Jess’s 2nd Birthday Haul

As you might know on the 15th September Jess turned two I know where had my baby girl gone now she is a grown-up little toddler who loves been super independent. On the run-up to her birthday, I have been reading up on what other people had been purchasing for their toddlers because as you might know, Jess is rarely at home because she is in full-time nursery and this means she does not actually get a lot of time spent at home to play with toys.  So I thought I would share with you what Jess actually got for her birthday.

I am not bragging about what she got because I know she is a very lucky little girl people did not have to spend any money on her however they did and I am sharing with you the lovely gifts she got.
First of all is the card which we actually got Jess usually I wouldn’t include cards in a post like this, however, I had it specially designed from the lovely handmade_by_bubblestorm on Instagram. Jess is paw patrol mad and I had been trying to find one which was paw patrol with daughter on with no much success so when I found this lovely lady I knew I had to purchase. I think either the crayon and colour of Skye it was £5 as part of an offer she was conducting one Friday. I would recommend checking her store out because she does amazing cards.

Jess was super lucky to that her grandparents purchased her some amazing toys which she loves to play with. The first one which she received was the my little pony slide and ramp. Jess has never seen the my little pony show however this does not mean that she does not love playing with this toy. We have had all sorts go down the ramp not only the ponies and car which are supposed to. Jess also likes to try and make them go even faster so that they crash and hit people wow that just tells you a lot about the kind of person my child is to be honest.

Books are something which recently Jess has really got into she loves having a bedtime story read to her most nights if we are not in too late. As a big paw patrol fan, these books are going to be perfect which she received because they are small enough so she can try and read them herself they are board books which means she shouldn’t be able to damage them as easy. They feature all of her favourite characters and are something which I had not seen prior to her birthday but since have seen multiple times I would recommend these for any paw patrol fan.

The next item which she received does have a story as such behind it last summer when we were on holiday with her grandparents we saw these hoodies however they did not go small enough I think they started at age 3-4 which would have buried her. This is a really nice pale blue shade which says totally awesome on the front and has a huge crab on the back this is something which I am sure Jess is going to wear a lot in these autumn mornings and the early spring ones when you need something on because it’s still chilly.

The final item which her grandparents purchased some wooden food, unfortunately, I can not show you a picture of this because Jess is currently busy playing with it. It is a meat and fish set which comes with a chopping board and knife. This will allow her to practice cutting up food as such and also learn what the item of food is this is something which she has not stopped playing with since she received it. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is going to last a long time as well and shouldn’t be broken easily.

My auntie and uncle purchased this little mini kitchen which means that Jess, in theory, can cook the wooden food it did come with a frying pan and spatula, however, I think currently Jess has these bits. This is going to be interesting to see how much Jess uses this because we are planning on purchasing her a kitchen for Christmas. This one does actually have a hob which sizzles like you are cooking real food which makes a little bit more realistic. The only fault I have with this is the fact it doesn’t come with any food which means that you do have to purchase more food or they have to use their own imagination that you are cooking food.

The first item which we got Jess is Everest cuddly toy which is 27cm. The reason behind this purchase is because Jess did have 4 of the pups and it may just be me because I have an addictive nature I need to have the complete set so this was one of the reasons that Jess got this item. I knew that this would be something which she loved due to the fact that with the other pups which she had we have she actually sits and feeds them and even tries to put them to bed. It is so cute it is almost like what other children may do with dolls however Jess loves to do them with pups.

The other pup which Jess needed to complete the whole set was the Rocky pup. I am someone who is constantly watching paw patrol I knew we had to have this one as he was the main pup we had missing because Everest is only in the last couple of seasons. Again she will end up taking him to bed as well as putting him on the floor with a blanket over and telling us we have to be quiet because the pup is sleeping. She has not been home a lot which means that Jess has not actually been playing with them however I am sure this will change the more she spends time at home. We picked both the pups up on Amazon because we never can find the size we wanted to match the pups we already have I
know these are not cheap but they are something which Jess is going to get plenty of use out of these.

Books are something’s which Jess loves she loves to be able to have a bedtime story before bed on the nights when we do not get in too late and she is not too tired. The first book which we purchased is the very hungry caterpillar the reason I purchased this was because she is obsessed with dear zoo which is a book which she has been reading at nursery a lot. We have not read this book yet but I am sure she is going to adore it because she also loves fruit and this book might help her learn some of the fruit which she does not know the names of yet.

The next book we purchased is another cult classic and that is the tiger who came to tea I think this is a book which I actually remember reading in primary school.This is one which has an amazing storyline which I really can not wait to be able to read Jess in the future. I am sure she is going to love being able to look at the gorgeous pictures which this book has while I read this because of the fact she is not going to be able to read this yet. This for sure is going to be one which we are going to read at bedtime in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, this story is not going to disappoint and it is as good as I remember.

The next item which Jess got for her birthday is this book which is called where is the lighty faust the lion the reason behind this purchase is because I was in a bookstore looking for other books for her advent calendar. However, I spotted this book and because of the fact that it is a flap book a little bit like Dear Zoo which Jess adores I thought this is something which she might like because it is interactive when I am reading her a story which is amazing. I thought it might be nice for her to have a new story because I am starting to get a little bit bored of reading dear zoo sometimes I have to do it 3-4 times a night.

My brother knew that Jess recently had been getting into jigsaws because of the fact that she is growing up and sometimes like to spend a little bit of her quiet time doing jigsaws. He actually purchased her this one which has shapes around the edge which will help her learn her shapes because this is something which she is currently learning. It also has a clock face all over the front which would allow Jess to be able to learn the time when this is going to be perfect. Due to the fact it is wooden, it means that it is not going to break easily I am sure this is something which she is going to get a lot of use out of.

The next item which Jess got might seem a really random purchase to you because of the fact that she is only a 2 year old so why would she want bath bombs which change the colour of the water. These are the Crayola ones which you can use a couple of the bath bombs and they will go the colour as shown on the packet. I picked these up for Jess because of you read my bathtime post you will know that she loves being in the bath. I think that this is something different and it will blow her tiny little mind that you can mix these like you would paint. I actually saw these in Primark which that I do not know how long these are going to be available. I can not wait to see how these actually perform in the bath.

Another item which Jess got was a paw patrol etcher sketch I think they are called because recently something which Jess has loved to do is draw however, this can mean having a ton of her pictures and sometimes she gets bored so far though. This allows her to draw to her heart’s content and constantly this is something which already ha a had ton of use. This is not just because it is paw patrol which is her favourite thing. Jess loves using the stamps which it comes with and calls them her dabbers this is something which I picked up on groupon so is not the most sturdy and I can see her breaking it at some stage. This is something which would be great for traveling because Jess would be able to sit and draw for a long time and keep herself entertained

I think the final item which Jess received for her birthday was another item which she is busy playing with and that is a Mama’s and Papas Cruizer pram. We decided that we were going to purchase this for Jess was because she really likes to push her walker around when she is at home and when at the grandparents she seems to gravitate towards the pram. So we decided that it may be time to purchase one for Jess however, I  have a feeling that instead of actually having dolls in the pram it is going to have pups in. This pram is actually very sturdy this is something I was looking for because I did not want her to break it easy as she can be very rough with her toys.

If you would like any reviews on the items Jess got for her birthday let me know? Also, what did your two-year-old get for their birthday?

Charlotte x