Tackling Sleeping In Own Room As Toddler With Gloclock

As, I am sure you know by now we have just moved into our first family home. Which has meant there has been a lot of changes around here.  One of those changes has been Jess getting her own room for the first time. This is something which I was worried about. I know this may sound really silly as she is 3 years old and she has been sleeping through the night since around 7 weeks. However, I was scared that all the changes of moving i may be all too much for her. This may impact her sleep something which we did not want. So we purchased the glo clock. Jess usually is pretty good at going to bed and always has been an early riser even on a weekend on the whole.

If you have not heard of the glo clock before it is a sleep trainer for toddlers. The reason behind us purchasing this product was just before we moved house she had been pushing her bedtime. It got to the stage where she was not actually going to sleep till around 11pm. This is not ideal when she is only 3 and had a whole day at nursury ahead of her. In order for us to be able to get things in place for the house. We was finding ourselves having to physically wake her up. Something which we was not enjoying and to be truthful neither was we.

I knew when we got the house and she ended up with her own space this was going to have to change. There was no way we could keep her like that as she was always grumpy. Of course. she had less energy which meant more tantrums and it was horrible. Jess now is back in a routine where she goes to bed between 7-7.30pm on a week day. Of course, if she has been good she may get to stay up longer on the weekend. We have found that she does wake up around 7am. This means that she is getting the recommended 12 hours sleep for her age group because he no longer naps at nursery anymore.

Can I put the change and the increase in sleep down to the gloclock? Well it does make Jess want to go up the stairs to see if the blue Mr Star is on which indicates  bed time. You set the gloclock to night mode which turns it blue in turn the brightness goes down. Which of course you want because you do not want your child awake all night due to the distraction.

When it goes into night mode it also has the starts around the edges which indicates to your child how many hours it is till wake up again. For example if they woke at 4am and the sun was set from 7am it would have three stars. We have found that it does promote Jess to stay in bed a bit longer instead of trying to sneak out at 6am she will wait until it goes Yellow and Mr Sun rises.

We have found in the time which we have been using the groclock that Jess will sit and play in her room.  Reading stories or something similar till the time that she is allowed up. I have even debated setting it later on a weekend so I can have a lay in. She is still waking up around 7am when she does not need to be. I do wonder if she would notice if I did this?

You do not have to worry that it is going to run out of battery due it been connected to the mains. There would be nothing worse that it running out of battery during the night to be honest. The gloclock is so lightweight that it does mean you would be able to travel with it. Should this be to sleep overs at the grandparents house or even a weekend away. It takes less than 5 minutes to set up.  Another feature it does have is the option to add a nap time on it so this would be used if your toddler still naps. This is something we have not done because she is out all day at nursery and then on a weekend she naps if she wants. However, should we have another child in the future this is something which we may do.

I found the gloclock so reasonably priced around £20 because who can put a price on your toddler’s sleep. However, I regular find them on facebook selling pages cheaper. If you do not know how much use you will get out of one but fancy trying it.

Have you tried the gloclock if so what are you thoughts?


Charlotte xx

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