A Review of 2017

As we approach the end of 2017 I thought I would reflect on the year as a whole.This year has had something which has had a number of highs as well as a couple of lows which is not something which I have shared a lot of on my blog. This is not even a post I know that I am going to post for all I know I might bottle it and this ends up sitting in my drafts and this something which you never end up reading which is something I have done with a few posts recently.
At the start of the year, it saw us lose someone who meant so much to use as a family she has been ill for a short while. She had been unable to communicate with us for a few years now, however, she meant so much to use and I am glad that she meant to meet Jess. When Jess went to visit her face always lit up and she laughed which is something I took to heart.  I am glad to say that she did have a very long and happy life I hope she has found peace and is happy up there and is watching down on us and my little family.
Very early on in the year, I managed to smash my Facebook page target which I had set up only a couple of weeks before. This means so much to me because I did not know that, so many people would want to follow me. It still amazes me that people want to follow me and my really boring life. It does mean so much to me and I hope you all know how special you are to me.
When the weather became warmer we actually managed to explore and take trips to the park as a family which is something which I loved. For sure I  can not wait till the weather is a little bit nicer and we can do it again. It is currently a little bit cold to be at the park even if we end up wrapping up. For sure in the next few weeks, we will be heading to the park because it is something which Jess loves doing.  It burns so much energy which is amazing because she is a fireball of energy all of the time.
2017 saw us explore a few more places we went over to Chester for the first time since Jess was born.Of course, we had to take her to the zoo because she does love animals. It is amazing that she can get her fix by watching the show the secret live at the zoo which is something which she loves to do. The zoo is somewhere which I would love to take another trip too this year when the weather is a bit warmer than it currently is. I can’t wait till they are on summer opening times which means that we can spend the whole day there.
While on the trip to Chester we also managed to pop into Liverpool which is home to Mattel play which of course is somewhere which we had to make a trip to. This is something which I have done a blog post on if you want more information. This is a place where I might have to go to again because Jess has massively got more into Fireman Sam since our visit. I now need to research whether there is a paw patrol world or something similar as this is for sure something which she would love to go to.
Travelling on trains is something which has occurred a lot during 2017 as the fact I have been completing even more of my degree. Which is scary because I only have a couple of months left now which scares normal people let alone someone who has been studying for their degree since 2013.  I now need to be able to get some work experience which might help me be able to get on my masters. I actually want to continue my studies and do a master in physiotherapy this hopefully will be in York as well because it is a city which has my heart at the moment. This year has actually been special because it has meant I passed my sports massage course which meant that I am qualified which is something I am thinking of doing in the time between obtaining my degree and starting on my masters as there is a period of 6 months where I will still need to be earning.
This year has also seen us complete our first deployment as Daddy went away in May and did not return until November. Which of course was a challenge I am lucky that I had a lot of support from my family which meant that it went pretty easy. Jess was amazing throughout because you do not know how much it actually affected her because her Daddy was away it did make her very clingy because she was scared that I was going to leave her as well. Hopefully, this year does mean that it does see us been able to have a whole year as a family even though we know there is going to be some exercises hopefully there will not be a long deployment like last year.
Joe did manage to actually come home for Jess’s birthday which of course was special I think this might have meant more to her than actually getting her presents. We managed to get a day out for her actual birthday we went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park we adored it because there are animals and there is also Polar bears which is not something which you see a lot of within the UK.  I think this is going to be a place which we end up having to go to again within the next few months and it is not actually very far from where we live an hour ago from it.
We have managed to have a fair few normal days which is good because when you are constantly on the go like us you sometimes need to take a break because otherwise, I find this is when you actually become ill. I have found that during this Christmas break I have managed to become ill a couple of times which is never good I think this is one of the reasons why I need to take more breaks. Maybe I should start watching a series and then this may mean that I have something to binge watch.
Thank you for following our journey in 2017  I hope you follow along with us in 2018 as we have a lot of exciting things coming up which are already planned and I am sure there is going to be a lot more in the pipeline.
What did you do this year?


