Give Something Special This Christmas

Hi Guys

Today I am sharing with you something which is very important and close to my heart. Christmas is the time of year when people give presents but why not do something amazing this Christmas and give blood.

Over 6,000 blood transfusions are carried out daily in the UK, each year 200,000 new donors are needed. Only 3% of people actually donate but we would all expect a blood transfusion if we required one. I wish I could say that I was one of those donors, however, due to the fact that when I had Jess I had to have a blood transfusion myself it has meant that I can no longer give blood.

Instead of going to donate this Christmas I am trying to raise awareness the first way is by writing this post I hope I make some of you think about donating. I have already made my mum donate some blood since having my transfusions because she knows how close she came to losing her daughter. I was fortunate to have two lovely people who donated blood as I have had two transfusions and if it was not for them Jess may be here celebrating her second Christmas without her Mummy. You can donate every 6 months as well so it is not something which is just a one off.

I have been informed that it hardly takes any time at all and you get a free cup of tea/coffee and biscuits after donating, it does not make you feel unwell and it is so simple to do.  You could have an amazing Christmas knowing you may have saved someone life now you even get a text saying when your blood was used and also where. I know the last time my mum donated her blood was used all the way in Stoke so it could be anyone around the country you save

If you would like any more information about giving blood, booking appointments or any questions you may  have please visit

If you give just one present this year why not give blood after all it is free

Charlotte x