Siblings October 2020

This month has gone in the blink of an eye there is several reasons why. You both enjoyed the fact that Daddy got to have two weeks at home due to having to isolate. After been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID. Of course, that was a treat for you because he has been away and is now away again. I am amazed how you both cope and adapt when it is just us 3 on our own. More so at the moment when we are unable to go many places or see people due to the restrictions.

This month we have seen Jess have her first half term which was spent with a lot of crafting and baking. Anything to keep her out of mischief really. Of course, there has been so many times where Jess and Troy have been playing together at the moment they seem to want to play with the toot toot police car which we have. That seem to be a firm favourite and gets Troy crawling all over the house a fast speed.

Of course, we have had half term this which means Jess has been home. We spent a lot of the week indoors we did a lot of crafting. As well as baking for the first time we made some chocolate apples. This was because of the fact we could not go the fair and this is normally somewhere we would pick them up. We also made some Parkin which we is something you traditionally get at bonfire night. For sure this is something which Jess enjoyed helping make. This for sure is something which we will do again in the future.

We even decided that the kids would dress up for Halloween. Even though this year this meant that there was going to be no trick or treating or even a gathering. We ended up having some Mummy hot dogs because they so fun to make and of course, they are slightly spooky which is a bonus. Of course, played a couple of games but there was not many board games we could play because been solo. We ended up playing a ton of animal crossing and this has sparked my love for the game again. After school every night at the moment Jess wants to come in and play it so we end up on it. I think the switch has been one of the best things which we have purchased this year because it does get so much use at the moment.

For sure, I know November is going to go super fast as well. We have most of the month as our little 3. Of course there is going to be a lot of planning for Christmas as well going on. We have some bits which I would like to declutter and make some room for new toys before Christmas and Troy’s birthday. Fingers crossed we are out of the lockdown by then and we can have his cake smash. I still have the majority of my shopping to do. Now it is all going to be done online now. I am trying to support some small business so will end up asking for some recommendations on Instagram when I get around to purchasing for certain people.


How has your October been ?


Charlotte xxx

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