Charlotte x

2017 Goals Reviewed

 I am going to review my blogging goals of 2017 because this year is coming to an end now and I thought that today would be a good time to reflect on the year which has been 2017 in a blogging capacity. I have not managed to hit many I think only one of my social media goals, however, I have actually been able to do a lot of things which I could not have imagined. This year did actually see me get a better camera I now have the Cannon G7X Mark II this is something which I was luckily gifted to from Joe.  This was so that I would be able to capture some of the memories which he would of Jess when he was away.
I think that my photography has actually come on a lot this year, however, of course this is something which I want to improve more. I think that I will be able to actually use Jess more because this camera does have a screen she can actually see herself and as long as Jess can see herself she is very happy to be photographed.  This year has also seen me work with some amazing brands who I could have only dreamt about for example I have worked with Prestige Flowers, Bakerdays, Rock Up Hull & Toddlerbike 2. I could not work these amazing brands without you all following me and actually reading my posts.  So, thank you so much because I enjoy and apricated every single one of you.
On to my social media goals which I set at the start of the year
As you can see I was 600 followers away from my goal which is fine with me because I actually grew by 500 followers this year. I have not been that active on twitter for some reason however, this is something which I would like to change. I know this is something which I could do on the commute and hopefully, I could take part in more chats which occur on there.
Currently- 800
Instagram is one of the social media which I find really hard to grow but this is something which speaking to other bloggers find. It is something which I think I need to be able to post more often on there because I think I only posted around 40 times. Instagram stories I have found a great way to interact with my followers. They are something which I love watching and are something which I think that I could do a fair more of them this year.
Currently– 205
Goal- 250
Bloglovin in a platform which a lot of bloggers came of this year and this is because of the way that it changed their terms and conditions. This could be one of the reasons why I may not have actually achieved my goal. I am proud that I have managed to grow a little bit but as long as I know that people are still reading my posts and I feel like I am creating content which I love and would want to read. This is a goal which I might actually set for 2018 because I do think that it could be achievable.
Goal- 50
Facebook was the only platform which I managed to achieve my goal on this year which is shocking because it is not the platform which I do not use that often I think I actually might have to use it more because it is something which you are all loving at the moment. I manage to nearly triple my likes on the page which is amazing I will be looking to post more videos and share them over there.
Thank you for actually allowing me to achieve some of my goals this year and without you, I could not have reached these crazy numbers. It sometimes shocks me that people out there actually want to read the content which I product.


Charlotte x

Lush Halloween 2017 Haul

How has the time come around already for Lush to have released the Halloween collection this year it was late coming into stories it only launched last week, however, you have been able to get your hands on a lot of the products should you have ordered online. I have only picked up a few of the items this year as I picked some of them up previously when I visited Oxford street in August I promise I will share that haul with you in a couple of weeks time. I will apologise for the state of some of the bath bombs they fell off my pram on the way home and smashed which was not great. I know you can see ghost fairy in the main picture, however, I have since lost this product so I can tell you what it is like as I can not remember from when I purchased in store.

The first item which I knew I had to have was the monster’s ball bath bomb because it shares it’s scent with my favourite or one of my favouorite scents which is calacas. This makes such beautiful coloured water which is amazing for someone like me because it is purple and this is one of y favouote colours combined with the citrus smell which calacas has. This is one wish could be around all year long because of the fact I adore it that much. The reason this smells so amazing is due to it having the main ingredient of lime oil which always makes my mood increase and makes me feel uplifted it also has a ton of cocoa butter in which makes your skin feel soft which is something I am always needing at this time of year. For sure this is going to be one which I am going to be picking up more of before the end of the season.

