Sibling April 2020

Today I am going to share with you how Jess and Troy have been getting on this month. Of course, they have been home together every single day. This has taken some getting used to for everyone of course. There has been times where they have needed some time apart because they get on each others nerves.

Despite spending a lot of time together this month they have still been the best of friends most of the time. It has got to the stage where Jess has to come and see Troy first thing in the morning. He complains if she comes in and doesn’t speak to him first. One of the first things he does is gives her a massive smiles and starts giggling. To be honest it is really cute to see.

Since Jess has had a lot more time at home they have been playing together. She can often be found next to his play mat when he is on it and playing with his toys. I think she has as much fun if not more fun that Troy when we managed to get his playmat out. Troy has now got a mamas and papas chair which Jess used to have. She is enjoying helping Troy find out what happens on it.

I am sure they are only going to play more in the month of May and as Troy gets more toys. We have been going on walks which allows Jess to burn off some of the energy which she seems to have bundles of. This means Jess has had to stay close to the pram when Troy has been in it. Of course, there has not been as many walks this month as normal. We have no nursery and are limiting the amount of time we spend outside too.

Who knows what the next month with bring we may be allowed out. I am sure will end up having some element of restrictions on us anyway during May. It is also the month I turn 25 so the kids may get to surprise me and do something nice who knows.

What have you and your family been doing this month have you had a fun time during the lockdown?

Charlotte x



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