken me till now to actually visit and it has been open 8 years. The park is home to around 400 animals which means there is plenty to see we spent around 6 hours at the park which is amazing because it was not very busy due to the fact we visited on a Friday in September. I feel like we got our monies worth because it only cost us £17 each and Jess was free because she is still under 3.

The first animals which we saw on our trip was the baboons which had me in stitches because they were all been cheeky one kept shaking the house which you can see some of them sat on before another one decided that they wanted to mount and try and make babies with another one in front of the other baboons. The park seems to have a fair amount of them as this is only a selection of the species somewhere actually sat near the window just chilling as you can see there are some small ones which are either clinging onto their mum or dad which I think is adore able it is a shame I could not get a closer picture of them.

The camels were one of the most unsociable animals when we visited they wanted to keep their distance from us, however, one of the reasons why this may have occurred could have because it was actually very windy and they wanted to shelter from this element. One of them, when we were watching them, has a constant itch and was scratching against the gate which made me think he was doing it so that we would stay and watch them. There was a number of camels as you can see around 5 in the picture here and there was more inside the barn. You can say for sure the camels are not going to get lonely at all.
Giraffe’s if you have read my Chester Zoo review you will know are one of my favourite animals so when we saw them walk this close to us it was actually amazing. When I took this picture someone had paid to do the feed the animal experience and this Giraffe was walking towards them to get the food it was at this point that Jess said Mr Giraffe go get tea she didn’t want him to miss food which I thought was adorable. I am surprised that she was not scared by the size of them actually but this was not something which bothered her I think she loved seeing the 4 of them and they have a huge enclosure which they share with other animals such as Zebras and Emus all which can be found in similar parts of Africa so would share their habitat in the wild.

The Lemur enclosure is one of those which is very special and different at the YWP because of the fact you are allowed to walk through their enclosure so you can see them swinging and jumping through the trees. This does mean that sometimes it can be hard to see the lemurs  because they do seem to be able to blend in with their background however, we were lucky I think they were just about to be fed when we walked through because as you can see they are all chilling on the roof so I would say they were waiting to be fed as there was a keeper close to them.  This is another species which YWP have a lot of.

