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Baby led weaning is something which we have done with Troy. This means that we have never really used spoons with him. As it is all about been more hands on when it comes to baby led weaning. Recently we thought it was time we introduced cutlery to Troy. This is something which we did when he was about 18 months old. This is when we had noticed that he had stopped throwing a lot of the food on the floor. I had heard of the brand Doddl a long time ago and decided that these were going to be to invest in some. Doddl is a ergonomic cutlery brand which helps your little one be able to grip them an use them easier.

The curved contours of the handles are the perfect shape for small hands. They are really easy and comfortable for toddlers to hold and use. We have found that Troy is able to use them a lot easier than regular baby spoons. This means that we have noticed that he is less likely to throw food on the floor. This is something which he would do when he got frustrated. The handles have a no slip grip bit which is purple on ours. This means that it is easier for your toddler to be able to grip them.

Troy looks so natural when he uses them like he has no issues using them at all.  Troy has been able to master stabbing things with the Doddl fork as well as using it to scoop things up. Even if sometimes he uses his hands to place it on the fork. I am sure this is something which he will grow out of.

The cutlery sets available from Doddl are suitable from 12 months upwards and are designed to suit children up to 5 years. They do a baby set which you can use from 6 months however, we have no experience with this. You can purchase a set which has a knife in it.  However, we knew that Jess didn’t really use a knife properly until recently. This is one of the reasons we opted to only purchase a fork and a spoon. I think we will add a knife in a year or so time when he is a bit bigger. We actually have two sets because then we are not constantly washing them. These can be put in the dishwasher.  This is what I have been doing and I have never noticed an issue with them.

These are a great size which means that they are going to be able to fit in our bag when we eat out. Meaning that Troy can continue to use his doodl cutlery instead of having to struggle. This is something which I am looking forward to doing when we can go out again. Well when I feel safe been able to do things again. They will be even great should we go away we could take them with us. I know doddl are not the cheapest however, I have heard from people that they last forever. I hoping that we do not have repurchase these for Troy again. We have since added a few of the weaning spoons which we found we had left from Jess. This means that he now has enough for a few days and we are not always washing up.

These are something which we have now used for around 6 months and they are as good as new. So this shows to me that they are going to last. We have dish washed them throughout. For sure I would recommend these despite the price tag.

Have you used Doddl? If so would you say that they are worth the money too?

Charlotte xxx


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