Baby Name Tag

In the last few months, I have seen a lot of Youtubers dot the baby name tag and it has become one of my favouite videos to watch because I am noisy and like to see what other people think of names. I actually saw my lovely friend Emily do it on her blog so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do it as well.

1. What is your favourite boy and girl’s name from the top UK names list?

For a girls name I think I would have to go with the name Scarlett which I think is just such a pretty and really girly name without sounding too cute and young. I do not actually know anybody called this at the moment but I am sure this will change now I have said it.  For a boy my favourite name is Logan which I think is all to do with Xmen but for me it a really strong and powerful name which is maybe the reason behind why I like it so much.

2. What is your least favourite boy and girl’s name from the top UK names list?

For a girl it has to be Jessica, I know the reason why it is my least favourite because this is what so many people ask if Jess is name actually is when you tell them her name. No, it is not I feel like getting her a t-shirt which says Just Jess maybe that could be her blog in the future she was one of only 15 Jess’s registered in the UK in 2015.  For a boy it has to be Bobby there are some personal reasons and the fact is that I just don’t think the name Bob would suit a child now. Sorry if your kid’s names are these.

3. If you had twins, what would you name them? (G/G, B/B, B/G)

Oh, this is a hard one I think girls would be Scarlett & Daisy, boys Jacob & Harry, Boy and girl would be Scarlett & Jacob. For some reason  it is a lot harder for me to think of boy names I like maybe because I seem to know a lot more guys than I do girls and their names remind me of so many people.

4. If you could change your name to anything what would it be?

No, I wouldn’t even though my name is super common it has not done anything to annoy me too much and it has lasted me 22 years so why change it now.

5. You have four children, any gender, their first names all have to start with the same letter. What would their names be?

Jess, Jacob, Jordan, Josh I don’t think I could have all J names thought it would confuse me way too much and I would be pretty outnumbered.

6. What’s your favourite animal inspired name?

Leo which is Latin for Lion I think this is a name which I like and an animal name which people wouldn’t think is too out there and different.

7. What’s your favourite colour inspired name?

Violet without a doubt it is such amazing name for a little girl and it is not one which you seem to hear too often. 

8. What are your top 3 favourite boy names?

Jacob, Harry & Matt 

9. What are your top 3 favourite girl names?

Scarlett, Daisy & Masie
10. What is your favourite celebrity baby name?
I had to have a google because I can never remember celebrity baby names however, I really like Luna which is John Legend’s little girls name I think it is something which is super different and so cute and very pretty without been too unique as well. 
11.What is your ultimate guilty pleasure name?

I guess I don’t have one because how can a name be a guilty pleasure I really do not understand this. 

12. What are your most hated baby names?

I don’t hate it any baby name as this is very strong word but a name which I am not a huge fan of is the name Bear I don’t know why maybe it is just cute while they are young but I do not see a grown man called Bear.

13. A baby name based on a food / drink?

I think I am going to have to say Louie which is a crab I think it is one which you could use and people would not think that it was too unique and I do not think there are many people who I actually know who have this name. 

14. A baby name based on a month?

This for sure is not a name I would use at all because I do not think you could get away with it but September I think it is different but who knows I might start a new trend and this might become a new name. 

15. Choose a baby name from a movie?

Logan, of course,  I think this is a beautiful name and of course, it is from the Xmen which is one of my favourite series of films so it only seems fitting. 

16. Choose a name that is already in your family.

Noah, I think is a really beautiful name, however, I know so many people called this now so I do not think I would be using this in the future should I have any more children.

What do you think of the names I have chosen. If you have not do this tag and would love to please do, leave me your links in the comments because for sure I will check them out.

Charlotte x

Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies Review

A little while ago I was contacted by the lovely PR team who look after Little Angels to see if I wanted to review some of their new comfort and protect nappies. Of course, I did as you may remember I reviewed some of their nappies way back in December, and Jess has also used them all of her life.

Little Angels Comfort and Protect are amazing nappies which provide up to 12 hours dryness which is something which I justify for because overnight Jess can have them on for around 12 hours and she never seems to leak which is amazing as I have heard other people say other brands leak after around 6 hours.

These nappies feel super soft as well which helps because as you may know if you follow me on Instagram Jess has had the chicken pox recently and they were that soft that they did not seem to irritate the pox which is great as I know the smallest thing can irritate them.

As you might see from the picture above there are elasticated leg cuffs which are meant to help prevent leaks as we have mega absorbent gel beads which apparently can absorb their own weight which is amazing because we do not want them to leak. Leaks can actually cause a lot of clothing changes which is not great. I have found that leaks are not common with these nappies they only occur if you let your child drink a lot of fluids or keep them on for longer than 12 hours.

