Siblings September 2020

Today I am going to be sharing with you how Jess and Troy are getting on in the month of September. This month has had one of the biggest changes Jess went to school. After months of her been home it has been really strange to adapt to not having her at home. I think we al had got used to having her home so there has been a new routine to adapt to. It is something which is going well Jess seems to be really enjoying school and thriving in the environment. I think she has missed learning because this is something loves.

Of course, this means that Troy has had to adapt to not having Jess around all of the time. We are unsure if he remembers her going to nursery because he was only a few months old. He will spend some of the day looking for her because of course, he is used to her been home. Even I have found it strange not been asked for a drink or a piece of food every couple of minutes.

Since they do spend some time apart it means that they try and make the most of the time when they are together. They want to play with each other more and share the toys which they have. I think it is nice to see now that they do miss each other and that means more fun times when together. This month they have been loving playing with the happyland figures again. For sure I think this is something which we are going to have to get some more of in the future. They have also been loving the magnets which Jess has as well.  Of course, Troy does not play with them as much as Jess does but it is nice to see him been able to share toys.

In the month of September we also celebrated Jess turning 5. This meant that she did get a few lovely presents which is always really nice. More so after the year we have had where we are unable to do a lot of days out. Which is something which we normally would do. Of course, with all of the restrictions it meant that we was unable to get a day out for her birthday like we normally would. This year we managed to have a small gathering with my parents. We end up playing on the switch and having a lot of fun with the games which are on there. We tried to make it the best 5th birthday that we could. Troy loved having the balloons this is something this month that we have discovered that he loves. He loved bating them around and then trying to shuffle after them he is still not crawling.

Teething has also been a huge part of this month. Troy now has 3 teeth one at the bottom and then the top two. These have been causing him some problems which has made him such a grumpy baby. We have one more which is very close to coming through an then fingers crossed we have a break for a while. This many mean that we can have some of the more fun times.

There has been some huge changes this month. For sure I do not think that October is going to be as eventful. However, who knows this year is one which is so full of surprises.

Charlotte xxx

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