Pumpkin bath bomb is not one which I picked up last year I do not think because of the fact that I was not a huge fan, however, this year I decided that I was going to give it a try. This is not one which I think smells of pumpkins not that I know what one smells like instead, I think it feels very much  vanilla and spicy scent which makes sense when I look at the main ingredient of this bath bomb which is citrus which I can not smell however, it does have vanilla so this might be a reason. This for sure I can imagine is going to make a very bright orange colour in the water and I have a feeling should I not like this Jess is going to love it and get used of the water. This is not one which I think I am going to purchase a lot of before it disappears.

Sparkly pumpkin bubble bar is one which has visited us for a fair number of years now, however, because of the fact that I am not a huge fan of the glitter it is the first time that I have ever purchased this. On dry sniff of this product it smells like it a cinnamon/ spicy product mixed with one which is a little bit fruity which is amazing as for me because I really love the spicy products which usually come out later in the year as part of the Christmas range and as you know I adore my fruity scents. I am sure this is going to be one which I am going to wonder why I have not picked up in the past I might have to try this before this product goes. I think the water is not going to be the prettiest but for sure it is one which I am going to enjoy trying.

Pink pumpkin is new this year and when I saw it online for some reason I thought it was going to share the scent with snow fairy, however, this is something which I was incorrect with instead it shares it scent more with rose jam however, it is not as strong as rose jam because of the fact it has jasmine in it which stops been too overpowering. This is something I can find occurs with rose jam often. I think this product is going to be one which is very relaxing and going to help me de-stress which is something I need to do a lot at the moment with the stress of third-year university. 

Lord of misrule shower creme is one of my favourite shower gels this is going to have to be repurchased a couple of times so I have enough of this to last me all year. It is a very strange scent to explain so I will recommend if you can pop into a lush store to have a sniff of this product I would. It is black pepper and patchouli with a hint of vanilla which gives it such a strange but beautiful scent. This is a thick shower creme which keeps your skin so soft and it does last for a long time which is something I love as this is one of my favourite scents and I look forward to every Halloween when this product comes out.  

This beautiful cat is called bewitched bubble bar this I am sure is going to bring one of the most amazing black water and everyone has to love black baths. On dry sniff this smells like blackberry which is a bath bomb which they have got rid of this year mixed with the comforter which is my favourite bubble bar. This is not a floral scent or too much of citrus this is a sweet scent which is a change in this collection this year. This for sure is going to be one which I need to check in the water and see if I like it before possibly purchasing some more of it. 

The final item which I picked up from the range was a lip tint in black rose. I will admit I don’t know if I ever have tried a lip tint from lush however, I had seen swatches of this and new I had to try it this it comes black in the tube and into a berry kind of pink which is one of my favourite colours to wear at this time of year. I will say it is pretty sheer which means that it is one which I could get away with wearing when I hardly have a lot of make up on and it would not look out of place which is always good. For sure I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this little beauty.

Have you picked up anything from this range yet of so what did you get? If not what do you have your eye on?

Charlotte x

Half Year Goals

As some of you may remember at the start of the year I set some goals of what I wanted to achieve on my blog in 2017. Now we are nearly half way through the year, yes I know it has gone super fast I almost can not believe how fast it has gone.  I have managed to achieve one of my goals which means that I think that I am going to make my target a little bit higher so that I have something to aim for the rest of the 6 months.

Without any further, ado I am going to start

Start 2017: 998
Now: 1260
Target: 2000

As you can see I have managed to gain almost 300 followers in 6 months and I have had huge periods where I have not been using Twitter for some reason I actually fell out of love with it and it used to be my favourite social media. I am sure that if I take part in more chats and actually use my Twitter more I may be able to gain the just over 700 followers which and achieve the goal this year I can tell this one may take a little bit of work but I love interacting with you guys.

Start 2017: 498
Now: 743

This is has overtaken Twitter for me as my favouite social media I have found myself using the stories more which I think is a great way to interact with other people I know I have followed people because of it. I am sure that this is a goal which I am going to achieve because I am only 250 off this target and I have some fun things planned which I will be sharing on Instagram. This is a platform which I struggled to grow on but in the past six months, it is one which I have managed to do pretty well on.

