March Primark Haul

Recently I have seen a number of people do Primark hauls and I have always noticed that they have some amazing clothing in for children at not very high prices which is always amazing when you have a child in nursery as things can get ruined easily when they are painting and doing other messy activities.  
Dresses are something which I love to send Jess to in nursery because they are so simple to style because all you need is some tights and they look really stylish. These skater style dresses are my favourites she has a couple of smock dress from Disney which I hauled way back in August which is is always wearing. So I knew I needed to purchase some more in the next size up I saw these which are a pack of two one is a dark blue/black dress with white spots. The other one which you got in the pack was this lovely grey dress with cats that are white and pink on it which i am sure that Jess is going to adore because of the fact it is animals. These dresses do not have sleeves so it is going to be amazing for the summer months when the weather gets a little bit warmer. For the pack of two they were only £8 which I think is a steal for something which she is going to wear so much, 
Carrying on with the cat theme I picked up this grey tshirt which has a cat on as well. This I think will look beautiful with some really bright leggings which will make them less dull. These tops are only £1.30 which means that I really do not mind if these manage to get ruined why doing some messy play at nursery or something like that. I might have to pop back and see if they have any more in this cheap range which we already do not own. 
Another £1.30 tshirt which picked up is this lovely white one which says Daddy’s Little Lady because anyone who knows Jess will know that she really is a  Daddy’s little girl we wake up in a morning and one of her first words most mornings is Dada which is hard sometimes because we know that is her hardly ever there in a morning.  This top is going to be fit her in the summer months which is when her Daddy is not going to be here which means that she can show that she still loves him even though she may not be seeing him a lot. 
Another person Jess really loves is her Grandma because as if you may know her Grandma does do so much for Jess which is amazing because they have one of the closest relationship which I know. This top is actually in 18/24 months because when I went to Primark there was none of them in stock in any smaller sizes and because it was in this amazing Lemon colour and the price it meant that I could not leave it. I am sure that it is going to be one which she is going to get so much wear out of because it will be teamed with dark leggings which will mean that it does not look to summery should she end up growing into this when it is the autumn/winter. 
As I mentioned previously in my Next haul  sometimes for the summer months I want something lighter than denim coloured jeans so when I saw these blush pink with white spots I knew had to pick them up. These were only £5 and I think they they will look amazing teamed with with either a dark coloured top or even something which is very light. I think that these might end up lasting her into the autumn as well because of the fact that she does not grow that much and they are so seem to be pretty large but that may just be my judgement. 
 The final item from this Primark trip is this lovely pink tshirt which again is part of their £1.30 range and it says on it in silver I wish I was a unicorn. I picked this one up because of the fact that I think that unicorns are amazing and they seem to be so popular at the moment which I am not surprised about. I almost wish they had this in adult sizes because it is something which I would wear. I think this one will be teamed with some darker leggings and them she will be off. I am sure that Jess is going to love the items I picked up.
What is your favoutite item from this haul? Also what else do I need to pick up which I might have missed?
Charlotte x

Jess at 18 months

Dear Jess

It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago today you was still inside me now you are not a baby you are becoming such an independent little lady. I wish you would slow down because Mummy for one is not ready for all of this you are still my little girl. You have become such a friendly and confident little girl strangers always seem to come up to you which makes you laugh and you want to play peek-a-boo with them,.

You have no trouble when it comes to eating you always manage to steal food off other people and call it sharing. I think we are still yet to find something you don’t like there is no calling you a fussy eater.  Banana’s, Yogurts, Ice cream and Strawberries seem to be some of your favourite foods at the moment I am sure that it is because it is the spring/summer and these foods are always available.  You are still using your highchair like a big girl and now have mastered using cutlery which shows your growing up even though sometimes you do need reminders.

You are doing so well with your sleep as well you go to bed between 6-7pm later if we are not home yet from York.  You have set this time yourself which is something I wanted you to. You sleep all through the night and then  I have to get to you up at like 5.45am in order to get everything done so we can get on the train.

You have really come on with your speech we have a fair few words now and you have become such a chatterbox. The words you’re always saying are:

Stuck- When you have got trapped somewhere and you want someone to rescue you

Dada/ Daddy- Constantly do I hear this when you want Daddy even when he is not there

Shoes-  This occurs when you want to put your shoes on or when you want them off

Jess- Your often caught saying your own name

Mama- That’s what you seem to be calling me at the moment

Ook – This is what you say when you see a book

Uck-  This is currently a duck

Yes- I always hear this

Woof Woof- this is when you see a dog and you really do love them,

I am sure these words will develop as you grow we have a fun few weeks planned with a lot of adventures I am sure which we will be sharing with you. I am sure we are going to have an amazing and busy summer. I can not wait for you to watch you grow up.

