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Jess has just started school this year she is now starting to learn to read and write more. Jess does have interest in books and this is only going to increase I think when she can start reading books for herself. This is something which she has continue. During lockdown we wanted to make sure that Jess did not lose some of the skills she had been learning at nursery. So we decide to borrow My First Bananagrams from Whirli. I think this is when we sent the Smart Farmer Game back we got this one instead.

You may have heard of the Bananagrams the adult version which is almost like scrabble but it is a lot easier. It does not have a board.  Which is better if you are going to take it travelling. It is a lot more fast pasted than scrabble which I think is a lot better because your more likely to play. It means that you are not playing the game for as long either.

My First Bananagrams is a tile based game that comes in a zip up banana shaped pouch. This means that it is great should you want to take it away. It would be so easy to put in a bag and play with it. For sure it is something I can see us taking this to the cabin if we go this year. Inside the banana you get the instructions sheet, 80 single lower case letter tiles, and 13 various combo-letter tiles . I have since found out due to home schooling the combo-letter tiles are special friends.


This is game I have found that Jess loves until she gets stuck and she sometimes will have a tantrum. This could be because she does not like things being too hard for her. I am sure as she gets older and a bit more confident she will love playing this.  There is also lines which shows if you the tile is a p or b, I know this is something which children can struggle with. This for sure at the moment is something which Jess can struggle with but usually her’s is d and b.

There is a few different ways that you can play depending on the age of the child. You can play this game with up to 4 players and you could play on your own if this is something which you would want to.

The version which we play which is the main game. You have to put all of the tiles facing down each player then has to take 15 tiles. The game starts when one of the players shouts split. Then the players need to make words using an interconnecting grid. You can swap a tile at any time with one of the face down tiles in the middle. This is where it does change from the original game  where you put one back and get three. The first person to use all their tiles up shouts out ‘BANANAS!’.

This is a game which we end up playing some times. This is because Jess gets annoyed when she does not win. Of course this is something which is going to change as she grows up and learns to spell more words. She is a really sore loser no matter the game so this was to be expected with this game. Instead of sometimes playing the game we do not play it we just use the tiles. We have found that it can be really fun just spelling words and then Jess is actually learning as well which is a huge bonus. She often tries to make some of the words which she has seen on Alphablocks. She often will spell works like Mum, Dad, Cat, Dog and Moon.

We have used them for homework as well when we have been doing some of the words they have been learning. This will also be perfect when Jess has to do things like spellings as she can use these tiles to practice then copy the words. I think because it is in a game version this means she does not realise she is learning. We have even used this game to practice phonics which is something Jess loves to do.

I love how we are going to be able play this game for a few years because it is something which will grow with Jess. She will get better at the game as she learns and I know this is something which will excite her. For sure I would recommend this game. It is going to be so easy for you to travel with when we can all travel again. There is no doubt I can see us using it if we went somewhere such as Forest Holiday’s again.

This would be a perfect game for us to play with home schooling going on at the moment. Have you every played Bananagrams?

Charlotte xxx




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