Tips For A Happy Bath Time

When Jess was first born and till she could sit up she hated going into the bath it was one of the most painful experiences because she would not want to be in the bath for longer than a couple of minutes and this would only give me enough time to wash her hair and then actually do her body.

This has actually changed in the last changed since she can sit up in the bath and now she is actually begging me to go in the bath she loves to shout splashy splashy which means that Jess wants to go into the bath and splash. I think her record of being in the bath is something like close to a couple of hours which is crazy I think it is nearly as long as I have spent in the bath. There is a range of products which we use to make sure that she had a lot of fun and actually does end up getting clean because of the bath.

We are not loyal to one type of bubble bath Jess uses a range of different bubble baths bottles she has used child’s farm, boots own brand, as well as ultracare. Jess loves actually a good bubble bath because she likes to pop the bubbles. I tend to purchase the bubble bath which is on offer I know I am lucky because of the fact that Jess does not have sensitive skin I can use any products. I would recommend using a scent which you child actually likes as well. We sometimes as a treat every so often use a lush bath bomb which I do because Jess loves watching seeing what they do in the water which I know she adores as she always says wow when she watches them.

I would recommend getting your child’s favourite characters to help get them washed so I picked up in Tesco a paw patrol flannel because of Jess, as you may know by now, is super obsessed with the pups. So this means I can say to her do you want me to put the body wash on the pups and then she will wash her whole body. We have used a Marshall sponge in the past which we picked up from Primark and they do the hand washing mitts with characters such as Minnie mouse as well and they are all between £1-£2.

Then, of course, you have to get some toys because they are some things which help the child enjoy the bath because they think they are playing which is what they are doing and you can have a hell of a lot of fun different games which you play. The first item which we love is rubber ducks they are a cult classic when it comes to playing with the toys I picked a huge bag of them off amazon however, I did not check them and they came from Japan/China. You may want to order them off a UK seller so that they come quicker. I know stores such as home bargains and B&M always seem to have them in. We have had hours of fun with ours and they are super cheap that reminds me that I do need to purchase some more because ours are getting a little bit battered.

We also have boats which I ordered online because of the fact that as every knows you can get online a hell of a lot cheaper wet got I think it is 4 boats for only £1-2 which I think is super cheap and we have had them a year and a half have been using them a lot, to be honest. We love being able to put some water in them and sink the boats as well as linking the boats together and driving them. I know that Jess loves to be able to tip the water all over me so I would recommend purchasing something like boats. Or the animals which squirt you because if your child is anything like mine she loves getting other people wet when in the bath because she is wet she thinks you should be. I know again you can pick these up in stores such as home bargains and b&m as I constantly see them in stores such as these.

Wow else remembers when you were a child and you had the foam letters which stuck to the wall and you used to try and spell your name and if you are someone like me you would never be able to actually do this because you would always run out which used to pissed me off. Jess even though she cannot spell at the moment because of the fact that she is only just turning two. However, this does not stop her from actually putting them in the bath and the walls and of course, I can write words and teach Jess what they are and this is something which she finds really fun. I actually picked up about 48 letters and a few numbers from TKMaxx for Jess for Christmas and she has used them so much however, I really need to rinse them now because they do start to smell because you are meant to let them fully dry out and this is not something which me and Jess have been doing.

The final item which we love to use to have a happy bathtime is the bath crayons which you only need to get a slight amount of water on them and then they become like a paint which you can use in the bath and your own body. This is something which Jess at the moment is adoring due to the fact that she is loving been able to colour because that is all she wants to do at the moment. I love that I can draw and be involved in her bath and what she is doing rather than her having all of the fun. I got this again from online on Amazon however, I have seen that they are available in stores such as the pound shop which is great for when I need to be able to get another pack because ours actually are running out fast.

What do you use to have a fun bath time?

Charlotte x

Coping With Children’s Colds

In the past couple of month’s Jess has had a fair few cold this could be due to the fact that she is always at Nursery where they seem to breed this could be because there are so many children around it is almost like school. On top of this Jess does have early mornings which I know are never the best we really don’t like them but it is necessary.

During this time it has meant I have come use to knowing what products actually help and I thought today I would share them because I always see people who are looking for advice of fellow parent’s so I thought if this helps just one person it would mean so much to me.

