Small August Primark Haul

Hi Guys

Today I am going to share with you a small primark haul. I decided that I was going to pop in on Friday. I did get one more item on this haul but that is clothing for Jess so will be featured in my Jess August clothing haul which will be coming up at the end of the month.

The first item I purchased was a pair of marvel pjs. I decided to get these for a number of reasons the first was because there shorts and the weather in the uk has been meaning I want to wear not a lot to bed. Another reason is because they are marvel and I am a huge marvel addict who wouldn’t want to go to bed with the superheroes on there body. The final reason is because these were reduced from £8 to only £4 so this is why I picked them up I hate the fact that the are slightly to short on me but I can deal with them. They are going to stay at my boyfriends after all. 
The next item I picked up was this coral pair of flip flops the reasoning behind purchasing them at the start of August was due to me damaging my toes and having them swollen and strapped. This has made it really hard for me to wear shoes because everything is tight so I needed some flip flops. I decided to check primark due do the fact I am not bothered if these don’t last very long and only wanted to pay as little as possible as I don’t wear flip flops all year long these were only £3. I am sure I will get a lot of wear out of them this summer
The next purchase is a random one we was going to the till in the children’s section when we saw this adoreable unicorn. Unfortunately it really don’t photograph that well because it had flecks which changes colour. I made the fatal mistake of showing Jess who was in her pram who started kissing it and looked like she really adored it. So I had to add it to my basket and now it is something which has been added to her travel cot at daddy’s house and she cuddling it as well as shleepy in her sleep. I will post a picture on Instagram of her doing this when I can get one. But how can anyone say no to a unicorn which is cuddly gives your child pleasure and only costs £3 well I couldn’t. 
Another till purchase was this set of 3 bath finger puppets. I have never seen bath puppets before but Jess loves having baths and doesn’t have many toys at daddy’s for the bath. Her fingers are to small to put in the holes but mummy makes story’s with them. We have Zoe zebra Leo lion and Tommy tiger. They all seem to make Jess laugh her head off. The. She try’s to drown them when they are in the bath maybe it is her away of giving them a bath and cleaning them. These adoreable 3 puppets only cost £2.80 but I feel like they are going to bring so much pleasure and laughs. If you have ever seen anymore bath puppets let me know I would love to build our little collection. 

The final item I purchased was a DVD which I have wanted since it came out and that is zootropolis I meant to preorder it on amazon but forgot. So I picked it up when I saw it and hopefully am going to sit down one night with some snacks and cuddles and enjoy this film. I heard some amazing reviews of the film when it came out but I never actually had the time to go and see it in the cinema this is why I picked it up. It was only £10 the same price as it was in tesco and cheaper than two adults going to see it in the cinema. 
Have you been to primark recently if so what did you purchase?
Charlotte x
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5 thoughts on “Small August Primark Haul

  1. There's some lovely things in Primark but our closest one is too far away to just pop in. BUT I've heard some good news at the weekend that they're opening a shop locally! Woo-hoo!!!

    Love the Marvel PJs! I'll have to go see what they have in there because I need new PJs. x

  2. Thank you for telling me I have had them refunded and we now have minnie mouse ones. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have known I had two missing.

    Charlotte x

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