Six Places

Hey sorry I have missed out a few days I have just been uber busy hitting coursework deadlines.

Six Places I have decided to do as places I want to visit

1. Sydney it looks beautiful also it has the beautiful weather which is not what I can say for England and one day I hope I can call this city home.

2. New York I think this is because I would love to be able to shop and also see all the tourist things which you think of when you think New York

3. Dubai random place I know but this is somewhere which just appeals to me I am unsure why

4. Iceland I would love to be able to swim in the Blue Lagoons I can just imaging it been so amazing and such a once in a life time thing to do.

5. Monte Carlo I would only want to go when there is F1 on because I can just imagine how amazing it would be

6. Fiji and well all the other small islands near Oz because they look like nobody has spoilt them yet and this is something that I find amazing so I would love to see it.

Where would you like to visit in the world?

Charlotte x 

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