That’s all for now Jess I will write back when your 2

Love From

Mummy x

Asda Little Angel Christmas Nappies Review

Hi Guys

Today I am sharing a product with you which Jess could not live without the Asda Little Angel Nappies, They have had a slight revamp for Christmas so your little one could have a festive nappy and pretend to be Santa meaning you can already get in the festive spirit.

Every year Asda do a festive themed nappy and this year it is Santa’s little helper they are decorated front and back they have some simple but beautiful strips on the back. Jess seems to love that her nappies have changed maybe she is going to really be into Christmas.

This Christmas range is only available in the Little Angel Supreme protection nappies in sizes 4+, 5+ and 6+ however, the range does not comprise the quality which we are used to from this brand. Jess loves these so much she would not let me photograph them on her she wanted to play with the nappies and run away when I tried to take a picture of her cute festive bum.

Recently we tried another brand and we found that they looked saggy even when they were not very wet at all. With these little angel nappies we which we constantly use we have never come across a problem and we will continue to purchase them for the rest of the time which she is in nappies.

They are so absorbent which means your little one will not wake up with a huge horrid and with no leaks well this is our experience they are also super stretchy which means they can adapt to the body hopefully meaning less poo explosions up their back and protecting their nice vests.

These nappies are priced at £3.50 and can be picked up online or in your local store now

Have you tried these nappies before also what do you think of the beautiful festive design

Charlotte x

These nappies were sent to us for review however these are our own opinions

WaterWipes Review

Hi Guys

When I was in hospital with Jess I used cotton wool and water when she had her nappy changed however, this soon changed when she came home and used baby wipes we have used a range of different brands so expensive and some budget ones. Jess does not have sensitive skin so this has allowed us to do this we have not found the ones which our favourites yet.

Back in September time one of my lovely blogger friends Emily told me to contact WaterWipes as they were working with bloggers. These wipes are like nothing we have tried previously they are 99.9% water which means that they are super wet which is great when you have a baby like Jess would can have food around her mouth and can be hard to remove with baby wipes. These do the job no problem and even remove dirty bums so quickly without the need to use multiple wipes like other brands sometime do.

These wipes are going to be something which we will keep an eye out for in the future because they are so good even my mum agrees with me and she has used plenty of baby wipes in her time. These would be amazing for babies with sensitive skin I have even used them occasionally to remove makeup off my own face.

12 pack of these can be purchased on Amazon for as little as £18 which makes them only slightly more expensive than likes of Huggies and Johnsons. These may become a staple in our changing bag now more so as Jess gets into more mess as she explores.

Have you tried WaterWipes if so what do you think?

Charlotte x

We were kindly gifted these wipes however, all words and opinions are my own.

September/October Baby Girl Clothing Haul

Hi Guys

I have decided that I am going to share with you what clothing I purchased Jess in the month of September/October. I have a Instagram store.  Next because they had a sale as well which always helps because we love purchasing bargains for her one reason because it saves money and another reason it makes it possible to wear this adoreable clothes for nursery so she looks adorable. I realised I also have some bits from Ebay as well due to the fact I wanted most of this for nursery as it is where she spends a lot of her time.

The first item I purchased for Jess is one of three items from Babydeeandme which if you click on their name it will take you to their etsy store. This is a lovely white tshirt which says I wish it was a little bit taller on it. I adore this because it is beautiful and the fact that Jess is not that tall well she is long but clothes wise she is still in to 6/9 months when she is a year old. I think she wishes she could be a bit taller because of the fact she would be the same size as her friends at nursery and she wants to be a bigger girl you can tell.  This will look amazing with leggings I can just see her now don’t worry when she wears this she will be taking lots of selfies and posting them on instagram. This was around £11 however I believe this one has been discounted now however they have some amazing ones still for sale.

The next item from babydeeandme is this black you can’t catch me top which is true now Jess has found her feet it can be hard to catch her, She will either be shuffling away on her bum like she does or she will be trying to walk away from me. So this really fits her little personality and the fact that it is black and it is not a colour you see much baby clothing in really drew me to it. Again this was around the £11 mark however this one is still available so if you should want to purchase it for your little on you can.