Leopards apparently are an animal which you are not likely to see close up should the park be busy because they are shy animals which means that they are more likely to be hiding at the back of the enclosure, however, as I mentioned before it was pretty quiet the day we managed to visit which means that the leopard came up very close. This was one of the animals which Jess was very interested in we actually had to carry her away from it because of the fact we could see the giraffe’s getting fed just around the corner from this. I think one of the reasons why she liked it is because of the fact that you do not see a lot of Leopards and because of the colour she could see it pretty clearly.
The lLionshave a huge enclosure I think it is something like 8 acres which is the size of the complete zoo which they were rescued from in Romania. If you do not know the story of their rescue I suggest you google it but it is a sad one so you might have to have the tissues at the ready. I think if I remember correctly the wildlife park still have something like 8 lions we actually got to hear the male one roar which did actually scare Jess because of the fact that is was so loud so this is something to keep in mind if you are taking a young child. I love how their enclosure seems to have different areas so they do not have to be on top of each other as you can see these two males are chilling out having a nap in the yorkshire sun.
I think one of the cutest pictures which I took on the day was this of the two giant otters having a cuddle and trying to nap because it is one of the natural things and I feel like we were very lucky to see this because it was so quiet. I think this is something which I would be like if I was an otter because of the fact that I am a chilled out animal. YWP only has two giant otters which are something which I would like to see an increase because these animals actually are very cute and one which I would like to see stay around for a while rather than become even more rare than they are currently.
Another animal which the wildlife park is home to is the painted dogs which I did not realise had been renamed from wild fogs so that they were more PR friendly as a blogger this is something which amuses me because even animals want to be PR friendly. There was a hell of a lot of painted dogs at YWP I think they at the time we visited were split into male and females I guess this was something to do with breeding. We spend a short while watching them and actually could hear some sqeals from a hole which the males seem interested in so I am wondering whether they actually had some pups at the time and this is why they were been a little bit secretive. I might have to visit again soon to have a look and see if they do actually have pups. As you can see the animals do get pretty close as a fan of animals this is amazing because I love being able to see them close up as long as they have enough room and the enclosures are not too small I can promise you this is not a problem here.
Polar Bears are something which you can only see at YWP I do not think there is anywhere else in the UK where you can see polar bears which meant that this trip was even more special because it was doing something which you can not usually do at any other zoo/wildlife park. WPD is home to 4 polar bears as you can see two of them they are pretty chilled out animals however, they did end up play fighting I did manage to capture this if you visit my facebook page you can watch it as well. There was actually a lady who said that she would love to have one as a pet but I think they are a little bit fierce for that and soon would eat you out of house and home because for Tea they eat 40KG of Beef as well as eggs and carrots on the side. They are currently expanding their enclosure which hopefully will mean in the future there may be more polar bears for us to visit
Rhinos if you remember from my post of Chester was one of Jess’s favouite animals when we visited this time she was shouting Rhino all the way around the park because we had been telling her that we were going to take her to see them for her birthday if she was a lucky girl.  The wildlife park is home to two rhinos which if I seem to be remembering correctly were actually white rhinos however, I could be wrong. I found it funny how they had the tyres as well as traffic cones in their enclosure so it means that they could have a lot of fun. Due to the fact that this is one of Jess’s favouite animal we did spend a little bit of time watching them because of the fact she did not want to leave them.
When you visit the wildlife park you do actually get a leaflet which tells you when the keepers are going to do a talk so we was near the tigers when they was meant to be one however, the keeper arrived and we did not realise that you had to ask them questions unlike Chester where they speak to the people around so this is something to note if you are planning a visit. There were 3 tigers I think it was at the wildlife park and we again were lucky that they had just been fed so it meant that they were pretty chilled and actually wanted to pose for pictures for us. They have a beautiful enclosure which you are on a platform looking over them which means that it feels more natural as there is not a lot of steel fences so you feel like they are less caged if you know what I mean.
Jess wanted a break from seeing the animals because it does get hard work so we did visit one of the outdoor play parks and had a lot of fun. My favouite element of the play part was this bit with the sand which you got in a scooper and then had to winch up and they pour down steel slides and this one had a windmill which is spun. This is not something which I have seen before and for sure was a hit with Jess as she was on it for a fair amount of time. I think even Daddy was enjoying it just look at the concentration on his face. This is something which when it is warm I could see a child playing at for a long period of time because I know for sure we all enjoyed it.
I will say if you are going to visit the wildlife when it is not peak season like we did be aware some of the cafe’s and food outlets will be close. I think when we went there was only around two or three food outlets open. We did choose to eat because when you have a toddler they cannot last all day without been fed so we stopped and made her a meal box which she got 5 items for £5 this included a sandwich, drink ,jelly, fruit and sweets. This did see a little bit expensive however, this was something which we was willing to pay because we did not want a grumpy Jess on her birthday. Me and Joe managed to get a panini, bag of crisps and a drink which actually was around the £7 mark I think it was so if it is a nice day you might want to take some food with you are it is pricey more so if there is a few of you. However, as a treat, this is not something which bothered us too much.
Overall we had a great day at Yorkshire wildlife park I sure that this is a place which I will end up visiting again in the future because of the fact that it is not that far for us to travel. It is actually our local wildlife park I think and I want to see the polar bears again because they were super cute I really hope maybe in the future they can get more and maybe breed some because they would be super cute. I would recommend visiting if you are not looking for somewhere huge like a zoo but somewhere which still has rare animals.
Have you visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park?
Charlotte x

