Nevborn Sibling

Siblings January 2020

Nevborn Sibling

The siblings project is something which I have watched many bloggers do over the years. Include Hayley and Donna, I love seeing how the relationships between the siblings change as they grow older. While there may no longer be a linky for the siblings project this is something which I want to start. This is the first month I have been able to since Jess became a big sister to Troy. I want to be able to look back and see how they have changed and these posts will help remind me to take more pictures of them together. Rather than individually.

Jess has been getting used to having another addition to the family. Of course, it is a massive change for her going from being an only child for 4 years. She has been helping so much from getting bottles and nappies for us when we require them. To talking to Troy and singing to him. She loves him that much she gets annoyed sometimes when he is sleeping. Due to the fact that she always wants to be able to play with him if possible. It is safe to say that she does love him so much and I am sure it is a bond which is only going to strengthen over time. Once Troy is able to do more such as play with toys instead of just sleeping and feeding a lot.

Of course, it is not always so easy like with any new sibling they can be jealousy. Jess sometimes struggles with not being able to have both Joe and I’s full attention. Usually because one of us will have to be dealing with Troy and one of his needs. I am pretty sure this is something which she will get used to and adapt. I can not believe how quickly this month has gone it does not seem long since Troy was born. Well since we found out that we were expecting him. I guess time does fly when you are having fun.

Let’s see what the next mont h


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