The final item from this amazing company is this no money no problem tshirt which sums Jess up to a tee pardon the pun. She loves to try and play with money if she can not that she doesn’t have enough of her own she is always playing with coins. If you let her she would also play with notes. So when I saw this one I had to purchase it as well this is something you will be seeing her wearing with leggings in the coming months. All of the t-shirts which I purchased are in 6-12 months and these should be lasting her a while. I will purchase from this amazing company again when their autumn winter range comes out which will not be in very long.

The first item I purchased her from Ebay as you can see from the tag is from H&M it is this lovely green and white polka dot polo shirt material dress. This is something I don’t think I have ever seen before the style of this I mean maybe I just have not been looking in the right place I feel like this would look amazing with some tights and would be a comfortable but stylish outfit. I think I only paid about £3 including delivery for this so it was a nice bargain

The next few item I have to show came in a bundle which I purchased also of ebay because I wanted some tops which could be used for nursery and I did not mind if they got slightly ruined from paint and other things which they do at nursery. This whole bundle only cost me around £5 posted which is around the price I wanted to pay. This top as you can see is white with a huge cat’s face which say meow well Jess went through a state were she was obsessed with cats so this is perfect and the fact that this top is from Next is also a bonus as we know it is good quality.

The next top is also from Next and it is just a plain lemon top which will come in handy for putting under jumpers when the weather turns a little bit colder as well as just as it seems to be doing at the moment so I am very glad I we have this ready for when we need it also it is a top which we do not mind if it gets very messy when doing some messy play.

I love to dance top how could I have left this on ebay due to the fact that Jess does love dancing if you play a small amount of music you will find her bopping away to the beat because she is a little diva. This is a top which we are going to team with some leggings and socks and will be used at nursery or when we are having chilling days art home.

This item is one of my favoruite which we purchased from Ebay and it’s from H&M it says that I am the boss of everything. This is also another true statement because if you know Jess she does think that she is the boss of everything, We let her think that she is but secretly let me tell you she is not. These tshirts from H&M seem to wear amazingly they was so well and never seem to age. This is something which she will be wearing with leggings which is her basic look because it is so easy to wear for nursery

.Another top which we purchased from H&M via ebay is this white tshirt which looks like it has a waistcoat on however it is just a picture of one. This top I will admit I only purchased due to the fact that it was in a bundle which I wanted it is not my favourite top by any means. This means I doubt that I will put it on Jess when I am going to see her a lot so it may just end up becoming one which becomes a change of clothes at nursery.

The final items which I have to show you are pieces which I picked up in the Next sale which was an age ago now. This dress is an amazing summer piece as it is in them pastel colours as well as having a beach theme on the dress however due to the fact that it comes with this beautiful pink cardigan. I feel like this looks like an amazing occasion piece I have a feeling that we may have some meals out and some days were we have to go and visit family before the Christmas period and this would look beautiful with some lightly coloured tights. As you can see this should have been £19 and I have picked it up for a bargain price of £7.

A knitted jumper dress is something which I think is going to be perfect due to the fact that it has started to get a lot colder. This is something which we would team with some tights as well this is something which I can see her wearing on a weekend due to the fact that it looks so smart and warm it would be perfect for when we go on a family walk or something and she is in her pram. I love how this has autumn items wildlife on the bottom. As you may be able to see this item should have been £15 however I picked it up for  £7.

Another item which we picked up in the Next sale was this pink and brown dress this is something which I do not feel like is too summery as you could put tights and a cardigan on and it would be perfect for this time of year. This was something I was not convinced if I liked but when I showed my mum and boyfriend they both liked it so this is something which Jess will be rocking when she gets into her 9-12 wardrobe which I feel like is going to be in the next couple of weeks finally because it seems like she has taken ages to get into this size she loves just been a petite girl but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

Another bargin which I purchased from Next was these plain tshirts which should have been £10 however were just £5 for 4 tshirts. This means that she can wear them for nursery and not mind if she gets them messy while using paint or eating. These may look amazing with something I am debating purchasing her for closer to Christmas which is a beautiful homemade pinafore dress which is for sure something I will be sharing on instagram if I do happen to purchase her it. These are so versatile tshirts and she will be getting a lot of use out of them in the next few months I know that for sure.

