Spice Up Your Life {AD}

It’s hard to deny the fact the 90’s seem to be coming in at the moment. Whether it is the neon trends which all are over the highstreet, the films which are coming out scream 90’s with Aladdin,Lion King and Toy Story all been released this summer. I have heard there is even retro tamagotchi are mean. t to be coming back this year. Of course,currently their is one of the most popular girl bands of the 90’s on tour in the UK. The Spice Girls I know a number of people my age who have been to see them.

When I am having a cleaning session or gym session where I need some motivational uplifting music. The spice girls usually can be found on my playlist. There is something about that music for sure it brings back memories of when I was growing up. There actually on tour until the 15th June however, I know most tickets are sold out you may be able to get our hands on a couple if you really want some 90’s nostalgia. Alongside this tour the Spice Girls are setting out to reward their Best Ever Fan with Walkers. You can see the brand new advert – HERE.

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The spice girls to me are one of the original girl bands there music just knows how to get everyone going. Whether it is at a party or whether it is simple as a way to keep your motivation up. If you are having a bad day there is nothing better than been able to stick on Wannabe and it instantly makes your mood a lot better. For sure this is something which I have done so much recently. Nostalgia music is for sure something which always seems to brighten up my way. There is nothing better than been able to have a sing along.

I feel like they are going to be even more inspirational and be able to gain more fans as a result of the comeback tour. For sure their is a generation who do not know about the spice girls and girl power. This is a movement which they played a huge part in. This is something which we are still seeing girls supporting girls and been proud of been female.

I remember having a number of their CD’s back in the day before everything was on spotify. There was a time when I was able to sing so many of their songs of by heart. This is something which I am unsure if I can do still.  I seem to remember I also had a number of tshirts back in the day because there were a band I loved. Of course, I wanted to be sporty spice because I was sporty even back then. As you can tell not a lot has changed since then.

Are you loving the nostalgia? Will you be going to see the spice girls this tour?

Charlotte xxx

This is a sponsored post however all words are my own

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