Dear Dada- I Don’t Know About You I’m Feeling 22

Anyone week without you has past woo this means we are another week closer to been able to see each other. Not much has happened this weeks but I am sure as soon as I start writing this loads will have come back to me.
This week has seen me pass 3 exams woo only my manual and exam to pass and I will be a qualified sports massage therapist. Meaning I can go massage at the big sporting events hopefully get to go to the marathon next year and earn some money.  I wish it was as smooth sailing but my client ended up in hospital so I had to massage someone who I had never met before who was high up in uni l.
Jess has been a superstar this week we haven’t had that many tantrums. We just get Dada a hell of a lot like Friday she wouldn’t believe me you as not hiding in bed when we got to your mums. I think she was dreaming about you as well as she kept crying in her dreams so I might have let her come into our bed. I didn’t like how huge that double bed feels without you  I soon regretted it when she was kicking me all night. Damm that girl can fidgit.
As if you wasn’t amazing enough buying me an brand new camera for my birthday. Which I told myself I couldn’t use till it was my birthday. For anyone who knows cameras he got me the Cannon G7X Mark II which is like gold dust. After a cheeky hint in last weeks post I didn’t get one birthday card nope I got two. Yes I did think you would forget loved the ps bit in Jess’s. As if that wasn’t enough the ballon you see in the picture he also bought me god knows how I’m going to get that back home.
Saturday Jess was convinced still you was in the house we might have had to hunt the whole house to try and find you. All I say is your bloody good at this hide and seek game. While I write this post I’m on the train to Newcastle well you have been gone a while now I need some eye candy it’s my birthday after all.  I shouldn’t have bothered the team didn’t bother to turn up but at least it was a fun day with some amazing cake. For someone who doesn’t like cake it was amazing.
Your little princess is off to the zoo near Lincoln today which we found at Easter. Don’t worry Nan is going so there will not be a murder sounds like it is going to be an amazing family day and some nice memories may be made. I am sure Jess will love it because we know how much she loves Chester.  Oh talking of our Nan I think she actually loves me I got a granddaughter card see the love is mutual she has adopted me.
I am unsure what we are going to end up doing tomorrow/ today as you read this. I must be crazy I am getting the train at like 9am on a Sunday.  Hopefully we will end up doing something because I have to keep busy now otherwise I might start to miss you.
Jess is only going to nursery 4 days this weeks we have now made Friday a mummy and Jess day. This week she managed a 3 hour morning nap I think this girl is starting to love her sleep again. Taking of that next Saturday sees her go away for a week with your Mum and Dad one whole week away for memories to be made. Saying that they could come later to pick her up they plan on arriving at 9am on a Saturday. Do they not know I like to be lazy one day a week. Gosh it’s going to be strange without either of you. Might have to keep even busier to not miss you both I think they are going to Chapel at least they are going somewhere new.
Hope your cold has started to go away. We both miss you so much looking forward to seeing you online soon.

Love from Jess and Charlotte xxxxxx

Jess’s First Birthday Haul

Hi Guys

I thought today I would share with you what Jess got for her 1st birthday, I will add the disclaimer now I am not bragging about what she received I am making this post for a number of reasons on is the fact that I found it hard to get inspiration what to purchase a girl for her first birthday. Another reason is due to the fact that I know these posts are popular which means that people must actually like to read them and the final reason is due to the fact it is something that Jess will be able to look back to in the future and see what she received.

I will admit I do not have photographs of everything which she did receive due to the the fact that some of them are were left at Daddy’s house down south so that she has somethings to play with when she is down there so I am going to start with them items before I forget about them. From her Auntie and Uncle she received a lovely little doll which is something I can see Jess playing with a lot in the future when she discovers dolls because they are not something which has played with so far unless she has been at nursery. Grandma and Granddad purchased her a xylophone a toy one which people had more fun on than Jess but this is defiantly something which she will grow into and one day we will never get her off it because that girl loves to make noise. Joe’s side of the family is small this is why it might seem that they didn’t purchase her much but really it is due to the fact that there is not many of them. The only other present which she received from his side of the family was money from Great Nan which I have put into her savings account so she can have it in the future when there is something she would like to purchase. She also received some money from a family friend which is something that I have added to her money box so she could have it if she needs it without having to go to her building society.