The next item you may have seen on social media due to the fact that Jess needed some leggings in her current size I picked these as they are a pack of two one which are just normal blue which is easy to pair with things. In this bundle these huge floral leggings which are great due to the fact that Jess wears so many plain tops. I love to put her in some patterned things either leggings or a top. These of course was another bargain because of the fact that were £3 I am used to paying more than this for just one pair. She has had a lot of wear out of them which is something which I am glad about.

The final item I purchased was pair of leggings which are very blue which will go with some amazing with the other items which I have showed you. These should have been £2.50 but we got them for a £1.50 so these will be coming to cover them chunky muscley legs of Jess very very soon, She adores leggings so I am sure that these will be something which she will get a lot of wear out.

Were are you favourite shops for girls clothes because I need to some more for Jess’s 9-12 wardrobe because it will hopefully last her the next 3/4 months.


August Baby Girl Clothing Haul

Hi Guys

I know that this month the post is slightly later than it usually would be but this is due to the fact of how busy I have been. This reflects in the size of this haul due to the fact that I have not been in a lot of shops which I have found really nice things in for Jess and also the fact that I have not been browsing online. Instagram is one of the worst places for me because I always find new places on there which I want to try and end up purchasing way to much for Jess.

The first items I purchased were from a store I found on Instagram called ourlittlewardrobe they have a shop which is After spending a good amount of time on there I picked up these beautiful shoes which are light pick. Jess doesn’t like wearing things on her feet but has got better in the past few weeks however when she goes to her first wedding next weekend she is going to need something on her feet to stop getting her tights dirty this reminds me I need to order her the tights to wear from this company today. I thought these shoes would be perfect as they will go with the cream and flowery dress she has to wear. These shoes just slip on and have such a cute look to them and they were a bargain and only cost me £4.99 and she can wear them again when we go out for meals or just to get her used to wearing shoes as it comes into the colder months and she starts walking properly.

The next item I purchased from this website was these beautiful good night owl pj’s. They are long sleeved which means that they can be used in the winter to keep her warm.They are so bright which means that Jess loves to grab them when I ask her which pj’s she wants to wear and she always seems to get these ones. I think they must be one of her favourites. Recently I prefer her to be wearing things like this compared to babygrows maybe it is because you can get amazing things like this and not have to pop all the buttons when she is sleepy. These wash amazingly we must have them in the wash at least once a week since we receive them and we have no complains about them infact we wore them last night. They must be so comfortable and she still looks stylish when she is asleep. These are only £6.99 which is around what you would pay for a set in the shops anyway so how could I leave them.

The final item from ourlittlewardrobe was another pair of pj”s however this time it was a Minnie Mouse set. These are the official Disney Baby ones these again are another favourite of ours because they are so bright it means you can see Jess coming when she is crawling on the floor while your making her breakfast in the mornings. These are so comfortable because you can tell the enjoyment which she gets when she is wearing them and if she doesn’t have the pair on I mentioned above she usually we have these ones on. So as you can imagine these have had plenty of wear as well and they have washed as beautiful as ever. I am not shocked Jess wants to go to bed on a night when she has all these beautiful Pj’s to wear.

The next few bits I didn’t actually purchase in August but only received them then due to the fact I did the Next sale online and it takes what feels like an age to get your items. The first one it this thin pink tshirt which says Daddy Daddy Cool. I picked this due to the fact that Daddy says this to Jess all the time because he really does think he is a cool Daddy which he is but don’t let him find out his head might grow. I think this top was reduced to around £3 which is amazing because teamed with some leggings it will look perfect for nursery and at that price it doesn’t matter if it gets a bit ruined. I picked it up in 9/12 months due to the fact that Jess already has a lot of clothes in 6/9. Yes my daughter is nearly a year old and in 6/9 months clothes.

The next item was also in the sale for around £3 and it is this beautiful white with black striped t-shirt which has a watermelon on it and it is actually a purse because it has a zip and everything, This means Jess can store things she wants in her top if this is something she desires. Again this will be great for nursery with leggings due to the fact it is so causal . I can just imagine her running around with it on. I love Next for there basics and they was so easy it means you can wear them so much and really get your wear out of them.

The final bit I purchased from the sale because there was not a lot in her age is this green and white striped tshirt which has an ice cream cone on it and then animals as the ice cream. Jess really loves ice cream as well as animals so this is perfect for her. I think this is one of my favouite pieces I picked up from their sale this time. Maybe because it is such a basic which she can team with anything and look so casual even though it has ice cream on it I think it does not look to summery she will get away with wearing it in the autumn.