Start 2017:180
Now: 198

After all of the drama with bloglovin I have found it hard to grow because of the fact that so many people have quit the platform which has meant that I have lost some followers even though you may be unable to tell because of the fact that the numbers have actually managed to grow.  I am unsure if I will get 250 followers by the end of the year but we can only hope.

Start 2017:8

This is one platform which I had only just started at the start of the year which is the reason why I only had 8 followers as you can see I have managed already to double my target which is something I am so proud of. As personally Facebook is something which I rarely use. I am going to up my goal to 200 because this looks like something which at the current rate could be achievable.

I also had some non follower related goals which were getting pinterest for my blog this is still something which I have not looked into this is something which I may look into over the summer as I have heard people say it is a great way of getting more traffic to your blog.  So keep your eyes peeled for that I will share on social media if this is something which I do.

I have just got my new camera which I got for my birthday it is not something which I have had out of the box and played with yet so my photography will not have improved that much yet but I am loving been able to use natural light instead of articial with all of the nice weather we have been having.

Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

Charlotte x

Jess at 18 months

Dear Jess

It’s hard to believe that 18 months ago today you was still inside me now you are not a baby you are becoming such an independent little lady. I wish you would slow down because Mummy for one is not ready for all of this you are still my little girl. You have become such a friendly and confident little girl strangers always seem to come up to you which makes you laugh and you want to play peek-a-boo with them,.

You have no trouble when it comes to eating you always manage to steal food off other people and call it sharing. I think we are still yet to find something you don’t like there is no calling you a fussy eater.  Banana’s, Yogurts, Ice cream and Strawberries seem to be some of your favourite foods at the moment I am sure that it is because it is the spring/summer and these foods are always available.  You are still using your highchair like a big girl and now have mastered using cutlery which shows your growing up even though sometimes you do need reminders.

You are doing so well with your sleep as well you go to bed between 6-7pm later if we are not home yet from York.  You have set this time yourself which is something I wanted you to. You sleep all through the night and then  I have to get to you up at like 5.45am in order to get everything done so we can get on the train.

You have really come on with your speech we have a fair few words now and you have become such a chatterbox. The words you’re always saying are:

Stuck- When you have got trapped somewhere and you want someone to rescue you

Dada/ Daddy- Constantly do I hear this when you want Daddy even when he is not there

Shoes-  This occurs when you want to put your shoes on or when you want them off

Jess- Your often caught saying your own name

Mama- That’s what you seem to be calling me at the moment

Ook – This is what you say when you see a book

Uck-  This is currently a duck

Yes- I always hear this

Woof Woof- this is when you see a dog and you really do love them,

I am sure these words will develop as you grow we have a fun few weeks planned with a lot of adventures I am sure which we will be sharing with you. I am sure we are going to have an amazing and busy summer. I can not wait for you to watch you grow up.

That’s all for now Jess I will write back when your 2

Love From

Mummy x

Lush Mothers Day 2017

Mothers Day in the UK is just under two weeks away so this is your warning if you have not purchased anything and need to don’t forget.  I a couple of weeks ago now popped into Lush to see what they had released as part of their Mother’s Day collection. I haven’t purchased the whole range like I did for Valentines because if I a honest there is products such as Yummy Mummy shower cream which I am not a fan of so I am not going to purchase for the sake of hauling it on my blog.

I think all of the products which I have picked up are actually brand new for this year which is something for me which makes it very exciting. I will say I did actually purchase a upsy daisy but it managed to smash into pieces which means that I did not want to take a picture of this. This is such a beautiful floral scent but it does not last long on the skin when you get out to me it smells like floral with a ton of orange.So without further ado I will get on to the products which I managed to purchase and photograph.

