Siblings May 2020

Another month has gone past that we have spend in lockdown. Of course, this means that Jess and Troy have been spending more time together. At nearly 5 months old this means that Troy is getting more of a personality. He is fast becoming my cheeky little monkey. This is something which Jess has loved as well because it means that she can tell if he is loving something. There has been a lot of them playing this month which has been nice to watch.

There have spent so much time together because of the lockdown there has been afternoons spent in the garden. Of course, we have had to make the most of the good weather. This has even see Jess and Troy enjoy the paddling pool Troy has been fully in it now and loved the water which is amazing I am glad he did this. Of course, Jess loved having a little play mate in the pool and someone who would splash her.

There have been hours of Troy and Jess playing with his play gym. Which is the Fisher-Price Perfect Sense Deluxe Gym. I think I will be doing a review on this in the future because it is something which we have loved.  There has been hours of giggling from both of them when they have been playing on this mat.  Secretly I think that Jess loves it more than Troy.

A few times this month they have been watching tv together which is a rare for the kids. They have found that they actually both love Paddington. Troy is constantly giggling when it is on and actually has got to the stage of complaining if it finished. I think we are going to have a huge Paddington fan in the making. I have just realised that the movies are on Amazon Prime so they can watch it when it is the next rubbish day.

Cuddles and kisses is something which Jess and Troy have been doing a lot this month. I think Jess is now enjoying that fact that her baby brother is not as small. It is harder to hurt him he isn’t as fragile as when he was first born. She will often come and ask for a Troy cuddle. It is all good until he pulls her hair or gives her such a sloppy kiss.

I am looking forward to seeing how they develop in the next month. Maybe we will be able to go and see more people and not just those who live in our household. I know both kids are missing the grandparents at the moment.


Charlotte xxx



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