Toddler Book Advent Calendar

Jess is a child who is really not that bothered by chocolate and due to the fact that we end up leaving home very early in a morning she would not be able to eat the chocolate and I do not think that she would be that bothered when she gets home. Instead of actually purchasing her a chocolate advent calendar this year again I have decided to make her a book advent calendar as reading books is something which she really enjoys before bed.  I think it is a good way to be able to get new books into your children’s collection you could do this by picking books up in the charity shop because you can get some very cheap good quality books doing this. You could also pick them up in the works when they do they £10 books for £10 offer which is what I did.

If you are unsure on the concept of this basically you select 24 books for your child wrap them up like a present. Last year I purchased some cheap gift tags and wrote the number on them and then you open the one which corresponds with the date like a normal advent calendar. You could write on the wrapping paper should you want and this is something which I might do this year I am undecided yet.

The books which are in Jess’s advent calender if you want some inspiration in what books to purchase for a 2 year old are the following.

Home is where the heart is by Lisa Alderson & Alice King
The greedy dog by Alex Firth
I love you sleepyhead by Claire Freedman & Simon Mendez
Stop Monkeying around by Cupcake
Hungry Harry by Joanne Partis
What you doing in my bed by Daniel Bedford
What’s in your pocket by Ruth Symons
My big shouting day by Rebecca Patterson
Bedtime for little bears by David Bedford
Hold Tight by John Prater
Grubs Pup by Abi Burlington 
Grub in love by Abi Burlington & Sarah Warbuton 
Who loves baby? by Julia Hurbery
Your the Best
I love you Daddy by Jillian Harker 
The very sleepy sloth by Andrew Murray 
This is my pet
Lion Practice by Emma Carlisle 
You and Me always
Bedtime Hullabaloo by David Conway
Shy Little Lion 
That’s not funny bunny by Bethany Heines
Dog did it by Lynne Garner 
Bye Bye baby brother by Sheena Dempsey

What are you putting in your little ones advent calendar this year?

Charlotte x

Book Advent Calendar

Hi Guys

This is the first post of blogmas which is super exciting for me as it the first time I have attempted to do this so lets hope I can complete it. For me instead of trying to only post up to the big day I am trying to post every single day this month as we are having two Christmas’s the second on New Years Day so lets see how I get on with this.

Today I am sharing with you Jess’s advent calendar she is not a huge fan of chocolate just like me and her Daddy. However, Jess loves books she tries to read them herself which is so cute and reading her a bedtime story is this something want to do in the near future now she is getting big enough and i feel like it would be some amazing just us time.

I decided that I was not going to select all Christmas books due to the fact I wanted to be able to read them to her after Christmas and did not want them all super festive. Another thing to note is the that some of these books are board books so she can read them herself without ripping the pages and some are normal which she can use but we can have for bedtimes stories as well.

I have been planning this for a while and these books have come from a range of places including home bargains, amazon ,tkmaxx and charity shops this was in order to still be able to do it cheap enough as it is not one of her Christmas presents.

Here is the list of books which are included in her advent calendar:

Jolly Santa’s Big Delivery
Happy Reindeer Busy Night
Santa’s Busy Night
Snowman’s Perfect Present
Silly Snowman’s Helpful Friend
Reindeer’s First Flight
Princess Baby On The Go
Good Night Daddy
We’re Going on a bear hunt
Postman Bear
My bedtime story book
Disney Storybook Collection
Kipper Swing
The Large Family-Mr Large in Charge
The Large Family- Five Minutes Peace
The Large Family-All in one place
The Large Family-A piece of cake
The Large Family- A quiet night in
Whose ears
Whose stripes
Ready Steady Jump
Mines bigger than yours
That’s not funny
Who’s in the loo
The pet you get

    What advent calendar have you got this year?
    Charlotte x