Falling For Fall Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Sarah from mummycatnotes she is a lovely fellow Mummy bloggers who is you have not checked out you should. I am so thankful that she tagged me because autumn/fall is one of my favourite seasons of the year.

What is your favorite Fall scent? 

I think one of my scents is the cold mornings because it is amazing I love the crispness in the air because nothing like it at the other time of the year. I am no one who loves the sweet scents which come out because of Halloween I love the licorice scent of candles which come out for sme reason at the time of year as well. 
Do you prefer apple stuff or pumpkin stuff?

This is a hard one for me because I do not think I have ever had a pumpkin I like the scent I know this thanks to Lush and their bath bombs but I think I would have to say apple because it’s so fresh and crisp as well. 

What is one thing that you look forward to every single Fall?

I would say bonfire night I don’t think that there is anything more magical than getting wrapped up all cosy and warm heading out somewhere to watch pretty colours pop and fill up the skies. I hope that Jess does change her mind on them because currently, they are something which scares her. 

How do you like to spend the more chilly/cloudy days in the Fall?

In the ideal world where I do not have uni work coming out of my ears, I would love to spend it all cosey on the sofa maybe with a blanket or something watching a good children’s film may be something from Disney because there is a lot of them that I am yet to see. I would love something like a huge mug of hot chocolate as well. 

Which do you prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving? 

Due to the fact that I am in the UK and we do not have Thanksgiving I would have to say that I prefer Halloween, however, this is a holiday which I would say we do not do much for at the moment. Currently this year the only plan is to dress Jess up on the day for a party which they are having at nursery. It’s not something we go crazy about this may change when Jess becomes a little bit older who knows.

What is one way you do to embrace the Fall season? 

I think its boots because they are so amazing they keep your feet dry and it is a way that you can rock the fluffy socks which keep my feet super warm. For some reason, they are something which I do not get out until the autumn but I wish I could them on all year long with leggings. 

What photos would you like to get this Fall season?

I would love to be able to get some amazing pictures of Jess playing in the leaves I think because it is the first year she can properly walk which means that being an outdoors child she is always going to be want to be outside so I have the chance of this. I have a picture in my head of her in a nice coat and her boots playing walking along in the leaves. 

Favorite childhood memory from this season? 

Just returning to school after the holidays and the excitement of the build up to Christmas and all huddling around the single radiator that works in the school or sitting on the pipes which used to be warm. Always having some amazing roast dinners which you seem to eat more of when the weather becomes a little bit rubbish. 

What is your favorite trend (fashion/makeup/etc) so far this season? 

As a mum who is always busy I have has a lot of time to look but I would say it is ankle boots because they are something which is are always really comfortable and on the top of my list. I think in a couple of weeks I will have to get them out because so far it has been way to mild so I have not had them out. 

Describe what the Fall weather really looks like where you live. 

Windy, bit wet at the moment, being in England where its pretty much always raining and a nice temperature however, this year we seem to be having warmer days and it does not seem to be raining that much at the moment however, I am sure this is something which is going to change in the coming weeks. 

I am not going to tag anyone, because Fall is nearly over I guess but if anyone wants to go for it do it and leave your link in the comments and I will check it out. 

Charlotte x

Autumn Bucket List

Today officially is the start of the autumn and if you know me this is one of my favourite times of year because of the fact that the weather does starts to become cooler and then we get the leaves on the ground and who does not like kicking them. This is going to be the first time I think that Jess is going to understand the fact that it is coming colder and we have to wrap up when we go out which I guess is always one of the fun parts of this year.  Autumn officially runs from today to the 21st December when it is officially winter.  This year I want to have a bucket list of things which me and Jess want to do before December.

Stay In PJ’s All Day- Me and Jess do not have a lot of time where we do not actually do a lot at all we are always on the go. This means that we have a lot of days where we are wearing clothes which we would wear outside. Jess does get more PJ days than me but I think she would love one with me.

Have a film day-  Is there anything better than been snuggled up with a blanket and been able to watch films this is something which I love been able to do in the colder months. Usually it is a Sunday when we have no plans and the weather is super rubbish which is can be a lot of the time in these months. We usually watch things which are like cartoons or Disney they are always really easy watches.

Build a den- This is something which Jess does her bed but I think we would have a huge amount of fun building a den in the front room and be able to chill in our huge den and even ban boys from coming in. We can do a lot of different things I have not a huge plan of what we should do in the den yet maybe it should be sponteous

Having an Indoor Picnic- We loved been able to actually eat in the outdoors having almost like picnics at home when the weather was nice in the summer because snacking is one of Jess’s favourite things to do so I think that having a picnic with a blanket on the floor while the weather is rubbish would be so much fun and I am sure Jess and her pups would love that.