As you know Jess spends a lot of time on the train and this means it can be hard to change her but we have found using these we only have to change them when she is getting soggy and when she has had a poo.

Little angels also have a unique colour coded waistband which allows us, parents, when to move them up as size. When the tab goes to the white area you need to move them up a size which is amazing because I have found without this I would not know when Jess really needed to move up a size so this does help me.

If you used the Little Angels Comfort Dry and Supreme protection nappies these are the ones which are going to replace them so you will need to purchase these instead.

The new Little Angels Comfort & Protect range is available in sizes 3, 4, 4+, 5, 5+, 6, and 6+ and are priced from £3.50 per pack. I love that Jess who is in size 4/4+ she can purchase packs which are 84 which means that I do not have to purchase packs as often and do not have to take them to nursery as often which is great because I am always forgetting them.

Have you tried the Little Angels Nappies?

Charlotte x
This post includes a PR sample however, all views are my own as always 

SassyBloom Review + Discount code

Hi Guys

Recently we were contacted by the lovely people at Sassybloom. For those who do not know Sassybloom is a subscription service which is personalised to your baby’s age, development and gender from your third trimester to their 3rd birthday. You can do a one off boxes as we;;.  A one off box is £40 for 3 months it is £29.95 per month. Each box has a RRP of at least £40.

So here is what we received in Jess’s box you personalise it by there date of birth so below is what we received.

The first item we received which was on top of our box because of it’s size. It is this beautiful butterfly munchkin lunch bag in a butterfly shape. This will be perfect for us because we do like to have picnic’s when we have days out and this gives Jess something cute to be able to put her lunch. This is something that mummy can’t wait to use alone Jess.
The next item we have is a Mada push and pull along elephant this is going to be amazing for us due to the fact that Jess has just started walking and always is wanting to take us on a walk. Instead of us been taking for a walk she will be able to take this elephant for a walk. This is made of wood so this means it will not smash should it hit the floor incorrectly. 

The next item we have is this really cute book which is called sleep tight teddy and you put your index finger in the puppet which is attached to the box so you can read through the story with the cute Teddy which you are saying night night to. Jess really loves board books which this is. She just sits down on the floor and gets a book and tries to read it sometimes the book is upside down but it is really cute when she does this.

This is the Melissa and Doug peek-a-boo playbarn this is an idea which I can imagine Jess sitting down and playing with for a long time due to the fact that peek a boo is one of her favourite games, You lift the flaps up and down to see the animals and hide from them. I really can not wait to see how she reacts with this toy when I give it to her. 
Another book well this is perfect for my little girl this is panadamonium which looks like an awesome book that good that as soon as Jess saw it she took it and went to read it so I can not tell you what it is about yet. I am sure that one night I will get to read this to my princess before she goes up to bed. 
I remember having one of these myself this is a musical tv which you wind up the tv and then it plays music as well as the picture moving which is amazing. I think that it is something which Jess will be amazed by due to the fact that she will not have seen like this. I have not seen one of these for a long time. I feel like this is something which we are going to be playing with for a long time. 
As you can see you get plenty for your money from this box, It would make a great christmas present if you do not know what to get someone more so if they are between the ages of 0 and 3 years old. This is something which I will be getting Jess again in the future this is something which we may do around Easter time and Summer time when we will be spending a lot of time at home. 
The lovely people at Sassybloom have give me a link which will give you £10 off your first box the link is here 
Would you think about purchasing a Sassybloom box?
sassybloom have given me a discount in order to produce this review

What To Do With Old Clothes

Hi Guys 
Something which I didn’t realise before having Jess is how little babies wear clothes before they actually grow out of them. I have been lucky and she has been in 3/6 months since she has been about 5 months and she has just grown out of it and she is 10 months old. Then you are stuck with the dilemma what do you do with the clothes which are all too small. 
You could save the clothes incase you have another child in the future. This is something which I have not done due to the fact that I only have clothes for a girl and should I have another child in the future I would not find out the gender till they were born. So I could have all this girl clothes and have a boy also the fact that if there is another child I would have moved house because we plan on having a family home. So storing clothes which don’t fit wouldn’t work for us however I know it really does for some people so this is an option.

