Siblings March 2020

March has been a strange month if I am completely honest. The start was normal however the end of the month saw the country in lockdown.  Of course, there have been so many restrictions. W hich means that we have been unable to travel as much or do as many days out. There has been a weekend where the siblings spent the weekend apart. Troy came with Joe and me to the baby and toddler show in Manchester. There may be a haul of the things which we purchased while there some of the products are actually genius. While Jess, on the other hand, went with my parents to see a tiger who came to tea at the theatre.

At the start of the month, of course, there was world book day. Which Jess had to dress up for at nursery. She decided to go as a cat. It was pretty cold and all the outfits we had planned were pretty thin. Troy decided to get in on the action as well rocking a Zebra babygrow and claiming that he was from Dear Zoo. A book which Jess used to love when she was a little bit younger. I thought this was cute and this so simple to do. I don’t like spending a fortune on world book day because I know how messy Jess can get at nursery.

This month of course we have been trying to get in a new routine. Of course as a result of Corona there has been no nursery for Jess. This has meant that I have had to do the work with her which she has been set. In case they do not go back before September when she goes to school. While Troy needs me so much because of course he is only just 3 months. So this month has been really about been patient and waiting for when mummy has a second to deal with you.

I am sure we will end up finding a better routine in April. Currently, I have Joe helping me which means we can almost take one child each which helps reduce some of the pressure. Fingers crossed is able to stay for a while which means that I will feel like I have more of my shit together. Plus Troy and Jess can enjoy each other. I have not note how helpful Jess has been this month. She regularly will help give Troy a bottle if this is something we need to do. Jess is often singing to Troy as well this must be something they do at nursery. She does not want to forget the words to the songs. I must admit this is one of the cutest things I hope this is something which they continue to do in the future.

There relationship is only going to get stronger as well as Troy is able to do more. He is now starting to be able to grasp and hold things. In the next few months I can see bond getting stronger and the kids playing together more. They already keep using the play gym a lot when I get it out for Troy Jess likes to show him what elements do and help him learn.

Even though this month has been one of the strangest it has been so nice to be able to see the bond forming between Troy and Jess. With Jess home all of the time for the forceable it is going to be interesting to see how things go it is either going to make or break them. She needs to realise that sometimes Troy does need quiet time in order to be able to nap.

Who knows what April is going to bring for the siblings hopefully it is going to be a fun month even though we are likely to be in lockdown for a large portion of it.


Charlotte xxx

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