From my best friend Jess received this huge pink rabbit cuddly toy which would have gone in her cot if she did not insist on sleeping with captain america but who could say no to him. However I think I am now going to put this on top of her wardrobe so that it can look down on her while she sleeps but at the moment she does keep getting it out of the toy box and cuddling it which is super cute. She really does like cuddly toys at the moment and I have no idea why maybe its because they give her cuddles when mummy will not because she is busy. My friend also purchased Jess a Lush bath bomb which is her first it is lil baby bot which is so cute and smells of baby powder which is always a winner because mummy loves Lush and Jess loves baths so it seems like this is a present made in heaven for us.

Jess got a pair of jeggings and a lovely white blouse which I have forgot to photograph due to the fact that I have already put it in her wardrobe due to the fact that it is in size 12/18 months and at the moment Jess is only in 6/9 month clothes so it is not going to fit her for a long while. However it is a beautiful little outfit which will look amazing when she actually fits into it which may be around March time I guess only time will tell me this.

One of the other aunties and uncles I have Jess received this lovely cuddly toy as you can see it is 3 different animals merged into one it is a lion,tiger and lemur. I can not remember which company this is made by due to someone throwing the packaging away however I know there are around another 6 to collect. The head is attached by velcro to the body and same with the body and the bottom half this means if you collected them all you could have some really random variation of animals. This is something which I love and I am sure Jess will because it is different to everything else she has her other cuddly toys don’t lose there heads.

Yes yet another one of my aunties and uncles purchased Jess a gift I know I have a lot of aunties and uncles I am aware of this.  They purchased her this lovely activity table I had actually been debating getting her one because of the fact she loves pulling up on things now and been stood however I didn’t because of the fact I knew she was not going to be home as much as she used to be. Fortunately for Jess she received this lovely one again in the rush to get rid of the box I forgot to remember what brand it is from, This table has so much for her to do which is always good due to the fact Jess still has a short attention span it has parts which make noise parts which move and allow you to play. This toy really does make her giggle so I guess this is always a bonus I have never seen this one but it is perfect and it has a train and we all know Jess loves trains according to nursery.

Jess from my brother received a Lamaze Inchworm I love this because it makes so many different sounds due to the different sensory elements which is something which Jess loves because of the fact that she can press a different area and it will do something different. For example one part of it squeaks like a dog toy and then another sounds like a pack of crisps been rustled. I love how soft it is as well because she could use it like a cuddly toy if she wanted to and I have actually seen her use it as almost a weapon but this is something which really does not surprise me with this child.

From Grandma and Granddad she received this lovely Vtech walker which because she wants to be little miss independent and toddle off everywhere this is perfect it also helps her practice her balance so that soon she will be able to walk more than a couple of steps. On the front of the walker it also has plenty of things which Jess can do there is some parts which rotate but at the moment Jess’s favourite part seems to be her phone which comes with it she loves sit on the floor and then put the phone to her ear like she is actually on the phone it is so cute. I will try and get a photograph of this at some stage when she does it next and share it on instagram so if your not following me over there why not.

From Daddy Jess received this beautiful penguin bubble blower for the bath he also purchase her a huge packet of bubbles but this is something which I did actually forget to photograph naughty me but I am sure you know what bubbles look like. For this you put the bubble mixture in the machine and then it blows them at you while you are in the bath this is something which Jess will adore when I get it out due to the fact it is for the bath and she loves the bath and she has now started to like bubbles so it is a win win. When I went shopping with Joe it was the first time I had seen anything like this so maybe it is a new concept.