I have tried selling bigger items on Facebook on local selling pages they are usually called stuff for sale and then your area name. I have sold old toys on here hen I was sorting out the room because me and my brother swapped rooms. I have almost managed to get some bargain toys off then as well such as a space saving jumperoo for £25 instead of £80. Things like baby baths and other big items can always be found on these site so keep your eye on the for both buying and selling so you have more room in your house. Beware when doing this you do get a lot of time wasters who say they will come and collect and don’t this may just be in my area I can’t comment on everywhere. You can sell clothes on these pages but to me I notice people are either fighting for the clothes or nobody is intrested and you are trying to sell them on them for a while. This is why I do not sell clothes on these sites. 
I have used eBay to sell some of Jess old clothes we do this because it is so simply and easy to use. I have sold everything from vests to outfits. Some of the items she was worn a fair amount of times but in the other hand some of them have only been worn less than a handful of times. Sometimes you don’t get s lot of money for items but every little helps either in your pocket or your little ones money box. Major sure your photographs are of good quality you have a disc tiptop which is very accurate if it is something which doesn’t have much wear left in it don’t say it’s hardly been worn. You wouldn’t like it if the shoe was on the other foot. 
Another way I have seen people sell old clothes is on Instagram. This is something which I am debating doing because I have a fair amount of followers in there. Plus the fact is that you open a second account which is the one which just becomes dedicated to selling and you list the items for the price at which you eBay to sell them and then people comment sold when they want the item. All the money is transferred through PayPal and then you okay the item to the new owner.  
I know that I have a few friends who are having babies at the moment so I am going to ask them if they would like to look through some of Jess’s clothes. The tree on why I am going to do this is because I could sell the items and not have to worry about postage fees. Gondi would make it cheaper for both parties. Plus the fact that I know that it is going to a good home and someone who needs it. Like one of my friends who doesn’t have a lot of money however is expecting twins in January. Should one of the babies be a girl which we will soon know I will ask her if she would like some of the items. 
I have also heard that should you go to some of the baby and toddler nearly new table top sales you can end up selling a lot for decent prices. However this is something which I have been unable to do due to the fact that I work on Saturdays and most of these do end up been on a Saturday. Keep your eye out to these been advertised you usually see them in shop windows and on street lights. 
Finally you could donate them to the charity shop if they are in good condition but not the best which is why you don’t want to sell them or you don’t want to deal with the hassle. This is something which I have done with bits which I have recieved second hand due to be fact of the condition that they are in. This means that another person can have a bargin by shopping in the charity shop and that the charity which I have donated it to can have some money as well which always helps. Due to the fact that most charities hardly get any government funding to run. 
How did you sell your old baby clothes or any of yours. Is it in a way I have mestioned if not please comment below I am always looking for new ways to sell. 
Charlotte x

Five Under £5 July 2016

Hi Guys

Today I am joining in with my first ever link up post which was created by the lovely Julia who blogs at Rainbeaubelle. I have seen the Vicki from Letstalkbeauty do this for a few months and I thought this is something I would be interested in sharing as well. The aim of it is to share 5 items which you have purchased that month which have cost less than £5 items which normally may not have made it into a haul. This month I have decided to pick items which I have purchased for Jess as I haven’t really purchased much for me under £5.

The first item is a Fisher Price stack & explore blocks the point of these is that Jess stacks the bricks up and learns with them as they have numbers on the top, dots to show which number it is on one side on another side it has a raise up pattern to feel, finally on the other two sides it has pictures of animals. This was around £3.99 from Home Bargains and I feel like this is something which Jess will come to love as she gets bigger at the moment she loves to bang the cubes together to make noise rather than stacking.

This Tommee Tippee essentials first cup is exactly the same as the one she has but she loves it so much I decided to repurchase another one as during the hot weather Jess has been needing to drink so much juice it’s hardly had time to be washed. At least if one is in the wash she can have the other one to have her juice in. This cup cost only £1.79 in Boots so at that price you can’t go wrong and at least if she managed to lose one we always have a spare on hand.

Due to the number of days out we have planned meaning Jess will be having a packed lunch I picked this cute Minnie Mouse lunchbox up for her. This will stop us having to search for a plastic container for her sandwiches to go in when we want to make her packed lunch and also stop them getting all squashed and horrible.I managed to find this in Poundland so it only cost £1 and they had a range of Minnie Mouse and also Minions but I choose this one instead. Even if this doesn’t last very long I will not get upset due to the fact it was very cheap.

