September Goals

Hi Guys

I have decided at he start of every month that I am going to set goals which I want to achieve for that month and then at the start of the next month I will update you and tell you if I achieved them. Some of my goals are going to be blogging related some are going to be personal/life,

1.Reach 150 Bloglovin’ followers- I currently have 147 followers which means that I only need 3 more of you lovely people to follow me. This may seem a small amount of followers compared to some people but to me you all mean something special. My link can be found on the side bar. 

2,Reach 500 Twitter followers- I currently have 488 followers I can not believe that so many of you want to read my rambles. This is where if you want to contact me you are more likely to get a response from me. I am always up for a chat. My twitter handle is @BWSheep
3.Manage to read two books for pleasure– Reading for pleasure is not something which I have done for a long time because of the fact that if I read usually it is something for uni. However in the last few weeks I have got back into the swing of reading and really enjoyed it. I am aiming to read two books as month however this may decrease to one next month when uni comes back into play. 
4.Paint my nails at least once a week–  Seen as I am not at work this month where I have to take my nail varnish off means that I can actually enjoy painting my nails again. I hope to find some of my old favourite nail polishes and give them so love which they deserve again.
5. Get a blogging schedule-  This is something which I tried to start in August but then failed towards the end of the month. I am currently writing this post on my mum’s laptop because mine is broken however I will either be getting mine fixed this week or getting a new one. I hope to post 3/4 times a week which hopefully be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a bonus one on Sunday if I do post 4 times a week. Let’s see how long this lasts 
What are your goals for the month ahead?

Charlotte x 
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6 thoughts on “September Goals

  1. I think my blogging schedule is going to start really next week so then people will know when to pop over for a new post. Wow we are so similar it is like we are nearly twinnies.

    Charlotte x

  2. I just think that I am going to feel so much better when I can see that I have achieved these goals because of the fact that they are so small and broken down.

    Charlotte x

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