Review- Envirokidz Cereal

Today I am going to be sharing with you my thoughts on Envirokidz Cereal which I was kindly gifted. In order to share my thoughts on the cereal which I have been sharing with my family. The cereal is actually from organic cereal expert Nature’s Path. They have specially designed 3 cereals which are aimed at children  these are Gorilla Munch, Leapin’ Lemurs and Choco Chimps. Each of the cereals is gluten free, dairy free, organic. This means should your child have allergies they should still be able to have them. Of course, I recommend you check before giving to your child.

Another thing which is worth noting is that 1% of sales are donated to support endangered species worldwide. With each animal featured on an Envirokidz pack representing an endangered or vulnerable species that Nature’s Path helps through its donations.This works out about 3p per box of cereal which I know is not a lot however, it is better than nothing. It does not cost you any extra either which is always a bonus and you can feel good that your purchase is doing some good.

We were lucky to be sent all three of the cereals which are aimed for children. The first one which we tried where the Choc Chimps these reminded me of Nesquik cereal. These are something which I used to love as a child and I have not had them for a long time.

These are ones which I was not a huge fan of these ones. I felt like they lacked a bit of flavour they were not very chocolatey. I know this is a view which was shared by Joe as well. Jess said she liked them however, I do not think they are something which I would repurchase. They lasted us 6 servings and they are around the £3 mark. I know these are gluten and dairy free which makes they more expensive. I think I would actually purchase the Nesquick one. They are something which I prefer compared to these Choco Chimps.

The next one we tried was actually the Gorilla Munch these are ones which as a whole family we enjoyed. For some reason they seemed to be some more flavouring to these. One thing which I dislike is not having any flavour on the cereal bland food is not something I can get on board with. I do not know how come these had more taste than the chocolate ones it could have been as a result of the chocolate ones been closer to the best before date.

Again we managed to get 6 servings from these. This is something which I would repurchase again more so if they actually on offer. I think that £3 is actually more than I want to pay because we do not have any intolerance which means I need free from cereal. However if this is something which you need I would recommend trying these Gorilla Munch.

The final one which we tried was the Leapin’ Lemurs these were peanut butter and chocolate balls. For sure these had a mixed reaction in our household. Jess was not a fan she managed to a few mouthfuls and then asked for another cereal. This may have been due to her not liking peanut butter I am unsure if this is something which she has had in the past. I think that they were a little bit bland for me however, this could be as a result of my pregnancy. Joe said he did enjoy this.

Overall the Envirokidz cereal, it is not something which he would be willing to pay the price point of. Maybe if they were on offer we would pick them up. However, at £3 a box when the do not last us a week they would become very expensive very quickly. I would love them also to some other flavours because it is not all the time you want a chocolate or a sweet treat in the morning.

Have you ever tried Envirokidz cereal if so what did you think?

Charlotte xx


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