The first product which we reach for if she has a cough is just the simple Boots cough medicines do make sure that you pick the one which is suitable for children when you reach for it. It is actually just called cough syrup 3 months+. This is one which I have found to work and it is only £2.29 which is super cheap and will give your child some relief hopefully from a chesty cough. I have also tried a simple cough medicine which is from home bargains which again was from there own brand and this on has always really helped Jess.

Another product which I have used if Jess should get a chest kind of cold is the mild Boots own brand vapour this is what you could call a dupe of the actual Vicks vapour rub however, it is only a fraction of the price as it is £2. Previously when she has had these kinds of colds I have applied the rub to her chest and on the soles of her feet before bedtime and have found an improvement. I did this because of a recommendation of Joe’s Mum and this managed to help her sleep during a period when she really was struggling. I only applied this when she was going to sleep due to the fact that I am not a huge fan of the scent, however, if you really wanted you could actually apply it multiple times a day but make sure that you read the box so you do not apply it too often.

Snufflebabes Nasal drops are one of my holy grail products when Jess is struggling with a lot of running nose it helps it dry up and clear the nasal passage. It helps clean the nose out which is really important when you have such a horrible blocked nose. The only problem what I have with this item is that they can only be kept open for one month which kind be annoying if she manages to get another cold just after as I have to purchase another one but I understand why this occurs is is for hygiene reasons. These are a product which I wish they had for adults as this is something which I have never found that works. I should say that you have to put one to two drops up your child’s nose but for some people, I know this can be a problem because some children will not sit still. The first time Jess used this product I seem to remember we struggled.

Make sure that when your child has a cold that they consume a lot of fluid as we all know you can become dehydrated when they are ill and this is something which we all want to avoid. I make sure that I have something like supermarket own brand squash in. I have found that Jess really likes summer fruits and this is a good way to get some fluids into her I know that this will vary for every child but why not make sure that you have some of their favourites in at all times in case of emergencies.

Do you have any tips for coping with Children’s Colds?

Charlotte x

What We Did In November

Hi Guys

I know is has been a couple of months since I last did one of these and that is due to the fact that I am so busy I forget that it is the end of a month when I remember I feel like it is too late to upload and post them. Before we get started in sharing what we have done this month we have an exciting announcement tomorrow we will be starting Blogmas however this is not like a normal one due to having two Christmas’s we are going all the way until New Years Day.

The start of this month feels like an age ago,however, it saw Jess get her first pair of shoes well actually she managed to get two a pair of boots and a pair of patent black shoes they are amazing they actually light up. When we tried to get her feet measured the first time she was having none of it she scrunched her feet up and cried. We needed to go shopping else were in town this means she had time to have a nap and then on the way back she played ball and got shoes. Jess at once stage did not like anything on her feet not even socks and now she doesn’t like taking them off she even wears slippers at Nanny’s house and if she is lucky she may get some for Christmas for our house.

Also at the start of the month,it was Bonfire night the first year we though Jess may enjoy the bright flashes because last year she was so small and hated the bangs. We took her to a local organised display which was so nice even though it had started to rain and was cold as a result of this Jess managed to get way to cosy in her pram and fell asleep missing the whole display maybe next year she will manage to see some. At least me and Joe really enjoyed it even if the hot chocolate after was very disappointing.

During the week Jess is in nursery 5 days due to the fact that we are either at university or working which means that we try and do something with her every single weekend because we both feel like it is the only time we actually get to spend with her. As she wants to go to bed when we get in from nursery during the week because she is so tired.

The next weekend we had real pants weather which meant we needed to do something indoors, however, my parents offered to look after Jess which meant that me and Joe could have some us time. We took this opportunity and went to see Dr Strnge which is the latest Marvel film as you may know we are both huge fans. I feel like the film was different for Marvel, however, we have all just become to expect the avengers from them and this was not it kept been very trippy and made you think about what you was actually watching.  There is going to be a sequel so it will be interesting to see how they do it. We do haver to wait a while for the next Marvel film, however, Star Wars is out very soon and we have tickets for the first day. I have not told Joe yet so if your reading it surprise.