The next purchase may seen a very random one to most parents more so if you are not a parent of a young child. This is a fresh food feeder and the reason behind this purchase is due to the fact that if I give Jess some raspberries she ends up swashing them in her hands and they end up all over. However with this little device you can put a few raspberries in at a time and then she can suck them through the netting and she gets the fruit but minus all the mess. I picked this up in the poundshop again because I am unsure how long she will actually use it for and I also picked up another one for Daddy’s house so she doesn’t make to much mess there either,

Finally the last item this is Minnie Mouse related as well it is a wash sponge which Mummy can put her hand in and clean all of Jess’s body. This is so handy when she is in the bath and you don’t have to put the baby wash on your own hands making it sticky and slippery. It also shows Jess what to do and she has now started to use it after I have cleaned to to practice cleaning herself. This cost me £1 from Primark we already have one but decided to pick another one up in case one is in the wash and it’s bathtime we can still have one to use.

Have up picked any bargains up under £5 this month if so why not let me know what they were ? Or if you are taking part in this why not leave me a comment and I will be sure to check it out.

Charlotte x

Jess at 10 Months


Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you Jess’s 10 month update.  I have decided to do this update in a different style more like an entry into a diary so Jess can look back at it in the future and see what she was like.

Dear Jess

I can’t believe that it is 10 months since I brought you home next thing we know it will be your birthday damm that has gone so quick.

You certainly have developed a personality in the last couple of months your now rarely seen without your tongue stuck out or a cheeky grin on your face proud of the latest piece of havoc you have created. I guess you do have to keep that uncle in line and show him your the boss around here because after all you are a princess.


Jess you really have a developed a love for food you always are after things which other people have.One of your favourite meals at the moment seems pasta bolognese. Pinapple and strawberries also seem to be a bit hit with you. This month you had your first proper ice cream you loved it so much you woke up at 3am wanting a man man which is an ice cream to you. I told you it was closed you rolled over and went back to sleep must have been dreaming about them. You have really found your love for snacks when your in your pram again and keep munching on Organixs sweetcorn rings and carrot puffs or the rice cakes in apple.

You have decided that your so cool now you only have to hold one handle of your sippy cup when your drinking your juice this means that sometime you do end up spilling it and getting it all down yourself which you don’t really seem impressed about.



This month saw you finally get your first teeth one appeared and then the next day the second one came next to it. It seems you don’t do things in ones at all. They are both the bottom front ones but by next month I can see you having a few more come through.

In terms of clothing you are only just going into your 6-9 months now which means you can finally have some of your summery clothes out for all the hot days we are dreaming of. You are still only in your size 3 nappies but I don’t think it will be long till you move up a size.

You go to bed between 7-9pm and don’t wake up at all through the night till around 7am in the morning your like your mummy don’t really like the mornings but that’s going to have to change soon when we have to go to nursery and university. You still have a nap in a morning and one in the afternoon of anywhere between and hour and a couple of hours.


You have decided that crawling is not for you and you shuffle everywhere on your bum and use your leg as a leaver under you to get some speed up. Your so fast we can hardly keep up with you but it sure does wear you out.You really don’t like to be sat still anymore you want to be up and about whether it’s dancing or exploring you don’t like to be sat.

This month you have learnt to shake hands and also to clap which is so adorable waving seems to be another thing which you have just grasped as well it does make my heart melt when you do these things.

You still have that dirty laugh which we all adore and this month you have started saying mama not as much as you used to say dada but I am sure you will start saying dada more when you start seeing him again when he is not busy with work.

Until next month when you will have been on your first holiday with Mummy and Daddy.

Love You Lots

Mummy xx

Swapping Third Year For A Three Week Old

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share a personal post with you I should be starting my third year exactally at the time this post goes up . This could be a long post so make sure that you are sitting comfortably. Before I start I will say that I have not mentioned this previously because of the fact that I thought that people may judge me and I was scared of the response which I could have received.

Way back in June on my boyfriends 21st birthday I found out that I was 3+ weeks pregnant at the time I though that even though I don’t agree with abortions I would have one because of the fact that we live miles apart and I was just about to complete the second year of my degree. However this is where this story gets a bit more complex. I found at I was actually 26 weeks pregnant which that is over the legal abortion limit which meant I would have to continue with the pregnancy.

This is when I started looking into adoption because I wanted to make sure that the buddle of joy which I had created could have the best life the could something which I didn’t think I could provide due to my circumstances at the time. I will admit this was one of the scariest times of my life I was still living in my uni city which was 100+ miles away from my family.

