Seven Wants

Hi Guys

I could make this products that I want but I have decided that I will make it what I want from life.

1 I want to be happy with who I am one day because I hate that I don’t already I can’t explain why this

2 I want to one day be happy with a guy who loves me so much because of who I am and then they will not want to hurt me which is something that I don’t need

3 I want to travel the world because I would love to be able to see the sites which you see on the tv and other peoples blogs. I think that it will make me feel less unsociable which is not something that would not be fun

4  I would love to be a physio one day because this is the dream job and I have wanted this since I was around 10 which seems really young and I am nearly 18 have not changed my mind.

5 I would love to be able to live in Oz because this is one of the dreams that I have had I want to live there in the next 10 years.

6 I would love to be able cross all of the 118 thing which are on my list to do while I am 18 which is something which you will see in a future post in not very long as I am creating now.

7 I want to have enough money so that I am comfortable without having to live on the bones on my arse which is not something which would make me happy and I am sure this is the same for other people

What are your wants?

Charlotte x

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