Make Cookies-  I know for sure that we actually have a couple of kits to make cookies in the cupboard in the kitchen and Jess had her first taste of baking at nursery baking bread. I think that this is going to be something which Jess is going to love to be able to do and when the weather is rubbish one weekend we can make cookies and she can give them to other member of the families.

Dress Up For Halloween-  This is one which is aimed more at Jess than me because she is actually going to be at nursery for Halloween which means that she is no doubt going to have a part and there is going to be party for her to attend. I really love been able to dress her up so this is something which I will be planning in the next couple of weeks to be honest.

Go on a Walk- This is not something which I am going to class if it is just a normal walk it is going to have to be a walk which is for the purpose of going for a walk this is something which I love doing because I love the crisp air and been able to kick the leaves this is going to be something which Jess is going to enjoy for the first time.

Visit the Fair-  As a resident of Hull every October we have to make the annual pilgrimage to Walton Street because Europe’s largest travelling fair comes to Hull. I took Jess last year and she loved just looking at the lights however, this years she is going to be able to go on some of the rides and I can not wait to see her face light up and have so much fun one night as it is getting dark and the lights become brighter.

Before I have too many things to do this autumn and not enough time I will leave it here. I love been able to have some ideas which I am going to be able to do in this time of year. I am sure we will add some things to this plan as well.

What do you plan on doing this autumn?

Charlotte x

Problems Of Having An Outdoor Child In Autumn/Winter

Jess, as you may know, if you have read some of my previous posts, is a girl who really loves to be outdoors, however, at the moment there is getting an increasing number of days where she is unable to play outside due to the fact that the grass is wet and it is taking longer to dry out. Or it is raining because if it is cold we can just put another layer on, however, when it is raining sometimes it is just fully unpleasant. 
Currently, at home with have grass in the front garden as well as the back which is great because this means that we can do so much and have so much fun in the garden. Due to the fact that we well Jess spends a hell of a lot of the time in the garden, and the outdoors it means that we have a lot of clothes which has grass stains as well of covered in mud should it have been raining in the last couple of days in as well as Jess falling over on the concrete which means that she has a lot of bumps and grazed knees. This means that sometimes her clothes do have to be washed multiple times in order to get the stains removed so if you have any tips to remove stains please leave them in the comments. 
Nursery, on the other hand, does have an outdoor area which Jess plays in, however, this is not grassed it is actually has had an rubber playground surface installed. This means that it does not take as long to dry it out and there is no mud to get covered in when it rains because Jess is one of those children who attract dirt. So this is perfect for her because it doe s means that she can get out as soon as it has dried a little bit so that if she does fall over because she is always running around like a crazy person she will not get drenched. It also means that I have less watching to do and fewer clothes are ruined because of the fact that here is not the stains or the mud which if you ask any parent is an added bonus. 
There is less grazes because of the fact that there is no concrete which is something which I love because I am sure that people must think that I am always pushing my child over or something because if her knees are not grazed or bruises usually there is something wrong. This is because she runs everywhere and does not realise the danger and even falls over her own feet which are never a good thing. 
I think that when we get out own house I may be tempted to look in to be getting artificial grass because it would mean that Jess would be able to play out more often which is something which she loves and I will tell you that she is not the greatest person to be with when it is raining. She just does not know what to do with herself so this would be something that keeps her entertained. One of my friends has this installed and I am always jealous because it looks amazing and of course you get no weeds and you do not have to do a lot of maintenance. 
How do you cope having an outdoors child in the autumn/winter months?
Charlotte x
This post includes which I have recieved payment for however, all views, however, are my own. 

Autumn Lush Haul

Hi Guys

Today I have a small lush haul for you. I will admit I have not got any of the Christmas products in this haul the reason behind this is because I went with my boyfriend we had a limited amount of time and I did not want to get loads to carry. They will be a Christmas haul as I am going to order them online however this may not be for another few weeks yet.