These items are ones which I purchased in store in Next when I took some of my sale items back due to them not looking like I thought they would in real life. This first item is one of my favoutites is one of their dress/tunics in a cream colour bit it has pictures of items and then underneath says what they are. So really it is educational and also a really pretty dress I love these styles because they are so easy to throw on which always helps me because I have a daughter who doesn’t like to get dressed she would be naked all the time if she could be. These styles are always on the multibuy offer which Next does so I have to take advantage of that because you can get 3 items for £15 you would be crazy not to so that is the first item of the multibuy.

I had to pick up this top because it made me laugh so much for some reason there is something funny about a flamingo been stood on a mushroom and a bee on the flamingo. Only on children’s tshirts could this happen and it is on a yellow tshirt now I really thought I needed to eject some colour into Jess’s wardrobe we don’t want her to have a black wardrobe like me do we now. This will cheer up some of them dull days we have coming and teamed with some darker leggings so she doesn’t stick out to much she will look beautiful. This is such a causal top I am sure it will be worn a lot and because it is from Next we know it is going to survive been washed a hell of a lot without losing the colour.

The final item I purchased on the multibuy offer is another top this is in a colour I rarely see baby/children’s clothes in it’s a coral colour, Something about it really drew me into it and I had to have it’s coral with white polka dots and a whale on the front. I think this is me just clinging onto the hope that we really don’t end up with bad weather this year so the more bright clothes Jess has the less dull it will look. This is something which I would team with dark leggings again so she is not to bright. This is something which I know she will choose on days which she is going to be going to nursery on because she like showing off her pretty things.

Then I went on and picked up this lovely dress which is cream on the top half and then has some of the most amazing boats you have ever seen on the bottom half. I really adore the details on the bottom of this dress because it gives it some colour and also it makes it look different as I rarely see anything with this style.When I saw this item I thought it was going to have a really nice price tag because of how gorgeous it is but it was only £6. I think styled with some amazing lightly coloured tights this will look smart and could be worn when we are going somewhere nice and Jess needs to look a bit smart/casual. I can imagine this been something which she wears when we are visiting family and such like.

Leggings are something which is a huge staple in Jess’s wardrobe and even more so as we have more cooler days. I have found that Next do some amazing leggings and they are such good quality even with someone who is always on the go they never seem to rub up or become thin. So when I saw this pack of 3 for £12 I could not resist is has a pair which are just green with white polka dots on which will go with everything then they have a dark blue pair with a cat on the bottom which says hey. Then the final pair which is my favourite out of the three is the cream pair which has cats all over the front. Jess loves cats and we have to hold her up at our front door to look for them so I can only imagine the excitement when she gets to wear cats. These are going to go with everything as well so will become a huge staple for us this autumn/winter.

Asda is one of my favourite supermarkets to look at clothes in because they have some bargains and also some beautiful items for sale even more so in the baby sections. While I was in there I realised that Jess doesn’t have many long sleeved tops in 9/12 months and this is when I saw this pack of two for £4. They are long sleeved tops in pink and navy with quilting design on the shoulders and a little heart pocket. I think the detail on this is so subtle but it actually looks nicer because of the fact that it is not to in your face. Teamed with a pair of leggings this will be ideal for nursery and at the price it cost me I am not too bothered if it ends up getting ruined for some reason. They will also give her arms a bit of protection when it is cold but not cold enough to have a jacket on.

While in Asda I spotted this beautiful dress which for some reason reminded me of parties maybe it is the silver stars which is all over it. The dress is pink and has these stars all over it been long sleeved means that you will be able just to add some tights in the autumn and still wear it. It has really cute little pockets on it however I am unsure what you would use them for what do little ones need to stash. This dress was only £4 and it is something which can be dressed up a little bit or dressed down depending on the occasion. I might have to pop back in and see if they have any more dresses in this style because I think they are amazing and so practical when you have a child who doesn’t like getting dressed.

The final item I picked up well two items are a pack of two leggings from Boots. I always look in the sale section when they have one of baby clothes and this is where I found these busy leggings.They cost me £4 for the two pairs which I think is nearly as cheap as something you would find in Primark. The first pair are bright pink and have little white flowers on these would look nice with a plain tshirt due to the fact how busy they are. The next pair is white with a lot of brightly coloured animals on again this is something which is going to have to be worn with a plain top but they are something which is going to make Jess stand out in the dull weather. I think these originally were meant for the summer but I am trying hard to embrace colour this year more so with Jess.

Have your purchased any of these items or can you recommend when I can get some nice clothes from for a nearly one year old girl?

