Second Trimester Essentials

Today I am going to be sharing with you my essentials for the second trimester. The second trimester lasts until the end of your 27th week, with the third trimester starting on the first day of your 28th week. So these are all the products that I have been finding essentials from the 13th week to the 27th week of my pregnancy with player 4. Of course, these are the ones which I have been finding essential these are going to differ for people to people. Or even between pregnancies.


These are something that I mentioned in my second trimester update. I have been taking the Pregnacare Max. I know this is something that some people can not take as it makes them feel sick. I have had no problems with them I started as we got some trail samples at Baby and Bump which I kept. I also think we managed to get some in the Emma’s Diary or Bounty pack. I know these are not the cheapest so it is worth shopping around for them. The max ones you take two tablets a day and this is done on a full stomach. For sure I would recommend setting a reminder on your phone. If you are anything like me you will forget to take them. I am unsure if there is much difference between the pregnacare and pregnacare max.

Body Lotion

I am using this to make sure that my bump does not get itchy or dry. Of course, this is something which can happen in the winter months and we are starting to hit winter. I have not been brand loyal at all I have been using sets that I got for Christmas. I have been using some of the smaller bottles which take up so much space. Currently, I am using some of the Lush Snow Fairy. I am not doing this to prevent stretchmarks. I am unsure that you can actually prevent them. I ended up covered at the front in stretchmarks I am sure this is going to only get worse when I have my second c-section.  I am sure I will be using more body lotion before the end of my pregnancy.


Again if I have been sat on the sofa or in one position for so long I need pillows. This is to ease some of the pressure on my back. I think that player 4 is closer to my back rather than been at the front. This could be why I keep getting told I have a small bump. I have found if my back is supported it means that I am more comfortable. I am sure pillows are going to be something which I am loving as we move through the third trimester as well.

Deep Freeze Roll on gel

I was very lucky to received some samples of the deep freeze roll on gel which I used and I found it helped my back pain so much. I had to run out and buy some of this because I found that it was essential. I can actually put this on myself which is helpful for the periods when Joe has not been around. For sure I know this is going to be a product which can use once player 4 is born. For sure this is one which I would recommend purchasing, I got mine from Boots.

Maternity Leggings

Maternity leggings are one of the only pieces of clothing which I have purchased at the moment. I know soon I am going to have to purchase a coat and hoodie. For some reason I have still been able to wear the majority of my tops which is something I am pleased about. The maternity leggings which I have been loving this trimester is the love leggings full black maternity leggings. For sure I may have to pick up another pair of these before the end of my pregnancy. They are so thick which is amazing when the weather is cold outside. I find that I have so much room in these as well which is great. I may not have to purchase the next size up if I am lucky.

Snack and Water

I am finding myself having to carry more water when I am out in order to prevent the headache. This has been meaning that I have been reaching for my refresh bottle even more. Of course, this has been saving me money because I have not had to purchase drinks out. I also make sure that I take some snacks out with me as well because I find myself always needing a snack. I know the future along in pregnancy you get the more your supposed to eat little and often. This is something which I think I had forgotten.

I think these are all the items which I have found essential during the second trimester of pregnancy. No doubt I have managed to forget something. We will blame that on baby brain.

What did you find essential during your second trimester?

Charlotte xx



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