Reasons Not To Subvert A Traditional Wedding

Much has been written online about the need to reduce wedding traditions.  To go down your own path, and to find something that is completely, uniquely yours. It’s not hard to see why. That sounds tremendous, and for the right people, it can be a blessing. But should we focus on only this? It can feel that in an attempt to be unique and different in our wedding advice, we can easily disparage traditions and those who enjoy them. But why? Why should this be the case?

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with breaking tradition. In fact, if you feel the same way – feel free to do it! This posts geared towards those who would quite like to follow some traditions, not only because they provide a fantastic template, but because they simply wish to. You shouldn’t feel bad for doing so in the least. After all, traditions come forward for many reasons. Of course, perhaps a dowry or other olden customs are likely not to be represented here, but whatever tradition means to you, it could be a great means forward.


It Provides The Template – You Focus On What Matters

It’s easy to think of a traditional wedding as something that is stifling in its decision-making process, but that’s not the case. Sure, you might decide to get married in a religious institution of your choice, or you might wish to simply do it somewhere else. But a traditional template is not limiting so much as it is guiding. You are still able to change certain matters, or perhaps focus on those expected things.  More closely now that the format has already been decided. For example, you might decide to pay closer attention to DIY wedding invites instead of worrying about if people can make it to a unique venue.  Or the catering will be easier to organize in an actual place designed for this rather than an exterior environment. A traditional wedding can actually save you plenty of headaches or worries about going overboard.  As you know the formula, you know the schedule, and you can them focus on the trimmings.


Every Can Appreciate It

You and your partner might be into some very interesting, oddball activities. For example, you might enjoy free climbing or bungie jumping twice a week. You might wish to skydive or enjoy extreme sports. You might have a fascination with the goth or alternative aesthetic. All of this is great – diversity in interest and expression can only be a good thing! But it might be that your family does not share in these interests that deeply, and so might struggle to enjoy the wedding as much as you can. Now, a hard question comes up here. Should you get married in a form that you enjoy, or that your family enjoys? Often, a compromise can be made. But instead of being overtly selfless or selfish, it can be nice to think of what would make the day more enjoyable. Perhaps you’re happy to rescind your decision to speak your vows while in mid-flight skydive. So that your grandparents can see the event up close, too. After all, it’s not always that you get married, and often the people you share it with can mean more than the unique content of a few minutes. 

On top of that, think of the costs of wedding attendance for those involved. For example, it could be that your plan to get married on a greek beach means hundreds of pounds worth of expenses for your family to simply attend.  As you’ll be not be paying for every ticket. Issues like this can lead a wedding to become quite exclusionary.


Costs & Payments

On top of that, this can save plenty of worrisome arguments should one or both of your parents/in laws be paying for some of the wedding. For example, your parents might be happy to pay for the catering of the wedding as a gift to you and your partner. But if you wish to opt for an exotic catering affair in a strange location, this generosity might dry up quite quickly. Being given a friendly donation for your wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you can use it carte blanche. When money is concerned, emotions can become fickle. Sometimes, a traditional wedding can help subvert that. It’s not the only reason to opt for a traditional wedding of course, and should never be. But it can be one among many.


Of course, you are free to opt for whatever wedding you want. But if you’re on the verge of deciding from going all out or enjoying a traditional ceremony. I hope this article can help you become a little more textured in your reasoning – no matter what you end up going with.

How did you decide what you was going to do for your wedding?


Charlotte x

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