Baa Baa bubble bar I had to adopt this little fellow because he only has one eye but usually the do have two I will promise you this but I have to purchase ones which are not normal like me should they have them. Baa Baa to me reminds me of parma violets the sweets which you used to consume as a child which I did not love to eat but I love the scent. This for me is going to give two to three baths which does not impress me that much due to the fact that it the same price of the other bubble bars. I haven’t tried this one in the bath yet but I am sure you will see it on my Instagram when I do. You can pick up this little fellow for the price of £3.95.

The Mum is another sweet bath bomb it reminds me of either lovehearts or refresher sweets which may be too sweet for some people but to me it is one which I like as it makes a change from sickly sickly products. It has so much orange and lemon scent which if you know me is some of my favourite scents. The mum does come in a couple of colours however they are the same scent it is only the colours which make a difference this is the reason why I only purchased one of the products. It almost reminds me of love locket which came out for valentines day a couple of years ago you can get your hands on this bath bomb for £2.95 which is one of the cheapest bath bombs lush stock.

Does your mother know bubble bar is another item I purchase this shares it sent with one of my favourite products which is the Frozen bath bomb. This is a huge bubble bar which is the same size as the comforter which means that I can get between 4 to 6 baths out of this which to me means that it is really good value. This one which is going to make my mood happier because of the fact that it contains grapefruit and it smells amazing this is one which I could be purchasing a handful before mothers day does disappear.

Elsie the giraffe your havin a bath this one of my favouite is one of my from this range I think that this is because it is a giraffe which I love as an animal . I will worn you that the head can fall of because of the fact that the head is so heavy on a stick. This is a reusable bubble bar which means that you can swirl this under the water a number of times this features orange, grapefruit and lemon so of course this is going to be one of my favourites. This is going to be one which I am going to use a lot of the times I have actually purchased a second one of these because I think that I am going to add one to Jess’s Easter basket which I will be sharing in the future. This reusable bubble bar is available for £6.95 which is not bad which is going to be able to use for a long time.

For a long time I have stated that Lush do not have enough shower jelly this is when they came out and launched Pink Custard.  This is reminds me of the telitubbies maybe because I made Jess watch it a couple of weeks ago. This is supposed to have the same scent as think pink which has been changed but to me I can not really smell anything at all I need to see if this changes in the shower when I put in under the water because I think that I may be able to smell something stronger. This is not one of my favourite shower jellys I hope that I fall in love with it in the future because I was so desperate for a shower jelly to be launched.  I know a lot of people thought that this was going to smell like twilight but unfortunately this does not. This shower jelly is £4.95 for 100g and £8.50 for 250g

Soap is not something which I love but I smelt this sunrise soap which I could not purchase because it smells like orange and lemon sherbets which is amazing for me as you my see from the kind of products which I love. This smells like a brightside bubble bar but in soap form which is one of my bubble bars when I am not feeling my normal self. I think that I would love this to be released in shower gel form as it would be something which would really wake me up in a morning and due to the fact that I have a shower around 6am this is something which I could do with sometimes. This is £4.25 for 100g.

Scrubee is a body butter which has to be used in the shower you wet him and then rub him all obver before rinsing him off. The black which you can see under the body butter is the coconut shell I will tell you now that this is a very effective scrub and something which I will be using in the summer months when I need to get rid of some of my dead skin. This is a product which I think smells a lot like white chocolate and must resist trying to eat it because it does smell that good. I am going to have to make sure that I wipe all the damp away from the body butter when I use it because it is not one which I want to go mouldy on me. Scrubee for sure is one of the favourites of people I have spoken to.

What would you like from this mothers day range for either yourself or your mum?

Charlotte x

What We Did in January

I have decided that I am going to share with you hopefully every single month a reflection of the month and sharing with you what we have been up to. The reason behind doing this is because I love been able to look back and seeing what we were doing at a certain period of time. It also allows family who may not see Jess a lot to see what she has been up to as we can forget what we have been doing when we have not seen them for a long time.