On the 14th Sepetember I thought I was going to the midwife for a routine blood pressure check because it was slightly high the time before however I had just drank coffee but she wanted to check this was why and not some other reason. She measured my bump and noticed that it was 2cm smaller than the reading which she had taken a week previously a day before my due date. She referred me to the hospital for a scan to see if everything was ok telling me to expect a call in the next few days with a appointment for my scan. Within two hours of my midwife appointment I was having a scan to check everything this is when they found that I had a low amount of fluid surrounding the baby.  This was when I was sent to the day unit to see what they thought about inducing me as I was already 4 days overdue and booked in to be induced anyway on the 19th. Around 6 o’clock  I was taken to a private room where they told me they would be starting inducing me that night they allowed me to phone my parents who started the journey over however I knew they would have to go back home that night due to work. However I needed them because of the fact I did not even have my hospital bag with me due to not expecting to be admitted.

At 8pm the started to induce me by giving me the first tablet they said that if it did not work within 6 hours which it might not I would have to have another one at 2am the next morning. Just after they had started this my mum came however due to it not being visiting times she was only allowed a few minutes with me and allowed to drop my bag over. She already had a trip over to my house booked for the next day anyway as she had the Wednesday and Thursday off work. I was forced to say bye to my mum knowing she would be back in Chester at 5pm the next night.

It reached 2am and nothing had happened which meant that I need the second tablet but the baby heart rate would not settle down enough for them to be able to do it till around 3.15am and now all I wanted to do was sleep. At this time I was told no matter what I would be going to labour ward at 7am to have the drip which would work. Unfortunate for me labour ward was busy but now I was not alone due to my social worker coming to see me and staying till 5pm when she finished work which was nice of her. I got really uncomfortable I was strapped to a heart rate monitor for the baby and my back was hurting. Forcing me to have a cold can of coke and cold compresses applied to my back to try and reduce the pain.

Finally my waters broke at around 3pm which was 12 hours after the last tablet that I never actually did not get that drip. I was told as soon as a bed became available I would be transferred down to labour ward this finally happened around 5pm. Once I got down there they attached me again to a heart rate monitor and noticed that babies heart rate was not high enough and they were not happy at all. They told me that they were going to have to prep me for surgery just in case I need a c section. Minutes later when my mum finally arrived at the hospital I was prepped and told that I could keep in labour but I was only 3cm and baby could get in more distress but they wouldn’t be able to know until they could get the head and take blood. Basically I was being told I have no choice I was having a section I remember crying on my mum and asking her if she would come in with me which she did even though she was sat way back because one of the athnetists knew I was scared and was talking to me all the way through I loved him taking my mind off what was happening.

I remember being asked if I wanted to know the gender of the baby I had I said yes as I knew I had to name them I had been told by the adoption team. I told them that I didn’t want to see the baby after they had being born so they took them over to the side of the room I couldn’t see weighed them gave them an injection I had consented to. They asked me if I wanted to let my mum see the baby I said it was up to her which she chose to and then the baby left theatre before me to be dressed by my mum who chose to do it and then off to neonatal off they went waiting for me to be discharged and the foster parents to come and collect.  The nurse who was looking after my baby asked if I wanted some pictures so I said well I don’t have my camera but can my mum go and take my phone and do some this was allowed the only photos I thought I was going to get.

Back in my room on labour ward I ended up losing a lot of blood and being attached to 3 drips and having my blood pressure checked very 15 mins and a midwife sat with me all night. This resulted in me having to blood trasfussions in the morning after I nearly passed out in the shower. This could have been due to my iron levels getting down to 77 when it should be 100. My blood pressure also got drastically low it ended 70/30 which is dangerously low.  I think I scared everyone in the hospital I was told that I would have had the crash team if I had done this when I had been transferred upstairs.I was taken up around 4pm back to the private room which was where I told I would be for 2/3 days till I had recovered.

I had been told any time I wanted to see my baby just to ask a midwife and they would ring neo and tell them to bring her up or I could go down. Shortly before 6.30 I pressed the buzzer and asked if I could go down the midwife was off hand and said oh why you changed your mind. I replied no but I just want to have a cuddle I have been told that it should be fine. I finally got to met the baby which I had carried for the past 9 months I must admit I have not seen anything or anyone so perfect. I spent an hour down there before I had to back that night was one of the worst of my life because of the fact that I knew I wouldn’t see them again due to the adoption. This is when I made the decision which changed my life forever. I decided that I couldn’t go through with the adoption and I decided that I was going to keep her and bring her home with me. I have taken a gap year and then I am looking at going back to Chester to finish my final year however I may transfer to a uni closer to home.

I would love you all to meet baby Jess born 15/9/15 at 19.16.


Please don’t judge me for what I have done

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