Review: Fisher-Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo

We are not a stranger to a Jumperoo we had the space saving one with Jess back when she was smaller. At the time we did not have the space which would have allowed us to have the full size Jumperoo. The Fisher-Price Roarin’ Rainforest Jumperoo does also reduce in size. It has wonderful collapsible base so that you can fold it almost in on itself. This is how it arrived to us as we have borrowed ours from Whirli. This would be easy to have this resting  against a wall or behind a piece of furniture for easy storage when it wasn’t in use. This has really made the Jumperoo a lot more front room friendly. It really doesn’t take up that much space.

The Jumperoo is recommended from 6 months. We have used it from about 4 months but Troy was a big baby.  He has a lot of neck and head control and strength. You stop using them once your child can climb out of them or around the age of 1. To be honest I think it will not be long until we have to say goodbye to this toy. Troy is starting to not want to spend as much time in it as he was now he is on the move a lot more.

One thing which I love so much is the fact that it is so bright. Of course, this is something which is going to stimulate and get your babies attention. The base of them is green and then all of the of the toys as you can see are bright coloured. This means that Troy wants to play with the toys he plays with them all depending on his mood. I think one of his favourite is the elephant at the front. This is because it is something he can reach. As Troy has got bigger he has been able to reach the blue and the green monkey which hang off at the front. He sometimes like to chew them because of course, he is always teething.

Another one the things which he loves is the lion which can roll. I think this is because it has balls all over it which make a bit of noise. Which little boy doesn’t like making noise after all. This is something which Troy does a lot when he is bouncing it is a great way to burn so much energy off. Something which he seem to have bundles of this during lockdown maybe this is because he has got older. I do love that there is 3 settings which means that you can make the Jumperoo last longer. We have had this about 6 months and still Troy has not out grown this yet. He is on the highest setting now at 10 months.

Another huge bonus of this compared to the space saving Jumperoo the seat can rotate 360 degrees. This means that your child can get to all of the toys that they want to play with. Sadly I always have to rotate Troy when he wants to play with other toys in the Jumperoo. I think this is something which you are meant to be able to do however, I am unsure. I do not think a baby would be strong enough to rotate. Talking of the seat another huge bonus is that it comes off and can go in the washing machine. This is perfect should your child be sick or have an accident. I know I will be washing it before sending it back.

As you can see the toys are huge which means that they are perfect for little hands which is what you want. As you can see in the picture the cheeky monkey of Troy is loving been in the Jumperoo. There is music which you can have on all of the time or you can have it when they are bouncing. To be honest we rarely have the music on when Troy is in the Jumperoo. This is because I am not going to lie the music does do my head in after a while. However, Troy does love been in his Jumperoo and it is something which I can put him and jump in the shower or enjoy a hot cup of coffee.


Recently Troy has been obsessed with swinging the Hippo and the Elephant.  I think this is because he has realised this is something which he can do now.  These are not things which he used to be bothered with it just shows this toy does grow with your child.

There is a number of toys which are attached to the Jumperoo they include a  butterfly teether, a sliding alligator which clicks and has a mirror like sticker. These seem to be the toys which Troy are not as bothered by for some reason. However, this is not something I am bothered about because there is still so much for him to be able to play with. I know he is not bored by any stretch of the imagination.

For sure I would recommend the Jumperoo even though it is a large piece of equipment. There is some great storage solutions for it or you could get the space saving one like we had with Jess. There is not too much difference between them. For sure, it is not a cheap piece of equipement so I would recommend trying to get your hands on one when they are on offer. Or even shopping second hand for them both of the ones we have been preloved. They also would make a great gift this Christmas as well.


Have you ever had a Jumperoo for your child?

Charlotte xx






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