January has not been the most exciting month even though I think we have done a lot this month the reason behind this is because I feel like everything seems to be a little bit dull after Christmas when everything seems to be all glitzy and bright.

We celebrated New Year with a meal on New Year’s Eve at Joe’s Uncle’s house we had a roast beef Christmas dinner if this makes any sense. We even had the crackers as you can see from the picture above I will state now Jess was actually laughing at this not crying she could have been from this picture.  I could not believe that she managed to eat all what she was given which was a lot and then she managed to polish off a desert as well. Over new year Jess made a new friend which is a dog called Dixie apparently they were friends at first but the next day they were best friends Jess wanted to play with her toys constantly and have her by her side at all times it got that bad she even wanted to eat dog treats what more can I say they must have become really good friends.

We had a few family walks this month which included around Rutland Water even though it was pretty cold when we visited for a quick family walk it was so beautiful. This may be a place which I will have to visit when the weather is warmer than it was when we actually visited. 
January saw Jess take so many baths she must have had a couple of Lush baths at least and they are supposed to be treats. I might limit this back to once a month again because otherwise, she will dent her mummy’s collection even though she has at least 15 in her own collection.  She has had so many baths this month because she is a huge fan of them even without Lush she seems to want to get super messy so she can have a bath. I think she must really love the new toys which she has in her bath and they are warm which I think is her favourite Jess for sure does not like been cold. 
This month also saw Jess spilt her month between our house and then her Nanny and Grandad’s house which is always nice when she gets time to spend with them because this is something which she does not get to do a lot. This meant that we spend one of the weekends travelling back to Yorkshire it does not take long to do but it is one which we never like doing. I think this is because we actually get so bored and this is the reason why we do not like doing this drive that often. 
We have had a lot of chill days this month because as some of you may know I have had a couple of exams and they may not have been the greatest but let’s hope I passed them. I found them so hard because of the fact that Christmas was not that long ago and we have too I found it hard to actually find time to revise for them but let’s hope I did well enough. Currently, I have had two assignments back both 2:2 but not that far off a 2:1 which I would need to apply for my masters. I had a week of which saw us declutter quite a lot I donated so much to the local charity shop however, I do have loads which I will be putting up for sale currently I have a small amount on Ebay but I am thinking about creating a second Instagram and selling some items there let me know if this is something which you would be interested in. 
The only other adventure we took this month was taking Jess’s Great Nan to York which as some of you may know is my University city and a place I spend more time in than I do my own city. We had a lovely walk around the city even though it was pretty cold we managed to have a good mooch around the shops. We took a trip to Lush because Lush York is my favourite and I have Jess addicted as well as Joe but I haven’t managed to get the future Grandma in Law I might have to buy her some at some stage so she will see how amazing lush is. We had a lunch at slug and lettuce which was not as amazing as when we had previously visited. We also visited the designer outlet and this meant that I got my first liquid lipstick from MAC which was super exciting. 
Currently, I do not know what we have planned for the month of February I think that we might have a few meals out because one it is actually Valentines.  We have grandma’s birthday which means that I get to do some shopping which is going to be super fun for me. We might even manage to get a trip down to see Joe’s family but this may not happen because university is going to get super busy again. We also have the start of the rugby season which is something very exciting for me because it’s a sport I adore and it’s a kind of escape from me.
What have you been up to in Janury? What do you have planned for February?
Charlotte x

Living Arrows #4 – First Week Back

As you may remember this was Jess’s first week back at nursery for a whole month because she has not been used to the 5.45am get-ups and then she is always on the go at nursery because she does not like to nap as she feels like she will miss something. This site of her napping is something which I have seen a lot either it been on our train ride home or when she has been at home. This Saturday she actually went for a 6-hour nap in the afternoon this shows how tired she had been and how worn out she is hopefully this is something which will be changing once she gets back into her routine. As nice as it is to see her sleeping I do want some time to bond with her because otherwise, I am sure she will forget who we are.

