Lush Father’s Day 2017

Lush is not somewhere where you think of straight away when you think of purchasing a gift for father’s day however, for the last two years Lush have launched a Father’s day collection so this year I decided to go and pick it all up and give you my first impressions on it all.

The first items is the only bath bomb in the collection and this is superdad this is a large bath bomb compared to the mum which came out in the mother’s day collection. I think it could be one of the widest ones lush actually do. The scent of this is one which is quite unique and almost like nothing they do it is a woody but smokey smell which almost makes you think of Dad’s and almost the fragrance they use. My dad is not one who is likely to go in the bath so this bath bomb is going to be one which I will end up using no doubt in the winter as I am loving my Christmas scents at the moment.

Dirty Styling cream is something which is new this year a styling cream basically means that it is like a gel where you can put it on flyaways or if you are a man you may use it to spike your hair up. I currently am trying to use up a lot of my hair product up but this is one which I can not wait to try out because of the fact that it is dirty scented. I have become a huge fan of this scent recently. Dirty for those who have not smelt it is almost like a mint mouthwash scent is the best way I can describe it. It has spearmint and mental crystals in which makes it a very cooling mint scent I have a feeling that this going to be a great product to use in the summer months because of the ingredient I think this could be one which I pick up a couple of before it disappears.

Smuggler’s Soul is a scent which has 3 items in this collection this year the first of them is the facial scrub as some of you know I adore scrubs with my favourite been ocean salt. However, this s
crub really does not smell of much which for me is disappointing because I really do love the smuggler’s soul scent. This is going to be one which is going to be able to take off a lot of the dead skin off my face which in theory should mean that my make up will apply even better than it is currently.  I have because I think they might be something which Joe would like to try when he comes back and as you know Lush do not keep things in after the occasion usually only a month.

The next item which I picked up from the range is the multipurpose cream which you obviously can use like a body lotion  which is what I usually do with products like this.  Smuggler soul is perfume which came out a year or two ago I can’t remember. The scent of it is  lemongrass and sandalwood which makes it very warm and smoky which makes it smell a little bit manly but this is something which I actually adore. The thickness of this is pretty thick which means that the the it really moistuises your skin.  This is one which I can see me picking up a couple more of before the end of the collection because I do actually love it. 

Modfather is another which was out last year as well this is in the only bubble bar in the range which to some people may seem strange as lush are known for their bubble bars and bath bomb yet there is hardly any in this small collection.  This design is like the MODS from the 60’s and I feel like one of the smallest bubble bars which we have. However, the scent of this is to die for I have a couple from a last years still left. It is a such a orange scent which is amazing as you may know if you have read some of my precious hauls I love the citrus scents it smells like bouncing bunny which is one of my all time favourite shower gel. 

The final item of  the Smuggler’s soul solid shampoo bar because if you are not familiar with shampoo bars you lather them up in your hands and then put it all over the hair. These can last months I think one of my old solid shampoo bars lasted me around a year but then I do only wash my hair once a week. Again this smells like smuggler soul but I have a feeling that this is one of the strongest scent out of the three products which have just been launched.  For me when I used these kind of shampoos I can get a whole week without having to was wash my hair sometimes I only have to use dry shampoo once as well this shows how clean lush makes you.

The final item from the father’s day range is the stairway of heaven which is a huge guitar if you go in stores some of the stores actually have them. The soap smells like palmoviolets if you are a lush fan it does smell like daddyo shampoo I had to pick this one because it is the shampoo which Joe has been using before he left which means that I have not managed to start using this. Don’t worry I purchased him a huge chunk which he can have when he comes home and if he doesn’t want it woo more for me.

Have you ever thought about purchasing Lush for Fathers’ Day?

Charlotte x