The other item which she got from Daddy was this little tikes remote control the reason behind this is due to the fact that Jess loves trying to play with the sky remote one moment you will be watching something on tv then the next minute Jess has turned over. So hopefully this present will mean that she is not going to steal the remote as much because of the fact she will have her own I don’t know if this is going to work hopefully because it is rather annoying, However we have decided we think it could be a control thing why she does it because then she thinks she has the power.

Finally we are on to what I bought Jess I decided because what I had been told that everyone would purchase her a lot of thing not to because she wouldn’t remember it so I really didn’t go crazy but this does not mean I don’t love her a lot I really do. The first item I bought for her was another Lamaze toy can you really tell I like this brand and it was the my first doll Maisie. This is a mixture of a soft toy and a doll which is amazing due to the fact that she is at the stage were she is not into dolls yet but she still in the stage were she likes cuddly toys so I am sure this is going to be something which she is going to get a lot of use out of in the future.

The other item I purchased Jess is a my first baby Annabelle doll I saw this and really could not resist it is just one of those toys which looks so amazing and brings back memories. I really want Jess to be a caring young little girl and one who is not scared of babies. So I though purchasing her one of these might help her to become like this and due to the fact that again she is going to grow into it and no doubt end up with a baby pram and everything for it in the future I thought why not start he playing with dolls now.

The final item I purchased for Jess was this Little Tikes bath toy due to the fact as I said before Jess loves the bath so it seemed like purchasing her something for that I was on to a winner. These sits in the bath and then you get the little rubber ring pieces and push them down like they are actually in a water park. This is something which I find amazing and the few times Jess has used it has seemed to really love it as well it cause her to giggle when they hit her at speed while she is in the bath. I think she will soon work out that she can tip water in the top because she hasn’t really let but I know it is only going to be a short time.

What did you purchase your one year old for their first birthday?

Charlotte xx

Jess’s 1st Birthday

Hi Guys

I thought to day I would share with you what we did for Jess’s first birthday due to the fact that I know it can be hard to know what to do for you little ones first birthday because they don’t remember so you don’t want to spend to much money but then you do not want it to go past unmarked.

The weekend before Jess’s actual birthday we went to see Daddy’s family so they could celebrate her birthday with her which was nice for them to be able to see her. The day started with them giving her cards and some presents which we let her open early so they felt part of her birthday celebration. Them we went for a nice walk by the canal to go to the a pub for a lunch however they were only serving Sunday lunch when we got there and we did not fancy it so we walked back and then we had tea when we got back .

On her actual birthday I had to pop into university so it meant that she had to spend the morning in nursery which is something I am sure she did not mind due to the fact that she seems to have settled in so well she even cries when I go and pick her up now.  She might have only been at her nursery for a week but they did actually make her a birthday card which had a picture of her in it this was something which I found super cute.

 In the morning it was really foggy however around lunchtime in York the sun had decided that it was going to break through which mean that we could take Jess to the beach like we had actually promised. We decided that we would jump in the car and drive an hour to Scarborough were we would go on the beach have a walk and then we would go and get some tea. However when we ended up getting to Scarborough it was really misty there and really cold we had to put jackets on. We did end up going on the beach however you could only just see the sea. However this did not stop Jess walking and playing on the sand this girl at the moment doesn’t seem to be able to get enough of sand after she played with it at nursery the other day. It was not super warm so it meant we only spent around 15 minutes on the beach before we all became cold and needed to come off.  This is when we went in the amusements to kill a little bit of time however Mummy decided to leave her purse in the car so this meant this was very short lived as well. Due to the fact that it was so cold we decided we needed to go to Costa and get a hot chocolate to warm up this was when we decided we had enough of the cold and then drove closer to home for a pub tea which would have been so nice if I had not been so ill. Then we open her present with her when we finally got home. I am going to post what she got for her birthday on Friday hopefully.