Another thing which has occurred this week is the fact Jess has been super hungry I am sure this girl could easy eat me out of house and home. She loves her food as you can see she is munching on Pasta here even nursery said they have never known someone who enjoys food so much. I am actually glad that she is not a fusty eater because I feel like this would be one of my worst nightmares she even likes foods such I don’t like black pudding.  I hope this is something which continues in the future as I know this can change as they grow up.

This is one of my favouite photo’s of the week which is Jess and her Grandad walking around the supermarket. This picture proves to me that she is not a baby anymore she sure is a toddler which is not something I am loving I miss my baby.  I am looking forward to some the achievements which are to come such as her speaking coming on and other amazing things we have to come. All which I will be sharing with you on this blog I am sure you will enjoy the ride.

What have you been up to this week?


Living Arrows

Living Arrow #3 – Final Week Of Freedom

I really can’t believe that my Christmas holiday’s have finally come to an end tomorrows sees me back at university since the 9th December which seems like forever I have only been back three times since then for exams and a course. This weekend has felt like the last week of freedom and we have had a busy week of decluttering but also we have had so much fun been together all week.

This picture sums up our week very very cheeky with lots of climbing and playing with toys, We have managed to play with a lot of the toys which she was lucky to recieve for Christmas because she went away quickly after it means she has hardly played with them. This meant she had nearly forgot about them so was so super excited to play with them again. We even took some of her old toys to the charity shop which she has outgrown and saved some like this rubber ring for if there ever is baby number 2.

If you have not realised by now Jess really loves to have her picture taken so when she decided that she would try her Grandad’s hat on she had to adjust it so that she looked her best for when a photograph was taken. I love that it is so easy to get photographs of Jess because it is going to be a lot easier with look back that the changes and all the progress she has made this year. I love how this shows her cheeky streak which she currently has going on.

The final picture I am going to share with you this week is one which was only taken because it is a momentous occasion. This was Jess having her very first subway this is a place which I like to eat at if looking for a quick healthy lunch. As you may noticed yes Jess does open her sandwich up and eat the contents then the bread. I can’t believe that she is now old enough to have one where has my little girl gone can you please bring her back I don’t like having a grown toddler. This week marked her turning 16 months which is crazy when it doesn’t seem long since she was born.

What have you been up to this week?

Charlotte x

Smalls For All

January seems to be the month where everyone starts to declutter this something which I have also done this is due to the fact that I have just come back from my boyfriends house with another ton of stuff and I hate to say it my house has not got any bigger so I have to be selective what I want. Instead of actually just throwing everything that I not longer want I have been trying to help charity because it cost hardly anything and we never know when we may need help from them. 

One thing which I noticed when I started sorting out my clothing is the amount of bra’s I have this is something which amazed me.  When I sorted through them I realised that I had 13 which were in still great condition but they no longer fitted me due to the fact my boobs have grown so much since having Jess. I knew that you could not send them to the charity shop but I could not throw them into the bin because someone could have so much wear out of them. This sent me researching into a way I could help others. 

This is when I come across smalls for all they collect and distributes underwear to women and children in Africa.They help those living in orphanages, slums, camps and schools, as well as providing underwear to hospitals to help those suffering from medical conditions. Underwear is a luxury some people can’t afford. This may not seem much to use donating bras but young girls can be forced to miss days off school each month.  

Having a bra in a country such as Zambia and Malawi means that she is from a wealthy family this could potentially mean that a girl is not raped which I know is terrible due to the fact we would just through bras in the bin when they are not longer any use to us. 
All it costs you is the postage to the company because unfortunately this is not free but I managed to send 13 bras for £2.85 and I know this could help a small village. I have actually made my mum do this so we can help even more people 

If you want any more information please look at their website which is http://www.smallsforall.org/get-involved/donate/

Do you have any unwanted underwear which you could use to help?

Charlotte x