Small Business Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Today I am sure you are aware because of all the emails which you will have had is Black Friday. However, today instead of sharing with you all of the deals I am going to share with you some of the amazing smaller brands which I love. I have purchased some gift this festive season for some of them and also I have purchased some for my self. Others are companies I have my eye on and I might actually purchase before the big day.

On Junpier!

These are a company who I have recently stumbled upon and I am so glad that I have actually. They do an amazing selection of products. They are aimed at Children which because they sell bath bombs I find really interesting it means that it is not going to damage their skin. The bath bombs which I have tried are actually ones which change colour in the water. This is something which Jess finds fascinating she is one of those children who loves to spend a long time in the bath. I think if she could she would always have a Lush bath bomb but as we all know some can be pricey. They tint the water and they do have a bit of a nice scent I can not work out what they actually smell of to be honest. They do come in a packets for 3 which means that you could split them up and use this as 3 separate gifts in the little ones stocking. For 3 bath bombs you pay £10.50 these are not going to dry your child’s skin out even if you spend a long time in the bath like Jess does.

On Junpier! is not a brand that just do the bath bombs they also do lip balm which is amazing if you a child who suffers with dry lips. They do flavours which sound amazing including Cola, Chocolate and Cherry. All of these flavours sound like they are going to be super tasty. For sure I know if Jess struggled with chapped or dry lips these are something which she would let me apply. Or she is going to be able to apply it like lipstick. Applying lipstick is something which she loves to pretend that she is doing now. These are only £4.30 as well. I would recommend this brand as they are so amazing and high quality products. They are all natural as well which means no nasties going into your child which for me is a huge bonus.

Mini Writers Club

This is one for the little ones in your lives who you may have to purchase for. This is a company which I found on instagram and their help little ones get ready for actually been able to write, They give you several activities to do they are themed so in September it was a space themed box with October being Halloween. I know there is a Christmas box which I have managed to miss out on because it’s already sold out. The activities which you get sent these are hand eye cordination based which gets the little one to improve their skills. This could enhance them doing hand eye cordination tasks can make them used to things between their finger close to how we grip a pencil. With the very useful cards it tells you why this activity is good. All of the items which you need to do the craft activities are also included in the box which I think is amazing. Sometimes we do not have all of the things which we would need. These boxes are suitable for between the ages of 3-5 years old.  The boxes are £14.95 all in which for me is a bargain and can be purchased here.

Happy Place Cosmetics

Another company which I came across last year is Happy Place Cosmetics.I have made a couple of orders from them in the past and some have been for Christmas gifts one thing which I love about this brand is that they are cruelty free. You can actually purchase personalised items so if you have someone who may not be able to purchase their name often on items this is amazing. As you can see from the picture above this is something which we have chosen to do on some gifts. The scents are so strong but not too strong that you are unable to use them because they are super over powering. They o a range of different products including shower gels, bath bombs, body lotions. These are perfect for both men and women who you may have to purchase for this festive season. The prices are no more expensive than Lush and you are supporting a smaller business. I have found that the products do last for a long time which is always a bonus because when something is good you want to use it as much as you can. At the moment they have some super festive scents which sound so good I just want to eat them which I do not think is healthy.


There are a couple of company which I have used when I have been finding them for my office. I have a lot which is from Jemma from Dorkface she is currently on leave until July but her blog is still fabulous. I am going to share with you two different kinds of prints which I love. The first is one if the person who you are purchasing is for Film or TV fan then MyInspirationArt. Then this company are for you they are a very small etsy shop but they are of very high quality. I have just made a purchase for myself. It is on good quality paper these would look great a frame this festive season more so if you can get something which they love. Another company again one which can be found on Etsy is OlivaLeighPrints this company do music quotes. One which I got is an Ed Sheeran print because I am obsessed with his music and have been for a long time. She is also does movie prints and this is where I got a Captain America one of course these are so good quality or I would not be recommending. Both companies are very affordable and if you know someone who would love them why not make a small company happy by ordering.


Who does not love a bit of chocolate for sure I know I do. I want it more if it looks super pretty I am a sucker for this kind of thing. When Cocoa and Heart got in touch asking me if I would like to try some of their amazing products how could I do anything but accept. They do a range of different chocolate based products including Unicorn hot chocolate which would be amazing paired with the mugs from the women’s gift guide. They for sure do not do boring chocolate as you can see there is lollipops with different animals on which I am going to put in Jess’ stocking because she is animal obsessed at the moment. I have a friend who is unicorn obsessed so would love some of the unicorn products which the website is home to. I have tried some of the products and I could not believe how amazing it is. I could always eat chocolate and I am sure that people would love this as a gift. Due to the fact that it is handmade it more expensive than it would normally be. The quality of this is amazing and I would recommend purchasing it because of cause it is always good to support small business. They chocolate for as little as £1.50 so they would make amazing stocking fillers or secret santa.

Atlanta Designs 

Another company which I have purchased off when I was at York Balloon Festival. I purchased a few prints for the office which are animals because this something which they specialist in. They also do some amazing wanderlust prints with polar bears are also with balloons.I have purchased a money boxes which I think you would be able to all the spare coins in which will mean that at the end of the month or a period of time you will be able to have a bonus. Atlanta designs do some coasters which are of high quality these are the ones which I have been using on my desk in order to prevent staining. They do the same prints which means like me if you dream of travelling you can have something to remind you of the dreams. The do a mug and coaster set which is only £12 I can only assume of the quality of the items are as high as the other items. If the special person in your life is into jewellery there is homemade jewellery which can be purchase. Again this is of animals which makes me think of all the long hours which have gone into the pieces. These are reasonably priced at £10 which is a steal.  There is so much more I could purchase from this company. I am sure I will be in the new year.

From Lucy 

From Lucy is another company which I have my eye on a few things recently.I have just purchased a book which allows me to store some of Jess’ creations in. I am sure if you are a fellow parent with a child in nursury who is into arts and crafts as much as Jess. You will have a ton of art work come into the house every single week. The book which I ordered allows you to store up to 20 of the creations in it meaning that they have homes instead of cluttering up your house.  This would be a great present to a mum or even a grandparent maybe who doesn’t get to see the grandchild as often as they would like. They also do boxes which are challenges for someone which could be something like a few date ideas for your other half. Or challenges for those who are super hard to buy for and we put off till last moment. If you have little ones who like books you can also get personalised books for example the day that they were born book this is alongside books which are like personalised Christmas books. Something which I have my eye on is the happy memory box because when times are down, You would read the happy memories and it may not seem as hard. This is something which would be great for me when Joe is away as these are the harder times.


Speaking of Joe been away something we purchased was a countdown which allows us to see how long it is till he is home. This could be worth it if you have a parent which is working away They do not just do countdown boards they also do routines ones which allows you to make sure that the child is going something properly. For example you could praise with them for doing something correctly several times if this is something which you want to do. They also do reward charts which could be used for potty training which you could gift if you are looking for practical gifts this year. These are hand painted which means that they may be a longer turn around. These help the child learn which I think is always a bonus. Craftly products are not cheap however, they are made so well that they are going to be able to be used for a long time. I am sure that no doubt over time they are a company which we are going to purchase more and more from.

What small buisness have you been loving this year? I am always looking to expand the amount of companies I purchase from.

Charlotte xx

This post contains PR sample however, all views are my own.

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