During the week I had time off University for reading week which meant I was not taking Jess to nursery resulting in us having some fun time together just chilling, We also managed to meet up with one of my best friends in Costa were Jess developed a love for hot chocolate. However, with it begin Children in Need nursery had two dress up day’s and this is something Jess loves so for one of the days my Mum came with us and we went shopping while she was there which resulted in me getting most of my secret Santa presents done we managed to have some lunch at Zizzi’s upgrade my phone and then pick Jess up. We had one more surprise that day though as Joe had finished work and he was very close by he decided to come and met us and Jess had her first baby chococino you should have seen the mess which was created all I can say is at least she enjoyed it.

Due to the fact that one set of Jess’s grandparents only get to see her every 6 weeks or so we had to go and visit them the following weekend. This time was different as we actually had plans and went on a nice family outting to Birmingham Christmas Market, however. it was super busy in the bullring and some people in the party couldn’t keep with the pace we ended up splitting up and meeting  again at a set time. That day was not good for my bank balance as I went a little bit crazy in Nars and Victoria’s Secret but a girl has to treat herself after I had two panic attacks that day which was not nice at all one I have no clue why it occured.  Later that night Joe had to leave which was not nice I as you can imagine there were plenty of tears knowing I would not see him for two whole weeks and I had to spend another day with his parents alone scary for someone who only met them a year ago after having their grandchild.

On Sunday the weather was not very nice either but we had to go out of the house without a car sear it meant we could not go very far.  We decided that we would take a walk into the town centre which leads to Jess being spoilt I think she had around £60 spent on her and we only went to get out the house. I may do a haul showing you what she got during Blogmas because I have not had time to do this yet.  All I can say is this girl now has a way more stylish wardrobe than her Mummy.

This weekend there was a food and drink festival in a nearby town which I had seen advertised and mentioned to my Mum. Last week we had barely seen each other due to work and uni so it was nice to spend some time with her something I feel like we do not do enough anymore we used to spend so much time.  We had fun walking around and trying some of the samples from the stalls which lead to us purchasing a few bits for Christmas it was nice to have a few hours with my Mum and we even managed to go out for lunch. Jess stayed at home with Grandad due to the fact that she is full of cold I had only just started feeling better from it and we didn’t want to drag her out.

We have a few plans already made for December we have a quiz, cinema trip, weekend away and then two Christmas’s so next month is looking very exciting.

What have you been up to this month?

Charlotte x

Tips I Wish I Knew When Starting a Blog

Hi Guys

Since relauching a blog I have released what I did wrong on my first blog and why I did not love my old blog as much. The benefits I have seen since this is an increase in views compared to my old blog which has seen some of you actually decide you want to follow me. This is something which I am
so thankful for.

So today I have decided that I am going to share with you some tips which I which I had known when I had started blogging so that I can give something back to this amazing community which we have.

Don’t be scared to ask for help we have all been there and not been able to do things which we want. However don’t forget that most bloggers can be contacted on social media and there links are usually on their blog. If you are scared of asking some of them why not try google they will be posts and tutorials about what you are trying to do without a doubt.

Use Google Analytics this allows you to see your real stats it allows you to see when people view your blog and how they have got on it. This can help you to see if your tweets are effective and what time of day your posts get read the most may make you change upload times. It also allows you to see the days people are most active. If you need help with this I can help even thought I have a basic understand of this. I don’t know why I didn’t use this for so long now I check my stats on my phone every single day.

Social Media the more that you connect to bloggers the more likely they are to read your blog make sure you have a twitter account and an Instagram even if your Instagram is your personal one don’t worry about it at all.The more active you are on social media I find the more connections I have I now even have started scheduling tweets so that they do go out when I am not able to tweet.

Schedule make sure people know what days to expect new post so that they come looking for them. For me I know it is not realistic for me to post every single day because of my uni commitments but this does not stop me for posting 3/4 times a week. Even if I don’t have time I make sure that when I have a bit of spare time I start a post and some times if my work load is a little bit lighter I will write in bulk and schedule this is something which you can find me doing on a Sunday usually.

Be original don’t copy other people post you can use them for inspiration but don’t copy them word for word because this is not a way to gain followers. If anything it is possibly something which would put people off reading your blog which is never something you want.

What tips do you wish you knew when you started a blog