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The Gro Egg is a product which I bought way back when I was pregnant with Troy. Since we was having a winter baby I was concerned that he was not going to be warm enough. I enjoy the house to be pretty cold I actually enjoy sleeping with the window open all year round if possible.  So I thought this would be an ideal product to make sure that it did not get too cold in the room.

The gro egg is a room thermometer designed to give quick, easy readings, making it perfect for a nursery. Just plug it in and it will glow and show the temperature. It is so simple so you can take it with you if you stay somewhere else. This is something which we would be able to take to to the grandparents should Troy say over there.

The colour shown will depend on how hot or cold the room is. This makes it very easy to tell whether the room is too hot, too cold, or at that perfect temperature. I usually will quickly glance at the colour of the gro egg. This means that I know what range it is sometimes rather than the actual temperature.

The yellow glow is a comfortable temperature, blue is too cold and red is too hot. You can then adjust the room to suit – adding/taking away layers for example. I have been sometimes shocked at how cold the house was in winter. It can be interesting in the summer to see how hot the house gets. I think last year we had the house up to 30 degrees during one of the heatwaves.

The yellow glow is not too much I barely notice it when it is on. The gro egg is still in my room because Troy would pull it off where it would have to be plugged in. The Gro Egg is so easy to operate it has a no-nonsense socket which plugs directly into the back of the egg. It has no fiddly bits where the children can stick their fingers, and to switch on/off there is a button underneath which just clicks in and out. This means Troy could not do too much damage should he get his little hands on it.

The gro egg is brighter when it is complaining that the rooms is too hot or cold. This is so that you pay more attention to it and react rather than not doing anything about it. This does mean that you could have it as a nightlight. This may save you some money because you do not have to purchase a separate night light. If you find the gro egg is too bright for you can purchase a shell which is supposed to make it a little bit duller.  There is 3 different animal shapes which are owl, monkey or penguin. I think they look so beautiful however, this is not something we own yet. Now I do not think we will purchase them because of the age Troy is now.

I would not say this is an item which you only need when you have a baby. We still have ours plugged in and Troy is two at the end of this year. It really helps in the summer because you never want your house to be too warm even as sleeping as an adult. Of course, people do not want it to be too cold as this can affect the night sleep that everyone in the house have. At the moment I am using it too make sure that our house does not get too cold because the temperature is starting to drop. I have found that I have been using it at least once a day to make sure the house is not too cold.

The only thing which is a negative about the gro egg is that you have to go and look at it. There isn’t an app which allows you to see if the room is the right temperature without actually going into the room. Sometimes it would be handy to have this. More so that during heatwaves or when we are having a cold snap. I want the ability to make sure that Troy’s room is the right temperature without having to go into his room. When I possibly could wake up him up. I know this is something which could make the gro egg more expensive.

I purchased my gro egg second hand for less than £10. Currently I can not remember how much I paid for it however, I know that you can often pick them up on offer on Amazon. I would highly recommend the gro egg if you are in the market for a room thermometer this is product which we have never had an issue with.

Have you ever used the gro egg?


Charlotte xx

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