Then on Sunday Jess had a cake smash which we had done at a local photographers study which was really fun. They provided the cake and the outfit so this meant that I did not have to worry about having to source a big cupcake. I choose pink for the colour of the cake and then she had a white tutu outfit which was adoreable. Jess was posing before the shoot because she really does love the camera then when she got the cake she was not too sure of it at the start due to the fact it was so big. Once she started playing with the icing she ended up covered in it as well as eating parts of the cake which was amazing because she did eat as well as play. The cake smash was supposed to be an hour long but the photographer really loved taking shots of Jess and she kept getting second wind when we thought that she has finished.  I really can not wait to see all the pictures on the disk when I get them in  3/4 weeks time. If you are thinking about doing a cake smash this is something which I would really recommend.

What did you do for your child’s first birthday?

Charlotte x/

Jess at One Year

Dear Jess

I can’t believe that I have had the pleasure of been your mummy for one whole year now how lucky am I. I don’t know were that year has gone it doesn’t seem long since you was no bigger than Daddy’s forearm and now his forearm only goes up to your waist so you have nearly doubled in size since you have been born, I am so glad I have all these picture to look back on and enjoy the memories we have from the first year of your life. I am sure they are going to be something that you will enjoy looking back on too as well when you are a bigger girl.

You have got an amazing personality with a dirty laugh when you find something really funny and a cheeky giggle going on when something happens which shouldn’t like you stealing the sky remote. Everyone comments on how your such a smiley baby and seem to love everyone even strangers you want them to look at you and love entertaining them. I am sure you must brighten up so many people’s day not just mine. I dread you when you cry due to the fact that you have become such a daredevil and love trying to get into the smallest places and have no sense of fear I fear that you are actually going to hurt yourself one of these days. I am sure it is just another way of you been a bit mischievous and we can’t say your not that for sure.

You love playing with your books and toys but you also seem to love having things such as the coasters,sky remote,wires are also one of your favourite things to get. The more we tell you that you can’t have them the more you seem to want to have them. I swear you have no sense of danger money is something else you seem to love playing with at the moment is coins if I don’t have my hand out for you to give me the money you try and put it in your mouth.

You still are still bum shuffling but now have started to walk a few short steps at the moment the maximum you do is 4 however we are convinced in the next few weeks you will be off toddling about and there will be no stopping you then. You have mastered standing up holding on to things and now have decided that your a big girl and can do it without holding on sometimes it scares me fast you are growing up you are really becoming such an independent little girl.        


Your eating seems to be brilliant you have cereal,toast or fruit for breakfast in a morning depending on what we give you but you seem to love it. Then you have your morning snack at nursery of fruit which you always seem to demolish then you put away your dinner and have seconds according to your daily report and then have seconds of snacks. You only have one bottle of milk now and that is before bed you have 7oz of milk at the moment that is formula because we still have some left but you also have cow’s milk. You take your drinks from sippy cups but you seem to love to drink out of mummy’s sports bottle at the moment and think you an even bigger girl than you are. Your favourite foods at the moment seem to be sausages bread and any kind of fruit which is such as wide range but this is something I am proud about because it doesn’t look like you are going to be a fussy eater,

You are still sleeping like a really good girl and sleep from around 7.30pm till Mummy wakes up at 5.45am and I must wake you up. I know this is not ideal but you do go back to sleep on the train on the way to nursery so  that is a bonus. You have adapted very well to all these early morning we are having due to Mummy going back to university an hour away from our house. You have about an hour nap at nursery as well and then if your very sleepy after a hard day you fall asleep on the train home but usually you want to make people smile and talk to you.

Talking is something else which has really developed over the last couple of months. You now say ello which means Hello, Dada ,Mumma  and oh. These are the only phrases which you are really coming out with that the moment however I know that this will change and one day I will wish you was a quite little baby again when you start telling people things which I don’t want them to know, You have started to clap recently and look really proud of your little self when you do this I must admit that it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen when you do this.

That’s all for now Jess. I will be back at 18 months to do your next update I am sure you will be doing a lot more by then but please let time slow down.

Love you lots

Mummy xx