Siblings November 2020

Another month has zoomed on by how has this happened Troy is nearly 11 months. We will blink and before we know it my baby will be 1. This month has been another one which we have had to stay home because we are in lockdown . No doubt we will end up in a high tier as well which will mean more restrictions for us. Hopefully by Easter life may be a little bit more normal again and we can all do the things which we love.

The month of November we have spent a lot of well majority of it as a family of 3. It has been eventful with Troy getting a viral infection and ending up with a hospital trip. Covid red wards are not a lot of fun at all. Thankfully he did not have Covid and is a lot better now. I think Jess really enjoyed the trip in the ambulance even if it did manage to scare her a little bit. It for sure was not nice seeing Troy as poorly as he was at that stage. This is one of the reasons why I have not been posting a lot recently as well.

There has been a lot of cuddles this month of course, even between Jess and Troy. They have been playing together a lot more than they have been in the past. I think this is to do with the fact that Troy is now more on the move. They are always chasing each other around the house having races. To be honest I am not sure who is the quickest because Troy does have some speed on now. I think they are going to both enjoy it when Jess is off school for Christmas and they can play together more. It is not like we are going to have any great plans this festive season.

They have been loving playing with the toot toot again this month. Fingers cross Santa brings them some more which they can play with. We currently have the polite police car which seems to be getting a lot of love since we had it brought into the house. The sensory balls have also been something which they are loving rolling around and chasing at the moment. For sure I think this is how Troy has ended up been so speedy when it comes to crawling. He has also learn how to pull himself on to his knees he is often now kneeling. Holding on to the footstool or the the coffee table.

He is always trying to steal food because it seems a game if you have a little bit left. He is doing so well when it comes to food. We are still yet to find something which he does not like. This is like Jess we are still yet to find something which she does not like I think as well. Troy is always crawling to Jess to when she is eating to see if she will give him any of what she is eating. His cheeky personality is something which is amazing and it is lovely to see him develop into his own little personality.  They are completely different to each other bit I can not imagine life without them both now.

It’s crazy to think at the end of next month they will have been siblings for a complete whole year.


Charlotte xx

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