Superdrug haul

Hey Guys
The other day I popped into town to meet someone and found myself with a bit of time before so I popped into superdrug with the intention of just looking well that is never enough for me so I ended up spending some of my money and this is what I purchased.
As you can see I purchased the I love mango & papaya shower gel. I got this because of the fact I knew that I love the smell of this and come on shower gel always comes in handy. The brand do some amazing scents which really wake you up when having a morning shower they are very cheap as well only £2.05 random price right. I think that this could be classed as a unisex shower gel so any one could use it I know that I can’t wait to get my paws on to it even though I have loads of little ones to use first.
Next I purchased the MUA Undress your skin foundation I picked mine up in Beige. I purchased this because I have heard so many people on about this foundation I had to try it for myself. I have been using this for around a week now and I must admit I don’t really love it all too much. I will be reviewing this in the coming weeks so look out for that. This is only £5 so worth a look because there is a few shade so you may find one perfect for you.
Another item which I picked up has been raved about bloggers so I had to try is the L’Oreal 3 in 1 purifying miceller soloution . I must mention first this is on offer at Superdrug for £3.32 at the moment so you could save yourself some pennies. I love this product so much I used to have such as bad habit of removing make up with baby wipes but now since I got this I have been using it and can already feel the benefits which it is having to my skin which is always a bonus. You need to smallest amount as well which means that a bottle will go a long way. I will have a review on this in the near future.
As you can see I went a bit mad with I love lip balms. I purchased all three types they had in stock and will be purchasing the I love coconut and cream when they get it back in stock. Now these lip balms are only 99p and you get a fair bit in them 15ml to be exact these are a very sheer colour this is why I have no swatches as you couldn’t really see.These are not for people who want loads of colour but they are so moisturising and very scented you almost want to lick them off. They are perfect for in your handbag so that why I got three so I can have one at home one in my bag and one as a spare for when I lose one which I guess I will.  
Now finally I picked up the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bad Girl Bronze and also Bulletproof Beige. I must admit yes I have had them a week and still not used them. I needed to post this before I did in my eyes but how ever I have still managed to do a swatch of them both. the top one is the beige which I think would look perfect in the crease as it is not too bright and the one on the bottom is the bronze which I think would look nice when I am creating a smokey eye.

Have you tried any of these products what did you think?
Charlotte x

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4 thoughts on “Superdrug haul

  1. I am now very interested in that foundation, have you tried it and seen if you liked it yet? 🙂 And I love the smell of mango so that body wash looks right up my street!
    Found your blog through bbloggers chat yesterday and I love it, new follower 🙂

  2. I have used the scandleyes once now and I must say they seem to be pretty nice. You should try the L'Oreal it's a product now I don't think I could live without

    Charlotte x

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