The first item I picked up is technically a Halloween product but it is staying till Christmas and this is Autumn Leaf. The reason behind me purchasing this bath bomb was the fact that I have seen this on Instagram and it makes an amazing specticle in the water. This is a huge bath bomb and its full of different colours the scent I can not put my finger on it all I can smell is curry which makes me think that it has a lot of cardamon in. This is going to be one when I want to feel truely autumnal

This bath bomb is Monster ball this is one of three which I actually purchased. This was a halloween bath bomb however at the time of writing this post there are still some available online and they may be in some of your local shops. Monster ball smells like sour gummy worms to me it is is Calacas scented and this is one of my faviourite Lush scents. I have not seen what this is like in the water however I can not wait to use it. 
The final bath bomb I have is butterbear and this one is for Jess. The reason behind purchasing one for Jess is due to the fact that she loves having a bath and her skin is getting a bit dry and this is so moisturising. I picked this up as a treat for her she does not always use lush bath bomb just so you know, This is one of the cheapest bath bombs lush do and it is around £2 I feel
The final item I purchased is this lip scrub which is in sugar plum fairy. Natually with a name like that the product is from the Christmas range, I love Lush lip scrubs as they manage to get rid of all of the dead skin which builds up on your lips and gives them a very exfoliation. This is the comforter scent which smells like blackcurrant so I could not resist having to purchase this item as it is my favouite regular line scent. 
What are you favourite items from the christmas range before I purchase
Charlotte x 

Autumn Tag 2016

Hi Guys

I thought that today I would share with you the autumn tag due to the fact that it is now officially autumn and the fact that I have seen this post on the lovely Zoe from Mammafulzo if you have not checked her out you really should do.

1. What signifies the start of Autumn for you?

For me I would say it is the crisp early mornings we get when you feel like you need to put a jacket on because if you don’t you might actually become really cold. Also when it becomes darker earlier as well at the moment we are looking at it getting dark around 7.30pm however when the clocks go back in around 6 weeks time we will be looking at it getting dark around 4pm this makes me think that autumn is well and truly here. 

2. What is your favourite Fall scent?
This may be a strange one for some people but wet leaves reminds me of autumn and the cold fresh air is one of my favourite scents I know this is not something you can burn in a candle however this is what reminds me of autumn and I really do love it. I would love it if anyone could recommend any candles which smelt of these scents because they are something that I would be willing to purchase in the future. 
3. What is your favourite Autumn colour?

The mustard colour which comes out at this time of year I love dressing Jess in that colour because of the fact I think it suits her however me I don’t think I could get away with it who knows. I also love the colour that the leaves go at this time of year it makes me so happy I think because the roads and places I walk start to have more colour and it feels like it is autumn all of a sudden. 

4. What is your favourite Fall drink?

I must say my favourite fall drink would have to be the Costa black forest hot chocolate I don’t actually know if you would say that it was autumnal or if it was a winter drink. I am hoping that this is going to come out again this year because it is one of my favourites and always reminds me of when the weather is getting colder however this year I have discovered Pumpkin and there Honeycomb hot chocolate which is amazing it may be a toss up between the two which my favourite is.

5. What TV show, new or old, are you looking forward to this Fall?

I really don’t watch TV anymore so I would have to say that it would be the apprentice because that will be coming on in a few weeks and I for some reason love anything to do with business. I love the fact that it is real even though parts have to be edited. This is one of the only programmes which I will actually sit down an watch others it does not bother me if I don’t catch it for one week for some reason maybe I am still on my way home from uni or have some work to do it will not bother me. 

6. What is your favourite Fall fashion trend?

Leggings and boots are something that I really love to wear at this time of year however this year I really want to embrace dresses and tights I don’t know how practical this will be for me with commuting and doing a sports degree. I really can’t wait to get my boots out though I feel like I will be rocking them in a couple of weeks which makes me so excited. This makes it feel more autumnal for some reason to me. 

7. What is your favourite frugal Autumn activity?

I would say going to a bonfire and watching all the fireworks this year I am really excited due to the fact that I think we are going to take Jess to her first organised display. I can only imagine how cute she will look all wrapped up and in awe of the fireworks this is something that is making me really look forward to November. However first we will have Halloween which means another occasion to dress Jess up and maybe do something fun with her I am sure they will have something planned at nursery for this I can only imagine what it is going to be.  

8. What is your favourite makeup look come autumnal weather? 

This is when I start rocking my Berry lipshades and I feel like I can get the reds out again I adore them I can’t wait to get Rimmel 107 out again. I am looking forward to using more warmer colours on my eyes instead of naturals because I am trying to get out of my comfort zone but who knows if this will actually happen.
Why not share what is your favouite part of autumn and do this tag. Thank you to Zoe for showing me this tag. I hope you have enjoyed it and all the points I have made they will be posts on more autumn things as we get into it. I might even share more of Jess’s fashion if this is something you would like to see let me know?
Charlotte x