Skip Hop Unicorn Backpack Review

A year ago I was on the hunt for a nursery bag because Jess was going to be starting nursery and it meant that I needed to be able to carry a few items for her every single day. I actually watched a video that Jess Avey did a video which was all about what was in her toddler’s nursery bag. He has an amazing Skip Hop backpack and once I saw that I knew I had to have one. I think her son had the monkey one however, I knew that I needed to get one which could be a little bit more girly I am all for gender neutral but Jess does get called a boy a hell of a lot. This is when I saw this amazing Unicorn bag on the JoJo Maman Bebe website and this was before the unicorn trend actually started. I have seen a lot of people use these style of bags recently I think I have seen a couple of these people who have been had the unicorn bag.

These skip hop bags are actually £20 which to some people may seem expensive for a backpack bag for a toddler to carry or use for nursery. I did actually a discount code which got me £2 off this bag but I did worry that I had an purchased a bag which was actually expensive would not last us that long. This bag has actually lasted us at least a year I have been able to wash the bag I do not know if you’re meant to wash it, however, I did and it looked as good as new. I only washed it on a gentle wash I would not recommend washing it on a high temperature I think I did ours on a 30.

This is inside the bag as you can tell there is a lot of space in this bag and it does actually have a couple of complete full outfits in the bag. As you can see there is a lot of room which means that a lot more could be carried in the bag. I think I have managed to put a whole weekend worth of clothes including spares and pj’s as well as nappies and wipes which is a hell of a lot of stuff to fit in a bag which does not look like it will be able to fit that much in. This means you could use your bag as a weekend bag for your toddler or for your hand luggage if you lucky to be going on holiday.

The bag also has a huge pocket on the front which I have found is good for storing gloves and socks which is something which we always need now because Jess seems to be able to get her socks wet at nursery easy and I know I am going to need easy access to her gloves because of the fact that the seasons are changing and mornings are getting colder. I think this would be a great place for snacks if you are traveling because it is so easy to access them.  On the side, the bag does have a holder for a bottle which is great for when we are traveling because I can stick a fruit shoot in the pocket so I can grab it before Jess kicks off because she is thirsty.

The straps which are on the back can be adjusted which means this bag can grow with your toddler which is great because if yours is anything like Jess they will want to be able to carry their own bag. I can even adjust it so it fits over one of my shoulders should I need to carry the bag instead of Jess, for example, should I make the bag to full for her to carry it. I think that one of the reasons Jess wanst to carry her bag is because she thinks she is a big girl and because of the fact that the bag is so cute she wants to.  The straps as comfortable for Jess to be able to wear them all day which is great because it means that she is not going to get in discomfort when she wants to wear this.

I would say that the skip hop bags are worth the money because we have used ours nearly every single weekday for a year. However, if you are not going to use the bag every day and are scared that your child will not get their money’s worth I would look for a discount code or on Amazon as they are on offer every so often. I think that the quality of this is still as good as new of course it does have a few scraps from the use but you could not tell we have had this bag over a year. I think that had I purchased a cheaper bag I may have had to repurchase a new bag by now.

Have you tried a skip hop backpack?

Charlotte x

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