Review: MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation

Hey Guys

As you might remember from my superdrug haul I purchased this foundation I have now been using it for a few weeks now and have decided that I will tell you what I think about this item.

I must admit I hate the packaging for this because it looks so cheap I know this is a cheap brand but the fact that it is a squeezy tube you cant get the correct amount out like you can when it is a pump as different amounts come out so that is the first problem with this foundation.I usually end up with way too much product coming out and then having to waste some no wonder this foundation seems to be going down quickly. The other problem for me is that it is not matte but this is solved because I just then use my Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. I don’t believe really that this foundation is very illuminating but it is not something which has really been bothering me it may with some other people so if it does don’t bother purchasing this foundation.

I have the shade beige which is perfect for my skin when I need a bit of coverage more than I would get with a BB cream I think that this could be used in the winter months when you really need coverage because if you don’t you look pale your skin is not at it’s best. It seems to last all day on me without the need of a primer if I use powder so this means you would be able to wear this at an occasion without having to spend a lot of money. I used this for prom and clubbing after and it was still on when I got home around 9 hours later and buckets of sweat later. It is a cheap foundation been priced at £5 and it can be purchased here.

If you have tried this product what did you think of it let me know?

Charlotte x

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5 thoughts on “Review: MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Foundation

  1. I haven't tried this but I've been tempted to buy it many times. I might have to get it next time in shopping. Great blog hun, just following now 😀

    Come and check mine out if you can

    Niki xx

  2. I am testing the primer out for you guys I will let you know how I find it soon. It's alright for me sending you the link thank you for been a new reader I love all of you

    Charlotte x

  3. I bought the MUA Primer for £4 from superdrug the other day and I'm really pleased with it so far.

    I guess time will tell – Thanks for sending me a link on Twitter! You've got a new reader now 🙂 x

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