Siblings June 2020

I can not believe another month has gone by and the bond has become stronger between Jess and Troy. Of course, they have spent all month together. They have decided that they are more best friends this month as well. Troy has started playing more and more with his toys which means that Jess want to help. They love the playmat which we have for him. We have added some more toys to the playmat so that they can play a little bit more together. I still really need to do a review on the playmat which we have.

We have also had an amazing teddy bears picnic this month. We did it at home and to raise money for SANDS as part of Ethan’s afternoon tea. Which was organised by Emma in memory of her son Ethan. This is something which we had so much fun doing this month. It was the first teddy bears picnic which I think I have ever had with Jess let alone Troy. Sadly it was a little bit before Troy could start having food but he really enjoyed watching us and of course we had a lot of fun. We even brought all the teddy bears well a number of them that the children own downstairs.

We have been going for more walks this month because the weather has been nice. Also there is more shops open now even though we have not been venturing too far yet. There is plenty of time to be doing as that in the upcoming months. We have been enjoying a lot of quality time as a family this month. June did see us celebrate Father’s Day and also Joe’s birthday. This year of course, we could not go out for a meal like we may have normally done. Or even had days out like we have done before in previous years.

Instead we had a really child out time for both days we end up cracking out monopoly. This is a game which we have been trying to teach Jess during lockdown. We have tried to make sure that she has some time where it is just with us and Jess. Of course, Troy takes a lot of attention and at the moment he is teething which means he needs even more attention than normal.

Fingers crossed July is going to have a lot of fun. I am unsure if we have many plans yet but I know we are going to create some good memories no matter what we end up doing. The bond between Jess and Troy is only going to get stronger I am sure of this.

Charlotte xxx

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