Second Trimester Update

Today I am going to be sharing how I have been and what has been happening during the second trimester. I can not believe that now I am into the third trimester time seems to be flying when it comes to this pregnancy. I can not believe that we do not have that long until we are going to get to meet player 4.  The second trimester lasts until the end of your 27th week, with the third trimester starting on the first day of your 28th week. I am now 31 weeks pregnant how fast has that gone.  There has been so much which has happened since I did my last update of the first trimester.


I am going to start with symptoms and things that have been happening during this trimester. This time around I have been struggling with hip and back pain. I have been informed that this is normal when it is not your first child because they sit a lot lower. This is, as a result, your muscles already been stretched and this is why. This is not great because it has been causing me a lot of pain it can be even worse when I am walking. I have been trying to be trying to do things a little bit slower because otherwise, I will be in pain and super tired. I will be sharing what I have been using to help in a second-trimester essentials post very soon.

Headaches are something that I have been really struggling with. I have been trying to drink a lot more and keep hydrated because this does help so much. I have had flashing lights a couple of times which have meant I have had to ring my midwife. This is because of course, this is one of the major signs of pre-eclampisa. This is something that the midwife is going to monitor. She is going to do it by checking my blood pressure.  This has increased throughout but I have not been classed as having high blood pressure yet in this pregnancy. Hopefully, pre-eclampsia is something that we will not develop as this is scary and could mean our baby is born early.

Another symptom that I have been struggling with is also tiredness. This could be as a result of me doing too much I am unsure. I have found myself having to have naps during the day when it is possible. For sure this is something which I am able to do as a result of my blog been my main source of income. I have been trying to go to bed earlier in order to not be too tired constantly. It does massively help when I have been remembering to take my vitamins. At the moment I have been able to keep my iron levels high enough not to need tablets.  I am having a blood test at 29 weeks in order to check they have not dropped too much. I was anemic during my pregnancy with Jess and I know it is such a common problem. Fingers crossed I am able to avoid the dreaded iron tablets this time around though.


I do not feel kicks as much as some people because again I have an anaterior placenta. This means that it is cushioning some of the kicks which I am glad about. Some of my kicks can be very painful in my hips. I have joked that I am going to have a bruised hip as well after this pregnancy. I think it took Joe till about 25 weeks to be able to feel the baby kick. This is when it made it a little bit more real for him that we are expecting another child. Since then he has been able to feel them a few times sometimes it feels like I get double kicks. Or it could be a head butt.

Midwife Appointment

I have only seen her once during my second trimester and that was at 26 weeks. To be honest I did not find this great it seemed almost like she was not bothered about my concerns. This did not make me feel very pleased with all. She refused to measure my bump as a result of me having another appointment another scan at 28 weeks. She did not test my urine either which they usually do this allows them to see if there are any proteins present. This can show something is wrong and also can be a way to see if you have pre-eclampsia. I think I might complain because all she managed to do was measure my blood pressure and listen to the baby’s heartbeat. This was the first time Joe got to hear it in person as he missed the 16 week appointment.


Of course, we had our 20-week anatomical scan at the end of August. This is a scan that goes through a thorough check of the baby to check they are growing OK and everything is as it should be. We had a lovely sonographer who took her time and tried to get as many of the measurements which she could. Unfortunately, she was unable to get them all due to how Player 4 was laid.  This did mean that at 22 weeks we had to go for a rescan. In order to make sure that there was nothing wrong with the baby thankful they managed to get them all and they are very happy with Player 4.

As you may remember from my 12-week scan they thought that there was a fibroid however, now this has been confirmed as a cyst. This was measured both at my 20 and 22 weeks scan. This has grown however, there is no concern about it. Having spoken to my consultant she said they will remove it should they feel the need. This will occur during my planned c-section. They were also concerned about my placenta been close to my cervix which has been monitored. This is one of the other reasons why I am having another scan at 28 weeks. However, the consultant said it now might as well be miles away and she is unsure why I am having it. They also think there is blood towards the bottom of my placenta which they want to monitor. It is going to be so nice to have the opportunity to see the baby again before there born I am unsure if the scan at 28 weeks will be our last.

Consultant Appointment

As I have meantioned I also have a consultant because of my emergency c-section with Jess.  We met the consultant at 24 weeks to discuss whether I wanted to attempted VBAC or have an elect c-section. As you may know, I have chosen to have an elect c-section and have a provisional date, however, this can not be booked till 36 weeks. She told me she respected my choice and should she have another baby this is something which she would do as well. During this appointment, she asked why I had ended up having an emergency c-section. Which I did as it was as a result of Jess’ heartbeat dropping. We also discussed my postpartum hemorrhage however, she could not get my notes as I had Jess in Chester. She decided that she is going to request them so we can discuss this at my 28-week appointment.

After my 28-week growth scan, she is also going to go over that with me to make sure I have no concerns. To be honest she is one of the nicest people we have met during this pregnancy. We seem to have had some who have been a bit rude or not telling us information. Which of course, has made me worry more about things than I should have had to.  I am unsure what is going to occur at the next appointment but I am sure it will be all fine or I hope so.

How did you find the second trimester?

Charlotte xx





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