Charlotte x

July Baby Girl Clothing Haul


Hi Guys

Today I thought I would share with you some bits of clothing which I have picked Jess up in the month of July. I have decided that I would like to do monthly clothing hauls to show you what is available for girls of similar ages and also so you can see what I have purchased. I might even include eBay purchase as eBay is a place which I purchase a lot of her clothes. The reason behind this is because she wears the for such a short amount of time also a reason is because at the moment we are trying to pick up clothes which it doesn’t matter if she ruins when she goes to nursery.

The first item I picked up for her was from Boots it is actually from the boys section but who cares she can wear it if she wants to. It’s a beautiful blue coloured t-shirt which has today is a fun day on the front in different colours. I picked this up because I thought it would be perfect for when she is a nursery and she can just team it with a pair of leggings and look really stylish like she always seems to do. This girl can rock the most basic outfit so easily. This t-shirt was in the sale from £7 down to £3.50 so it seemed only right to pick it up I got this top in 9-12 months which is two sizes two big but she might fit in it comfortably by September.

The only other item which I picked up in Boots was a pack of 3 tights as you can see there is a blue, light pink and a brighter pink pair as well. These tights are going to be great for when it is cooler days and we have to put tights under dresses. I picked these up in the size 6-12 months because of the fact that she still has some 0-6 months which fit her so I decided to get the next size up so they last a little bit longer. These were also reduced the only reason I can see is because it’s their summer shade pack but instead of been £9 these were £4.50 so you can’t complain.

Grandma treated Jess to a couple of items this month the first been this t-shirt from Pep & Co a shop neither of us had previously been in. Again Jess got another basic tshirt which she can team with leggings to create a gorgeous look. It is very simple but the huge lemon and patterned arms really do make it bright and summery. Jess has this in the size 9-12 months so that she can use it at nursery and also on weekends when not very much is happening as a basic top. This was £3.50 I am interested to see how it washed and this might determine if I purchase more from them in the future,

Next up is another purchase Grandma made for us from Pep & Co it’s a bright flowery patterned top with blue,yellow,green and pink flowers on it also comes with some pink leggings. This is denitanly something which she will be wearing for nursery it will be easy to put on her in the mornings comfortable for her to play and explore in and most of all mummy is not bothered if she ruins it a little bit as it might be hard to see. This outfit cost £7 and Grandma picked it up in the size 6-12 months so we will have to try it on and see how it is for size it does still seem like it is going to be to big for Jess.

The next three items are all from Tesco which has a sale on so I had to have a look. The first item I picked up is a vest top in Grey with Ice creams on and also a couple of 3d flowers on top on an ice cream cone. I picked this up because we have an upcoming holiday with Daddy and hopefully the weather will come nice and we can have some vest tops on. I think it would look adorable teamed with a pair of shorts when we are at the seaside. She can also use it when we are at home as well this top was only £2.50 and Jess has it in 6-9 months as this is the size she is just coming into and she wants to wear it soon.

The next time is a beautiful white summer dress which has hints of pink due to the pink trims. This I picked up because I think it would be perfect if we get any late summer sun or if Jess decides that she wants to shoot up. The reason I say that is due to the fact that this is in 9-12 months. Even as it comes cooler you could pair it with a tights and a cardigan and still rock the dress on all these days out we might have coming up. This dress was only £5 so I really couldn’t say no and leave it.

Finally from Tesco we picked up this super cute grey hoodie which is going to be amazing when we have a cooler morning and need to get on the train to nursery we can just throw it on and get gone. It is really easy just to throw on over any outfit to keep her warm and she can still look beautiful. Also if it comes cooler when we are on the way home from anywhere she can thrown it on and keep warm, We picked this up in the size 9-12 because we already have a hoodie in the next size. This only cost us £5 and it is something which I can see us getting a lot of wear out of because of how versatile it is.

Jess possibly is going to a wedding in September so Grandma rang me to tell me she has spotted a bargain dress which Jess which could wear if she does go. This print really reminds me of a Ted Baker dress, It actually is a Rocha John Rocha from Debenhams I can only imagine how amazing she is going to look in it. I picked it up in size 9-12 months as this is the size I think she will be in by then. This dress should have been a whopping £22 but had 60% off so we picked it up for £8.80 this sure has to be a bargain buy for this month.

Have you guys picked up any bargains this month? Also does anyone have any ideas where I could pick some cheap nursery clothes up from?
Charlotte X