Reusable Nappies

Reuseable Nappies- Our Starter Kit

Reuseable Nappies

Reuseable nappies are not something which I used with Jess. I think was not informed that you actually had them when I had Jess. Truth be told I am unsure if I would have actually used them. However, in the last few months maybe year I have been seeing a lot of people using reusable nappies. It sometimes can be called cloth nappy as well. Nappies are something we get through a ton of as a nation 3 billion ends up in landfill every single year. They can take 200-500 years as well to decompose which is a scarily long time. I dread to think how many we actually used with Jess.

Getting Started

There is a lot of reuseable nappies on the market. You can find ones which suit your little one’s weight or even birth to potty ones. We have decided to use all in ones during the day and then we are using one based on babies weight when it comes to night time. If your baby is already born and you are thinking about starting out your reusable journey. Your local council may have a local cloth library so you can see which brands work for you before purchasing. This is something which we have opted against we have had advice from The Nappy Lady. Who has advised us what she thinks will work best for us based on our life and plans with reuseable nappies. This service is free and also great for you if you are getting started like us.

We have purchased some of the nappies new which can be pricey however, we have been picking them up as and when. I have also joined a number of groups on Facebook where people sell preloved nappies. This has saved us some money. It also means if the brands we have chose do not work for us we can sell them on. We are a month in and we have not had any problems with them. The only time we used disposable was in the hospital. This was because I was not confident. Also I did not know how long I would be in after a c section.

There can be a lot of words thrown about when you are looking into cloth nappies. It can be hard to keep up I have been researching for months now. I do not know everything and find myself asking others and googling things.

There are two types of reusable nappies their is all in ones which has an insert is stitched at the back then stuffed into the pocket. There is also all-in-two pop in nappies which need a wrap and a liner popping in. This is a style we will be using overnight.  This has been recommended as they are more absorbent. Leaks are one of the last things you want when it comes to nappies. No matter if you are using disposables or reusables.

What We Use

The Bambino Mio Solo All in Ones are actually the nappies which we use during the day. We have been warned that even though they have been advertised as from birth. They can take a couple of months to fit the baby properly. People have said once the baby is 9lb they work better. I can not comment on this as Troy was born 9lb 9oz. We have used them since day 2 and not had a problem at all. We have actually purchased more because Aldi had them in store for £9 instead of £16. You can purchase them preloved I often see them on eBay as well as Facebook  They seem one of the most popular brands in the reusable nappy market.

For liners which protect the inside of the nappies from stains, it also allows you to get rid of the poo. Instead of using disposable ones which we could purchase from Bambino Mio. We have the Bambinex Microfleece liners. Again these can be rewashed and used over and over something which the disposables could not. This is something which appealed to me. Yes, it may be more expensive at the start, however, it is going to be cheaper for us in the long run.

For overnight, we use the Totsbots Bamboozle Stretch. With the Motherease Rikki wraps and a sandy Motherease dry booster. This is supposed to be one of the most absorbent system. So far we have not had an issue with this and Troy can have them on up to 8 hours. Without any leaks which is a huge bonus for us.We have found that they can look bulkier than they bambino mio’s however, this is not an issue for us when we are using them overnight.. I would rather have a bulky nappy than one which isn’t going to last overnight.

Caring and Cleaning

If you purchase brand new nappies they need to go through a strip wash. This is the same with towels this is to make sure they are absorbent as they can be. This also builds over time as you use them.  You need a box at home which is going to store the dirty nappies. You wash the reuseable nappies at a 60 for at least the first 6 months of the babies life. I put them in with the resuseable wipes which we used as well and my cotton pads. The only change for us is we have had to purchase some non bio washing powder.  As we was informed the eco egg does not work great with reuseable nappies.  DO NOT use fabric conditioner as this can make them less absorbent not something you want.

They are super easy to use as well once your child has had them on. For a wet nappy all you need to do is stick them in the wash bin or the wet bag. Making sure that the velcro tabs are folded so they do not ruin any other nappies in the wash. Once your child is on solids you have to try and get rid of as much poo down the toilet before putting them in the box. At the moment as Troy is only on milk they can just be thrown in the box as normal.

We end up washing them every couple of days any longer you can end up ruining your nappies. We only have around 3 days worth of nappies anyway. At the moment is hard to always get them dry but this has not put us off using resuable nappies.

I think I might do an update on how we are finding

Have you used cloth from birth? If so how have you found it?

Charlotte xx

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