Project Polish Intro 2020

Today I am going to be sharing with you a challenge which I am going to try and do for the whole year. I have been doing elements of this last year however, not updating my progress anywhere. However this year I have decided to do updates here and this may make myself more accountable. Nail varnish is something which I have tons of and never seem to be able to get down. I have not purchased any new shades in the longest time now because I am trying to use some up. The aim of project polish if you have not seen any videos on YouTube is just that use as many nail polishes up in a year. It was originally created by Pretty Pistol 86. I think I managed to finish 4 since I started as such in August, however, with it being a new year I am selecting 6 new shades to work on. Once one of them is finished, of course, I will be replacing it with another shade in my collection. I will admit the pictures were taken at the end of December and I would like to do updates once a month as close to the start as I can. Of course, this has not been possible with all the baby content which I have been publishing since our newest arrival joined.

The first one which I want to use is glitter. It is the Barry M Rose Quartz Glitter.  I know this is going to no doubt take me all year as glitter is not something which I use a lot. This is one which goes great on top of any polish which is one of the reasons I have chosen it. As you can see this polish is nearly full so it is going to take a long time. This is rose gold with flecks of glitter. But it does not give you that much cover so if you want a lot of glitter you are going to have to do two coats. This is one which I am looking forward to using because glitter for sure is not something which I use enough at all. Currently, I am at the gold line which you can just see.

The next shade which I have chosen is a Maybelline colour show this is an amazing cool blue shade. It is actually called Cool Blue. There is about half of this polish left which shows that I have been using it however, this is one which I would love to finish before the summer. As you can see from the gold line on the bottle. The formulae on this are amazing I think Maybelline Colour Show are some of my favourites. This does look really nice underneath the glitter which is already in this polish. I am sure this one is not going to be super hard to use. I am looking forward to rocking this on my nails.


Another Maybelline Colour Show Polish in Urban Turquoise is one which I want to use. This is the full size which is closest to been used up. I would say I have between 1/2 and 1/3 of this polish left. So I do not see this been in this project that long. I really want to use it up before the summer months even though it is more of a summer shade. It tends to last about a week on my nails which is always a bonus. However, now I am no longer pregnant I will not have to be limited to painting them once a week. I do not think I own another shade similar to this in my collection so I think this is the reason I love wearing it so much. As you can see from the swatch it is a beautiful colour but I have had this in my collection way too long and it really does need to go.

For some reason, I seem to have chosen three shades of blue I am unsure why this is the case. The final shade of blue which I have picked is this Essie Polish in Bikini So Teeny. This was a blogger staple back in the day I still have not used a lot of it. It is one of the most amazing Blue Gray polishes and one which I should reach for a hell of a lot more than I have been doing. This is the reason I have added it to this project. As you can see I have used some of this however, I would say that there is still the best part of 3/4th left. The line is just around the black line. This is one which is going to take a long time and I can see it been nearly all year in this project.


I have selected a couple of minis to be in the project as well because I have so many of them. Of course, they are going to be easier to use up because there is not as much in them to start with. The first one which I have selected is another Essie polish in Jump in my Jump Suit. When I researched this it was part of the Christmas collection back in 2014. This shows how long it has been in my collection. The formulae is still good and I do not have to add nail polish thinner yet. There is about 1/2 of this mini left and I want to really finish it while the weather is cold. Ideally, I would love to have this done before March. I find that I need two coats with this however, you could get away with one if you really wanted to. I am actually glad I discovered this one in my collection because I love it.


The final polish which I have selected is one from Nails Inc however, I can not read the shade name. I know it is that old that you will not be able to purchase it now anyway. It is a beautiful purple shade so it is something a bit different to the other shades. It almost reminds me of Cadbury’s purple for some reason. I love the colour of this polish however, this starts to chip on my nails after 2/3 days. This could be as a result of me not using a top coat at the moment either. There is about half of this mini left and I think I have only used it about 3 times. For sure this is one which is not going to take long to use up either. It needs a good two coats and if the formulae do annoy me too much. I am sure it is one which can be rocked on my toes. I think this is a little bit lower than the gold line when the polish has actually settled.

The goal for this month just to use every shade once this month I am unsure how practical this is going to be with a newborn. I usually paint my toes every couple of weeks, and my fingers twice a week again. Now I am no longer pregnant and only allowed to paint them once a week. So these goals should not be unachievable.

Have you ever tried to use up some of your nail polish?

Charlotte xx



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