Refreshing The Bathroom and Kitchen

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We have been in our house for nearly a year now this does mean we have found areas which need improving. The main areas which I find this can be a problem in is the bathroom and the kitchen. The grout in the upstairs bathroom has been a problem since we moved in. I have tried a range of different things to try and make it look a lot cleaner. Where as in the kitchen the sealant has become discoloured and it is also coming away. I know this is something which we may have to fix in the upcoming months.

I was recently sent two items from Rainbow Chalk, the liquid chalk specialists. Google and Google from Rainbow Chalk promise an affordable and quick solution when it comes to tired, discoloured sealant and grout. They do not even break the bank with the sealant been £3.99 and the grout pen £3.50. They offer precision application and are fast frying. There water-based pens which are non-toxic.

Rainbow Chalk promise up to 60m coverage for narrow grout joints. This is great for us as we have a lot of tiles in our shower cubicle.  The sealant pen is water-resistant, and boasts up to 30m coverage. For sure this is going to be more than enough for me. The pens whiten and prevent regrowth of any mould, with its anti-fungal formula. Which means that you should not get any mould or horrible things. On your grout or sealant.

The pens could not be more easy to use. All you need to do is shake them when the lid is on and press down on the nib till the ink starts to come out. Then you simple need to follow the grout/sealant. It takes around a couple of hours, to be dry and waterproof. I have found the trick to do it in the morning then it’s ready for when you need it.

I can not believe how much difference there is in both the grout and the sealant. I can not wait to see how long both stay whiter as a result of using these pens. I am hoping they last a while for sure I have plenty of product left in these pens which means I can do this several times. For sure I would recommend these because they are so cheap and effective. 100% this is cheaper than actually having to regrout the tiles or doing the sealant again around the sink. It is also something which I can do even when Joe is away.

Have you ever used sealant or grout pens in order to whiten or restore them?

Charlotte xx

I was sent across the Grout and Sealant pens from Rainbow Chalk, however all words and images are my own. 

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