Spending Family Time Together At Sporting Events

Spending time together as a family can be hard due to all been busy people. I know since I have had Jess it can be harder to find time to spend with my parents even though I have been living with them for a period of time. One thing which allows me to spend a lot more time with my Dad and Brother is that we all have a shared passion for sport . This does mean that we can spend a couple of hours sometimes at a home match watching our beloved Hull FC or even travel to a different part of the country to see our team.

I know I am super lucky to have shared passion or hobby I guess you could call it with two of my family member. Sport is not something which really interests Joe or his side of the family even thought they may watch it if I am around because they do not want to deny me watching it. Sport does not have to be played to mean that it can be a shared passion there is many nights where it will be spoken about at the dinner table.  This is as well as been able to spend some quality time together as a family how many Dads for example can say they spend a few hours together every fortnite with there teenage son and adult daughter. This is something which my Dad can enjoy as a result of us spending time together watching sport.

For us as a family it does not have to be rugby league we have a wide array of sports which we enjoy. These include football which my brother is season pass holder for the local team, horse racing which they travel all over the country to visit other racecourses to see top quality racing. We have attended a range of other sports as well including Cricket which I really enjoy the twenty twenty or the one day format of the game. While the boys enjoy all formats of the game which can be too long for me to focus.

Next year, the cricket world cup is coming to the UK, with 48 games of one day internationals to be played between 30th May and the 14th July.  There are games all over the country which hopefully we are going to be able to attend to a number of them. With Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham and Chester-le-street all been in travelling distance. With my brother home from university in the summer it is going to be the perfect time to spends some quality time together. There will be matches on a weekend which means that you could spend some time at the cricket and have amazing time. I might even take Jess to her first game of cricket next year you do not have to be an expert of the game there is even a handy family guide for the world cup.

As you can see from the promotional video it for sure is going to be a carnival/ party atmosphere. For sure this is going to be one sporting event which you could create so many memories at for sure. I even still remember the first time we went to see England play at Old Trafford several years ago now these memories say with you for a long time. Who knows it could be the start of more family time and memories created as a result of sport.

Are you planning to attend the cricket world cup?


Charlotte xxx

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