Siblings July 2020

Another month has past which I can not believe how quick this year is going. Troy has now been with us for 7 months I swear it feels like it has been a few months not 7. This is the first month that Jess and Troy have had some time apart from each other. This means that I have been able to spend some one on one time with him. Which has been so nice if you have two children and just you will know the juggle. We have had to deal with Joe going back on exercise. This is something we have not had in the longest time. For sure it was strange been back to doing them.  There seems like there is going to be a lot of time with just me and the kids this year. I find that when Joe is away Jess knows that she has to really help me and be on her best behaviour.

This month we have started weaning Troy. This is something which Jess has been helping seeing what he eats and also preparing food with me. I am so glad that she does like helping because it can make life a lot easier. We are yet to come across something which Troy doesn’t like. At the moment his favourites seem to be pasta and cucumber.
Another big milestone which happened month is Jess graduated or finished nursery. Usually it is something which I would have been like oh my god my baby girl is growing up and almost emotional about. I think the only reasons I have not been as emotional is because of the fact that Jess has not been at nursery since March. We opted against sending her back. I know she is more than ready for school and is going to enjoy it so much. She needs it I don’t think it helps her been one of the the oldest she only just missed out last year.
This month Jess and Troy have been playing together a lot more. Troy has took an interest to some of her toys he is often found trying to get hold of the magnets or the babies. He just gives you that cheeky grin as is to say and what mummy. They often play with some more Troy friendly toys as well he has his sensory balls which they love playing together with.
Hopefully in the month of August we are going to be more bright sunny days. Which means that they can both enjoy the garden. I do not think it will be long before Troy decided that he is going to crawl as well. So no doubt this will be exciting and can keep Jess on her toes even more.
Let’s see what August brings who knows we might go back into lockdown again. Or there may be some amazing days out. But know matter what happens we are going to create some amazing memories
Charlotte xxx
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