Project Polish Update 4

Today I am going to be sharing with you my third update for project polish. If you do not know what project polish is. It is a challenge where you try and use up as many nail polishes in a year. I have started with 6 and when I finish a shade I roll a new one into the project. If you have bit seen any of my updates before here is a link to the intro, update 1, update 2, and update 3.  I can’t believe another month has past and it is time to do my fourth update on project polish this year seems to be going super fast. This month I do not feel like I have made great progress on one shade instead I feel like I have used them all at least once. This means the progress has been shared around.

The first shade which I am going update you on is the Maybelline Colour Show in the shade Cool Blue. This is one which is very close to been finished I had to add some thinner last time I used it which is why it rose slightly. I think I am going to get one more manicure out of this polish before it is completely used up. This is a shame because it is one which I do love. However it will mean that I can roll in a new shade next month. This is going to be one of my goals this month to finish it completely up.

I have also made some great progress on the glitter this is one which has had slow progress but this month I seemed to reach for it a lot. It is actually the Barry M shade in Rose Gold Quartz. As you can see I have used a great chunk of this I have found that if you dot it on it looks better than it you use it normally. This may be the reason I have used so much up. I think I have about half of this left and finally I am actually embracing and loving this shade it has only took me a while.

The next shade is a Kelly Brook shade sadly this doesn’t have a name. I have now got to the top of this shade. Sadly this chips way too easy I have found it only lasts a couple of days. When I rolled it in it was brand new. This is going to take a while for me to finish but with the summer coming I am sure this will be reached for more.

The next shade is the Essie mini in Full Steamahead this is one I used once this month. I still have about a third to half of this left but I am still loving this shade. One of the reasons I haven’t used it as much is to make progress on some of my others. This is a beautiful shade while we are still in spring. My goal for this shade is going to be to use half of what is left of this. It may be a tough ask but I am sure I will be getting my wear out of this because I love it.


The final shade which I am trying to use up is the Ciate Mini in Pepperminty. I have only used this one once again this month which of course means there is not much change. This one I find that you need a couple or three coats for it to look good. This is a shade which I have neglected a bit but now with the weather becoming nicer. I am going to use this more finger crossed this month.

The main goal this month is to use up Cool Blue. I would also like to use up half of the of the remaining Full Steamahead. There is only going to be the two of the goals in order to take some of the pressure of as I want to use a couple of shades this month not in the project.

If you are doing this project let me know how you are getting on. I must admit I am loving finding shades which I might not normally use.

Charlotte xx

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