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Valentine’s Day this year is going to be different. We are still going to be in lockdown 3.0. This means that going out on a date night with your other is not going to happen. Who would have thought way back in March when we went into lockdown the first time we would be still in this situation now.

This means for this Valentine’s Day it is going to be a little bit different. For example,, no romantic meals at a pricey restaurant followed by a couple of drinks in a nice bar. This year we are all going to be staying in after all that is the new going out. Today I am going to be sharing with you some ideas which you could do with your other half.

Dine in for two meals

Dine in for two meals are something which we have done for a number of years. Ever since we moved into this house I think. Usually all of the main supermarkets do them. This year I don’t see it been any different. Usually you get a main a side and desert sometimes a bottle of wine for £10-15. Of course, this does despond on the supermarket. I think this is something we will do this year. We may end up having to cook the kids a separate meal.

You can also cook a romantic meal together if cooking is something you both enjoy. You could go all out and make a three course meal. Maybe a mixture of your favourite foods. For sure, I think if we were lucky enough to have a baby sitter we may do this. As cooking is something which we love doing and it would be nice to spend time together doing something like this.


Instead of heading to the cinema to see one of the latest releases. Why not buy a film either on DVD or rent one. If you do not want to spend that much you could always stream a film from Netflix or Amazon. This is something we often do on a date night. To make it extra special you could either order in a graze platter box. I know there are a number of companies which are doing them. Or you could make your own with popcorn and sweet treats you might get from the cinema.

Pamper Night

After all self care is something which we all could do with by the bucket load at the moment. Why not have your own spa at home night for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you could get your partner to do a facemask with you. Run a hot bath and go wild with the bubble bath or bath bombs. Maybe even crack out the candles before having your partner give you a massage with oils before you return the favour. At the moment I would pay for someone to give me a massage. All the working out I am doing is making my body so achy even though I am reaping the benefits from it.


Is gaming more you think you could easily play a co-op game. If this is some which you both enjoy. There are so many different ones. We have been loving playing Carnival and Mario and Sonic. This is something which we have played a lot as a family since we have being spending more time at home. Of course, if we can always purchase more games should want to during a game night. They also get super competitive. There can be tantrums thrown if the right person doesn’t win. Depending on what console and what preference you have I am sure there is a game out there for you and your partner.

If you do not like electronic gaming you could choose to play a board game instead. If this is something which you would prefer. Why not get really competitive and play a game like Monopoly or Pandemic which seem so fitting right now. You can now even purchase escape rooms which you can do with you other half from home. This sounds like something fun. I know this something which we have been debating doing for a number of year however, have never got around to doing. It may be worth researching this is this is something which you and your partner would enjoy.

Treasure Hunt

This is an idea which I saw online which was you either get a pack of cards. Then you write on each one a reason why you love your other half.  This is something which you could do and then make them find all of them you could hide them in really random places. For sure this is one which you could get your children involved in if this is something which you think they would enjoy. For sure, I know Jess is one of those who would love doing this. It could take you a while to find them all. It is one which would keep us busy all day.


This is something which could be weather dependant or you could always have a picnic in your front room. After all Valentine’s Day in February and in the UK that does not mean we will have amazing weather. You could take some hot tea or coffee, some sandwiches and cakes You could even make some of your favourite treats before hand evn shaping them into lovehearts to mark the occasion. Make it a really cute little date or even a few of your favourite things it could be like having afternoon tea outdoors.

What are your plans this valentine’s day?

Charlotte xx


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